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Do you want to know how to make passive income, passively? YouTube family, what's good. Dudzz nation, welcome and welcome back to the channel. If you're new here, my name is Dudley aka Dudleydudzz and over here we're all about the totality of health; mental, physical, spiritual and of course financial because abundance is your birthright. So, if this interests you consider becoming a member. Hit has a subscribe button on the bottom, make sure you hit the bell so you get notified every time I upload. And of course smash that like button so you can help these kind of videos get out to more people. Now, with that being said, In this video, I'm going to be talking about five passive income ideas that are booming in 2020. I'm gonna show you guys that, I'm not captain, I'm actually using these strategies myself. I know a lot of YouTubers are wierd actually showing their analytics and statistics and how much they make.

I'm going to actually show you guys how much I've made this month and in the previous months, and I'm gonna just keep it very transparent and honest with you guys so that you can know that these are legit ways that you can make money moving into 2020, moving into 2021 and also really, just passively as the years go on because everybody deserves a chance to really live a good life. So, with that being said, let's get into it, okay? So, what is the first great passive income idea that's booming in 2020? Now I'm actually surprised by how many people still are not utilizing this. How many people do not know about this. It is blowing my mind. Okay, so the very first one that everybody should have on you should hop on right now, after this video, you should definitely hop on, okay? And make sure to stick through all the way through the video because I got a special bonus prize for you guys at the end of the video, I'm pretty sure nobody has told you about, nobody's talking about but I'm not going to put you out long, alright? So, the very first way that you can earn passive income online in 2020, is through affiliate links.

Now, I use various different affiliate links and affiliate programs, it's very easy to get signed up. So I'm gonna show you guys actually mine, one of mine that I'm using right now called Amazon Associates. Now, if you're a beginner to affiliate links, it's cool, don't stress. I'm sure you got just a little bit about how it looks on the back end. But what I'm going to show you guys is called Amazon Associates. It's like the entry level affiliate program that every beginner gets into, because it's so easy to sign up and there's no overhead price. Okay, so I'm gonna go on the backend right now and show you guys how much I made.

Alright, so, as you can see, I'm on Google right now and I'm about to head over to my Amazon Associates. Yeah, so I'm all up computer right now, just all up in my business. So I'm about to head over to Amazon Associates real quick. Alright, so once you get on here is going to prompt you to sign up. ButI'm already signed in. So, I'm going to go to my home page right here, scroll down. As you can see, we are at $514. But over here is is the graph now, yesterday on March 5, I made $32.14. That's pretty, that's pretty consistent. Sometimes it's between $23 to 30, or sometimes 30 Plus, but right around that sweet spot for me. I'm making probably around $30 a day or so. So, if we do the math, right, so this month is March, if we do the math, and we do, let's see, let's say $30 times 31 because there's 31 days March, you feel me? You can see right there, you have $930 for the month.

So, as you've seen right there, that would equate to $930 a month, passively. Now, Amazon Associates is something that I started, honestly, back in 2018. I haven't touched it since, I don't really promote it at all. And, I'm able to make roughly $930 a month through Amazon Associates. Now, for those of you guys that don't know, Amazon Associates is a more low ticket entry level to affiliate marketing. You want to get about up to 10% commission of the products that you recommend or somebody clicks your links.

The good thing about Amazon Associates is that they have something called cookies, which pretty much tracks people, shoppers' activities. And if they purchase something else, within three months, you still make a commission off of it. So that's very cool. I was checking my graph yesterday, and I had somebody that actually bought some Spider Man boxers when they clicked my link and they bought it two months later, and I still got paid for it so, I'm gonna show you guys a bit more in-depth, in particular, my reports over here and I'm gonna show you guys exactly what I'm talking about, alright? So, boom. So, now on the back end and I'm gonna go to the last seven days. Alright, so if I go to the last seven days, I made about $161 or so; that's a bit low. But as you can see, these are all the products that were purchased through my link.

Probably 70% of these products, I don't even advertise; people are just shopping and they decide to buy it and I get a commission on it. I do absolutely no work at all, okay? So, as you can see, there are cell batteries, you know. You have just a bunch of stuff: pool stuff, fill up stuff, a bunch of different stuff, toothbrushes, security wall mount. I'm not a tech channel, right? And I've been able to earn a commission off of this each month. Anytime that you can earn money while not actually working is a blessing because this money can go towards your rent.

