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So you seem to love my video on passive income
starting from zero. So I wanted to make a followup video on that
with my top three secrets to a passive income. If you want to know more about this, make
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do it. Okay, cool. So we're going to dive into my three secrets
today to really getting the ball rolling.

When it comes to passive income, like I said,
it's a bit of a snowball effect and it does take time and passive income isn't a great
term for it because it does take a lot of work, time, definitely upfront and sometimes
it takes a little bit of money up front, but we're going to talk about how you can start
doing this with no money involved. But it is going to take your time and effort
to get this up and running and then it starts to become passive a little bit later on. So I'm not one of those people who's going
to be like, you're going to make six figures overnight and do nothing because that's not
real. That's not real life. I hate to break it to you. And if that is you who thinks that's real
life, maybe this is not the right video for you. That's cool. I'm just going to tell you the truth. So I wanted to get started because I was actually
at a meetup here in Vancouver and I was talking to a bunch of YouTube creators and one of
the creators there has less than 200 subscribers on his channel and his channels pretty new.

And he's making $5,000 a month passive income. And the reason he's able to do this is because
he has such a targeted channel. So my first secret to getting the ball rolling
with passive income is profitable content, profitable audience. So the reason I say this, and I know that
if you don't have a niche, that's okay, and you might be sitting there thinking, well,
I don't have that. So how I'm going to start? So I made a video on that topic itself. So if you don't have a niche, watch this video
on how to grow without a niche and how to find a niche.

You don't have a niche and it'll be really
helpful for you in getting this process started. So the biggest thing is that I called the
magnet effect. So when you have profitable content, which
would be up here, so your content lives up here. So this would be your YouTube videos, your
blog posts, et cetera. And if you watched that video on getting started
in the passive income from zero, you know that I talk a lot about evergreen content
because the only way to generate passive income, particularly online is if your content is
working for you when you're not working. So YouTube and blogs, they're amazing for
evergreen content because those videos, if you make them and they're not based on trends,
they're going to work for you for years to come. So. I.E. If I make a video on how to get more views
on YouTube, you're going to want to know that information for years and years and years
to come.

And those videos continue to rack up views
for me and with every view, that means that I potentially am making more passive income. Whether it's through YouTube itself and AdSense,
or it's through affiliates that I'm talking about or it's through my paid programs. So you want content that's evergreen. So you're ever getting content needs to be
super targeted. So if you want to be someone who's talking
about let's say tech and gaming or something like that, you want to pick a topic that people
are going to want to look at for long time. So that's going to be your content and that
content is going to attract your audience.

Now your audience is going to be super targeted
because if you're talking about let's say a specific kind of camera, there are only
so many people in the world who are really going to be interested in that topic and they're
hyper, hyper targeted, which means they are hyper, hyper profitable because they're actually
going to be buyers for you. So you want your audience to be magnetic. So what I mean by that is let's say you make
one video on what kind of camera to use for YouTube in 2020, let's just say that's the

This audience is interested in cameras for
YouTube in 2020 so then when you make another video on let's say the best Sony cameras for
2020 this audience is already bought in and already interested. So you are building an audience of buyers
for your products or services that are going to generate passive income for you. So you have to be super targeted in your content
in order to attract a magnetic audience that's going to be interested in your content moving
forward. And this audience, because they're already
bought into what you're doing, is going to help you grow even bigger of an audience and
even deeper of an audience because they're going to become your first ambassadors. And then every time you post a new piece of
content, they're going to drive back to that content, which is going to give you more eyeballs
and potentially more customers and targeted buyers for your passive income products and

Make sense? Cool. So that is really secret number one, you have
to have hyper-targeted content. If You have a broad channel, you're not going
to make nearly as much money simply because people don't know what they're there for and
they don't know what they're actually going to want to buy from you. So it may be getting millions of views, but
there's nothing profitable about it because you don't have anything that you really want
to sell and the audience doesn't even know what they're there to buy. So having a targeted audience like that gentleman
who has 200 subscribers with making $5,000 a month because he's talking about specific
tech products, then that is going to be more profitable for you. So that secret numero uno. The next secret is your niche, which we kind
of just talked about. What I wanted to dive into this more because
there are niches that just are more profitable than others. So particularly on YouTube or on blogs, things
like tech reviews are super, super profitable. Because you have to think of the price point
of the things that you're going to be selling.

And if you're using the Amazon affiliate program,
then that's an amazing way to start sharing products that you believe in and getting an
affiliate cut or commissioned from those products. So the more expensive the product is, the
more commission you're going to make from it, which means that you're going to make
more money and more passive income. So the niches that are most profitable are
things like tech. So cameras, any sort of tech product is really,
really profitable because generally the price point is a little bit higher. The other things that are really profitable
are things like product reviews. So you could even have like a cooking channel
and you want to review like cookbooks or you want to review certain types of pans or pots,
et cetera. I always use that and I'm not a cook so I
kind of make it up, but product reviews is very profitable as well.

