Redbubble passive income (in 2021) – is it worth it? ⚡

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Is Redbubble still worth it for passive income? It's so popular now that many people think they don't stand a chance of making money. But there are three very important reasons why that isn't true. I'll share them with you today in order to put your mind at ease and help you start making money. The first reason is that as the number of artists
on Redbubble increases, so does the number of customers. Here's four years worth
of data from Redbubble showing customers in
red and artists in blue. As you can see, they grow
in line with each other, so although there might seem to be an overwhelming
amount of competition if you look at the search
results on Redbubble, there's also a consistently growing demand behind the scenes, which
you wouldn't normally see.

This investor report from Redbubble shows there are now a
million artists on site, but there's 5.4 million customers. So yes, there's more people on Redbubble to compete against than ever before, and that number will only continue to grow as print on demand
becomes more mainstream, but there's also more opportunities to make money than ever before, due to the massive growth in customers. The supply is ever increasing, which is the number of
designs uploaded to Redbubble, but so is the demand, which is the amount of
customers visiting the site. There will never again
be a better time to start than right now, so don't worry if you late, there's plenty of money to be made.

The second reason why it's still worth it is that although the number of artists has increased year on year, it will likely have very
little impact on you. That's because when you
create artwork for Redbubble or any other print on demand website, you will be targeting a specific niche. You aren't competing against
the million other people every time you upload something. You competing against designs
that exist in your niche. So, for example, you might decide to target
people who love degus and design a t-shirt with them in mind. If I type degu t-shirt into the search box you can see how many results there are, this means that you're
actually only competing against 355 people. You can narrow that down even further by adding a demographic, so you might decide to go for degu moms and boom, you're only
competing against 16 people! It's good practice to do that for any keyword you plan on targeting and investigate the competition. Since I've now mentioned this niche I'm sure there will be
thousands of degus designs on Redbubble in no time, but there are literally
millions of potential niches and niches within niches that
people are fanatical about.

They actually can't wait
to give you their money. There are over 30 million people visiting Redbubble every month, so the demand is already there,
you just need to identify it and supply the product that
people are already looking for. Speaking of which, the third
reason that it's still worth it is that most people
uploading stuff to Redbubble don't really know what they do doing. So if you're watching this video, you are already 10 steps
ahead of the competition. The average user will upload artwork that's not only terribly designed, but without any research or strategy involved in
their decision-making. "Those who 'where' born in
the 1980s are the best", "Be mine forever,
Valentine is just one day". Many people don't even save their files with transparency before uploading them. I'm not trying to shame
anyone in particular, all these designs are from one page of the
new section of Redbubble, so they've just being uploaded.


Don't just take my word for
how bad the average upload is, sort by "new", in any category and you'll see what you're up against. The thing is, if you spend your time in the best seller section
looking at what's already selling to get inspiration or ideas,
then you will feel inadequate, you're comparing the
absolute best of the best to your own average attempts, so it gives you a very
unrealistic perception of what's necessary to succeed. You are good enough and you
can make a success of this. Most people design what
*they* think looks good rather than what the market
wants, and on top of that, they have no idea about
how to tag their work or optimize their uploads in any way, let alone the resources to
create good quality designs. Don't worry if you feel
that describes you, there will be some free resources
on screen in just a minute and listed in the description
that will help you out with the design process,
tagging, niche research and optimization of your uploads.

So, you now know that (1), There's still significant
demand on Redbubble and it's increasing all the time. (2), There are millions of
potential niches to target, and (3), Most of your competition have no idea what they're doing. It's now time to take
advantage of that knowledge and start making money,
so in my next video, I'll tell you everything you need to know to start making money
as quickly as possible. Here's my video on tagging, to make sure that your work get seen by your target demographic, and a random video that
the YouTube algorithm thinks you'll love.

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