For me, this goes towards my gas, my bills, my car insurance, my phone bill, everything. So, anytime that you have an opportunity to earn passive income like this, it's definitely something that's good. So this is Amazon Associates. If you're looking to get started in affiliate marketing, I definitely recommend that you guys get signed up with Amazon Associates. First, it's free and as long as you're adding value to people and actually showing people a product that could benefit them, it's a win win for both, people. I will say this, you definitely have to be ethical, because I know some people will just promote any product just to make a commission. And honestly, that's not the route I go, I got more integrity than that. But I know some people that only chase that back. For me, if you sever the relationship that you have with your audience, and they can't trust you anymore, it's over.

So, definitely be ethical with this, don't just go out there and promote any product; actually promote a product that you stand by, a product that is going to help the audience, that's going to benefit audience, that's actually going to make a difference or make something easier for them. So, that's just my little disclaimer, because I know that a lot of people are money hungry.

So with that being said, Man, moving moving into the second way to make passive income. So, the second way to make passive income in 2020 that's booming is digital products. Now, I gotta give you guys a disclaimer, okay? So with all of these methods of passive income, you are going to have to put up some initial efforts, some work. Think of it like this, you get a seed to, you know, a fruit, let's say for this example, it's apples, and you have to actually perform that labor and plant the apple seed. And, maybe months later or years later, you now start to enjoy the fruits of your labor, so to speak, right? So, now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for the rest of your life, because you put up the initial work. This is the same way that passive income works. I know a lot of people think that they could just sit down on a buck and not do anything and earn money.

You can do that after a while. But understand that with all of these methods, you're going to have to add value upfront, you're going to have to put in the work, and then you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. There's no such thing as getting something for nothing. It's a universal law of exchange, alright? So, with that being said, Man, the second method of earning passive income is through digital products, and so I'm going to show you the digital products that I have on my own personal website:

Alright, so let's go on the back end over here. Alright, boom. So, I'm heading into my website, this is my website; I am a personal trainer, I am a health and wellness specialist, I have my degree in exercise science. So, I sell athletic fitness programs, meal plans, as well as clothing, and leisure, as well as other clothing. So, I have digital products here, meal plans, workout plans, and stuff like that, where I'm able to capitalize and monetize my knowledge.

So, the upfront work in this example would be me going to college and obtaining my bachelor's in exercise science. So, because I have a greater understanding of how the body moves, how to train specifically, I can monetize this knowledge for the rest of my life. And so, understand that you're gonna have to put up some form of work, if you have a skill, if you have a talent, something you're good at, somebody can benefit from this service so you can get paid, alright? So, for me it's exercise and health and wellness, for you it might be doing some kind of a trade: if you're a mechanic, you can monetize this and put it in a digital form and sell it. So, these are some of my programs offer that I offer on my website: I have my eight week athletic performance plan, I got my vegan plan, I got my omnivorous plan.

And so, these are actually programs that I made last year. I put in the work, I probably worked a total of two days, just designing and developing these programs. And then, probably, like another week or so just kind of fine tuning it. But once I did all that work, I can now just sit back and pretty much have this on here forever. And I get sales occasionally and money comes in while I sleep. Rendering is a passive income source, okay? So, it's the same thing with this, you know, I can make money off of this for the rest of my life based off of the work that I did in 2018 or so, right? So, this is one way that you can definitely earn passive income. If you have some knowledge you can make a course, you can make an ebook, you can make any type of digital product that you can put your knowledge in and, you know, sell it to people or a service that can help people, that could benefit people.

Notice that the common theme here, you feel me, is added value because we're not earning scamming people. We actually are serving the community. So, the same way that you know that the dollboy is on the corner serving, we serve too, just in a legal manner, alright? So, with that being said, Man, so the average college tuition in the US is $20,770, right, for some information that is whitewashed, that's not really relevant to life. That's not really going to help you earn anything in life to be honest with you. And this is coming from a graduate. So, you can pay $20,000 a year, really $21K a year, for an education that isn't relevant. Or you can pay $499 to $5,000 for a course, that's going to enable you to flip that. An infinite amount of money than what it actually cost you to spend on the course. And so, this is why as online gets bigger, and online education gets bigger, more people are moving from the traditional route of college education, and moving into buying digital courses because these courses are educating people to make money.

Honestly, all the stuff that I learned, I invested in several courses and it enabled me to do what I'm doing now, which is lit, you understand? So, you gotta invest in yourself, as I said before, you got to put some time and you got put some effort and pretty much you just got to flip it, you feel me? You can't fumble the bag, you get it. You got to flip it and tumble this. So, this is why people are moving to digital products, they are learning more than we were taught in college, all the stuff that I'm teaching them today, right now, in this video, I did not learn it in my business class.