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Another reason it's so profitable is because
if you follow the secret in step one that I shared with you, it makes it really obvious
for brands to want to work with you when you have a targeted audience. I always say that if it's broad, you're going
to be broke because advertisers and affiliates and companies that you want to work with or
products that you want to sell or products that you want to endorse, that you can generate
passive income from there are only going to be profitable for you if your audience is
actually bought into it. So advertisers, affiliates and brands are
going to look at your channel and say, holy crap, that's the dude who talks about accessories
for your iPhone. We're going to give him all the iPhone stuff
to sell for us or to be an affiliate for iPhone accessories, et cetera. So that's why things like this are so great
because if your channel is so focused on one thing that brands and affiliates, et cetera,
they know exactly why they want to work with you. So that's really important.

The next one that works really well is tutorials. And I showed you guys an example of this because
my channel I do a lot of tutorials and I did one video on how I post to Instagram. I talked about my hashtag strategy and I work
with a company called Flick because I highly believe in them. And that's a huge part of actually being successful
at passive income. You can't just throw out a product that you've
never used before because people won't buy it. But for me, the products I do use and believe
in, I talk about them all the time and I generate passive income from them. So I talked about Flick and that's bringing
in 1000 bucks a month for me as passive income because I believe in it.

And because that video is so targeted to my
audience and it's a really in depth tutorial on how to use it. So people are like, wow, look how well that
works for her and her strategy on Instagram. I want to get it for myself. So showing people how things work for you
is going to be an amazing way to get people to buy the products and generate that passive
income. So those niches are great, particularly on
YouTube to start generating passive income. So what needs do you think that you would
want to focus on? Comment below and let me know. So the next secret I'm going to share with
you is the snowball effect. And this is really important because it's
going to start to really pick up steam. Once you pick the kind of content, the kind
of audience you're trying to attract, and what happens is that one piece of content
that maybe starts with like 20 views on it over the years because it's evergreen content,
is going to start generating views every single day because it's ranking in the search results
on Google or on YouTube where it's getting picked up and suggested.

So let's say you have a camera channel on
when you're first getting started, you're probably talking about cameras in general
and kind of having more of like a broad vision within that niche. But you're going to start to notice that there's
certain videos that take off. So let's say you do a video on Sony cameras
and you do it on, let's say it's one specific camera.

This is an amazing opportunity. If this video takes off, this is an amazing
opportunity to niche down, to blow up and to earn more passive income. Because if you're talking about this specific
camera and you have the affiliate link to it, you're getting more buyers for it and
you're building an audience of Sony camera enthusiasts. So then you want to make more videos on this
topic because you're going to double down to accelerate your growth on your channel,
but also in your passive income because you're building a bigger audience it's obsessed with
Sony. So instead of talking about cameras in general,
you're going to create a snowball effect by specifically talking about Sony cameras. So it's really about doubling down and niching
down to blow up. And the other part of this is I talk a lot
about diversification when it comes to your revenue streams. You know that if I'm on YouTube, I have a
bunch of different ways that I'm generating revenue on YouTube. And my biggest revenue generator is my courses
and my programs. But that doesn't mean that I'm not using other

But the thing is, yes, I diversify my platforms
and I diversify my offers that I'm making passive income with, but I don't diversify
what I'm talking about. If I want to be generating passive income,
I know I need to be talking about YouTube because YouTube was related to every single
piece of passive income that's coming in. Whether it's the tools, the apps that I use,
or it's the programs and services that we offer. They're focused specifically on YouTube and
building an online business. So the more that I focus there, the more money
I'm going to make. So that's going to create that snowball effect
as well.

So once you find the niche that's making you
the most money, which this takes a little bit of time in the beginning, you build your
channel a little more general, and then you start to niche down to blow up, then you're
going to see the snowball effect of making more and more passive income as time goes
on. And that's the real beauty. I like to call it magical money because it's
just sort of flowing in without you having to do more work. So the best thing that you can do right now
is if you have an idea of what you want to talk about, just write that down and create
a list of all of the things that are for sale within that topic in the first place to look
would be on Amazon. Because Amazon affiliates program is honestly
the easiest way to start generating passive income online. So if there are books, eBooks, tools, apps,
tech, things that are around that niche, right, that list, because then you can build your
video topics or your blog topics around that list and that's how you're going to start
making content that's actually going to make you money.

So that's really how you start getting that
passive income rolling and start building. That snowball effect is making sure that you
have the right content for the right audience and that audience will continue to drive traffic
back to your content and build it to create that snowball effect. If you want more info on this, make sure that
you watch this video. If you haven't already on how to grow your
passive income from zero and make sure you check out this video that I mentioned on how
I post to Instagram cause you'll see the perfect example of how I generate passive income talking
about the things that I use within my tutorials. Thank you so much for watching. If you like this video, hit that like button
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get notified every single time we post a new video on this channel and as always, thank
you so much for watching. I'll see you next time..

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