And this is why I make these type of videos because everybody can eat. Everybody deserves to win. And so, when I put stuff out like this, you've all got to take advantage of it, because the more crowded it gets on the internet, the harder it becomes. So I've been putting you all out on game. Moving into the third way to make passive income. The third way to make passive income in 2020 is to hit that like button there, smash that like button, okay, if I'm adding value to you hit the like button; it helps the channel grow in so much ways that you could never imagine.

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I don't think youtubers talk enough about how much just you liking a video one time helps this content, get to other people so I can help other people out and they can learn how to make passive income as well, you know, just spreading the vibe. So, the third way to earn passive income in 2020, and moving forward that's booming is through Patreon. Now, what is Patreon? Patreon is a crowdfunding website that enables content creators to earn money through monthly subscriptions. Now, I personally have a Patreon because a lot of my educational content and lectures that I put on YouTube get demonetised and flagged. And this is how I make my living. I'm an educator, and I make content. So I upload my exclusive content; content about spirituality, about finance, about just overall self mastery and assumption.

I put that deep content in my raw unedited content on Patreon. And as a result of that people sign up and subscribe to support me. And I earn money through somewhat passively,okay? So, think of a subscription service that you might have; Apple Music or Netflix, it's the same thing. And so, I'm gonna take you guys on the back end real quick. Alright, so I'm with you guys on the back end. So, this is my patreon where I upload my exclusive content and lectures.

As you can see, right here I have a lecture on Ma'at. If you don't know what it is, it's deep original spiritual belief system of Africa and I cannot talk about this in a very in-depth manner normally on YouTube; It would flag me so, I put all my raw content on here. As you can see over here, we are discussing the 48 Laws of power. In my Patreon, we're very dedicated to self mastery. So, we talk about that stuff a lot. So, if I take you over to my income, and I take you to my earnings over here, okay, so you can see how much I'm making.And as you can see, this is how much I'm making: so, about $42 a month. So, you know, that may not seem like a lot to you guys, but I just showed you my digital products on my website I gotta pay to have that website up. That website cost me $29 a month plus apps. So, this actually takes care of my Shopify deal. And as I said, in the beginning of the video, anytime that you're able to have money that's coming in passively to pay your bills, whether that be your electric bill, utility, whatever, you have your insurance, it's a beautiful thing, and it's a blessing.

So, with the money that I earn from Patreon, although it doesn't seem like a lot, it does enable me to pay off some of my bills so that, you know, I'm saying I can sleep a little bit better at night. So, this is another way that you can make money passively in 2020 and moving forward is by having a crowdfunding website, Patreon. Now, a lot more people are making way more money on Patreon.

But, again, I just wanted to be transparent with you guys and show you that you can earn money passively. I've personally have friends that are making about $10,000 a month on Patreon. That's what I aspire to get to. But everything in moderation, 4we will be getting the same thing. So what is the fourth way that you can earn passive income online? Let's get into it. Okay, this one is to sponsor posts. Now, as a content creator on YouTube, on Instagram, on TicTok, Pinterest, Facebook, you name it… once you build an audience, you have an opportunity to work with companies and either promote or talk about their company and bring brand awareness to your audience. Now with this, once again, you got to be ethical, but I know a lot of people that will just chase the bag and throw anything. For me, as I said, I have more integrity, I only talk about products that I use personally and I assure that I would actually stand behind. And so, I'm gonna take you guys on the back end of my youtube.

I recently did a review video on the lawn mower 3.0 by manscape. It's a product that I actually use every single week. So, I'm going to show you the opportunities that you can have, okay? So, let's get into it, man. Alright, so, boom. So let me hop off of Patreon and let me take you over to my YouTube Analytics. So, as you can see, right, so I did a review video, which is a sponsored post.

So, over the last 28 days, I've made $442 and 37 cents passively, just off of making the review video and they they also gave me a little bonus for talking about it. Now, I didn't have to do anything for the $442 but the initial work that I had to put up to actually make the video, yes, that was earned income. But, in terms of passively This video will continue to bring money in for as long as it can. And so, sponsored post is a really good opportunity to talk about a product that you like, that you use personally, all right? Don't be out here scamming people, talk about a product that you stand behind and introduce it to your audience if you think it can benefit them.

I, for one, know that this can benefit a lot of men and women. So, I decided to talk about it on my channel. I don't take sponsored posts a lot, just because a lot of companies are really trashed, and they'll pay you a lot of money. But like I said, if I lose the connection with my audience, it's over. And so, I only really deal with companies that I use personally. I've turned down a lot of deals in the past for a lot of money, simply because I just did not believe in the product, but do you? I know some people have bills to pay so they will chase the bag and promote a product that can potentially harm somebody.

Like I said, that's not me. But, I just wanted to be transparent with you guys and show you how much you can make off of sponsored posts. Okay, so this is just off a pure AdSense; I made $442 in the last 28 days, so that's, that's pretty good, okay. I mean $442, that's car insurance, that's a car payment, that's your water bill, that's your electric bill. Usually, depending on where you live, that could contribute to your rent, that can contribute to your self-care massages. I work out six days a week, so I gotta get massages, I gotta get chiropractic adjustments, all that stuff and all that so, that's how much you can make off a sponsored post.

Sponsored post is another way that you can earn passive income which leads me to my last one, guys. What is the fifth and final way that you can earn passive income online? By the way, smash that like button if I'm adding value to you; definitely show some love by hitting that like button. All right, so let's get straight into it man. What is the fifth and final way, for this video, that you can earn passive income? So, as I showed you previously in number four, I showed you how much I made off of making a sponsored post in terms of the AdSense, which leads me into the fifth one.

Everybody knows, youtube adsense. Now, I get a lot of people that ask me about this, and I'm honest, I'm transparent, I don't have anything to hide. And I just don't like YouTubers that are very weird about it. I don't want people that are like scammy about it, that try to, you know, make you buy like a course or something which I'm not gonna hustle, I understand, you feel me? But, this is how much I made so far in terms of AdSense. So I'm taking you guys on the back end over here and show you how much you can earn passively in terms of AdSense, okay? So, let's go.

Alright, so heading into my analytics right now. So as you can see, so far, I've made about $516. So, in the past 28 days, I've earned about $516, which is pretty good, you feel me? Rent is about $1000 here so that's definitely going to contribute to my rent. And you know, this is a great way to earn passive income because, yes, I do have to make videos and produce content like this one, so it is a bit earned income, but actually, once I make the content that's valuable, I can, you know, get paid for months and years to come. So, I have videos on my channel, they're about two and a half years old right now to this day( "this date, to this date, to this day,") and I do earn money off those videos simply because people are continuously watching you by the hour.

They're getting value. They're sharing the video. They liked the video and they keep on coming back. I have several videos on my channel that are considered what we call evergreen content. And evergreen content is content that is always relevant, such as health, or beauty or, you know, fitness, that content is always relevant. So, it keeps people coming back to watch it again, and I earn money off of that, alright? So, that is the fifth way to make passive income, not only in 2020, but just make passive income online, and really open yourself up in a way that you can start to diversify your income, start to have that time freedom for you and your loved ones, which is what we all really desire and ultimately deserve. And so, I wanted to share that with you guys, or anybody that may be struggling, because I've been in hard places before. I know how it is when you really don't have anything. And, you know, truth be told, I still haven't made it where I desire to be. I'm currently manifesting that right now.

And so, this is the fifth way that you can earn passive income. If you guys enjoyed the video, make sure to share it with a friend or family member, somebody that could really benefit from this type of knowledge. This is the stuff that they don't teach you in school. And so I think it's very beneficial to anybody that would watch this video to learn that you can definitely open up your eyes and make money in so many different ways. So as promised, guys, I got a bonus one for you. Now this is one that I have not heard anybody talk about. So, I'm definitely about to put you all out offer this, man. So if you didn't know a lot of YouTube content creators are getting tired of not getting exposure because YouTube is getting crowded. So, Facebook is actually trying to compete with YouTube and they have their own version of their creator studio where you can upload content and monetize it.

The good thing about this is not a lot of people are on this and unlike YouTube, you got to reach a threshold of 1000 and this and that. Organically, on Facebook, you can pay for the traffic to speed up that process. Now, I have a friend that's personally making eight to $10,000 a month by simply re-uploading his content from YouTube onto Facebook. I'm not sure how long you'll be able to do this, but definitely hop on it.

And, just thank me later, you feel me? This is why I do it. Everybody can eat, like I said, Man. So, make sure to hop on this. It's called Facebook Creator Studio. So that being said, Man, I'll see you guys in the next video. Again, as always, stay blessed..

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