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welcome back once again Passive Income Tom bringing you another show today today I'll talk about seven out of fifteen stocks you might
want to put in your portfolio the next eight will be in the second
half of this video all right so stay tuned I'll be right back welcome if your new subscriber you know
welcome my channel I'll talk about passive income different types of
investments you might want to get involved with Hitler returns to robber
welcome back you know previously at my last two
videos I'll talk about the best stocks you want to buy in April you know and
then I had another set of stocks the best other set of stocks to bottom by in
April I thought it would go and move to a different topic after that but having
to find some 15 other stocks in my magazine that's prescribed you clip
injures and I'm gonna talk about half of those stocks today I'll talk about next
half of stocks and the other set of in the next video because 15 stock I don't
think you can handle all 15 stocks at once so I'm gonna get break down the day
I'm give you half today half in the next video so that you wait you can still sit
back analyze it and really think about you know hey do I want to do more
research and add these stocks just so you know I don't want to go too in depth
on these stocks I want to give you an idea on what these other publications
what they recommend because that's up to you it's up to you to do the research or
find out hey do you want to add this stock to my portfolio
personally I've not invested in any of these stocks I just want to say that
right up front I'm just gonna share with you quickly you know what these stocks
are and so you can go and do your own due diligence that's what it's all about
that's what investing anything a personal income anything with dividends
investing that's what you've got to do you've gotta find out what you want to
do this video is being sponsored by wiggle so right now if you go bottom
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free stocks I mean you can't pass it up okay but now let me get on to what I was
talking about okay the past twelve months has been good for has been good
for us stocks and the kiplyn your dividend fifteen
is the favorite dividend-paying stocks have arisen right along the broad market
over the past year that every turn of the stocks on their list has been sp500
has a identical 21.7% rise after the run up their list still hosts a healthy 3.5
average dividend list all sports healthy 3.5 percent average dividend compared
with 1.9 percent for the S&P 500 and 1.5 percent for the 10-year Treasury note
okay the first one on their list is 3m shares the industrial giant 3m times
seventeen point nine percent over the past year and now says 37 percent below
thought of 2018 high cyclicals slow down to the automotive and consumer
electronics market both of which include the major buyers that 3m products and
have crimped earnings of a late 3m is restructuring cutting cost in order to
rebound strongly once he's beaten down markets rebound more concerning is that
3m is among the companies facing lawsuits around the manufacture of
chemical substances using products such as our retardant foams and that have
powered allegedly contaminated water supplies early figures that the
litigation accounts for some fifteen to twenty billion dollars and lost market
value for 3m since 2018 ok this is Wednesday morning when I'm students
before the market opens so 3m is sitting at $150 and 14 cents so the one your
high has been you know $219.95 and the low has been under $14 currently
dividend is 5.88% or I'm sorry the before dividend has five point eight
eight and then the Ford yield is four point two percent you know I've seen a
lot of other youtubers talking about 3m they added their portfolio and it you've
seen other channels talk about it as well so the next stock is ADP Air
Products and chemicals Incorporated and currently sitting at 220 dollars and 99
cents all right ATP is at Air Products and
chemicals provides atmospheric gases processes and specialty asses equipment
and services worldwide you know the company produces atmosphere guests
including oxygen nitrogen argon and other gases Prusa gases such as hydrogen
helium carbon dioxide carbon monoxide sin gas and specialty gases and
equipment for the production of processing gas and comprising air
suppression units and nice cryogenic generators for consumers in various
industries including refining chemical gasification metals electronic
manufacturing food and beverage manufacturing resonance imaging energy
production and refining and metals whoo as well as a long one all right ADP had
a one-year high of twenty fifty seven dollars and a one-year high of a hundred
sixty seven dollars for dividend is five point three six and the live-in yield is
two point four three percent all right the next one is Emerson Electric sitting
at 50 dollars and 49 cents okay Emerson Electric is a technology
energy and company provide solution to industrial commercial and consumer
markets worldwide operates an automation solution commercial and residential
solution segments the automation solution segment offers measurement and
analytical analytical instrumentation industrial industrial values and
equipment and processes across software and process control software and systems
the automation and solution segment offers a measurement and analytical
instrumentation industrial values and equipment and process control software
systems all right EMR had a high of 70 dollars and 38 cents and a low 37
dollars and 75 cents it currently has a $2.00 dividend yield that current has a
four dividend of two and a four dividend of three point nine one percent the next
one is exxon mobil exo-m you know its first sitting at forty two dollars and
forty three cents I mean it's incredible how this has got a limit a couple years
ago X I used to be over $100 you know 50% off what it was but if you don't
know he ExxonMobil explores in foreign produces crude oil and natural gas
United States Canada and other Americas Europe Africa Asia Australia and Oceania
you know the oil market is taking a beating this year not because of CB but
because everything going on the Middle East so ExxonMobil had a low of 30
dollars eleven cents and a high of 83 dollars and 49 cents turn is a 42 bit
for dividend of 3 & 4 3 48 for dividend yield of a 8 8 point oh eight point
eight point zero seven percent ExxonMobil has 3.40 ExxonMobil has a
four dividend a three point four eight a dip in the yield of eight point zero
seven percent alright the next one is J&J Johnson & Johnson everybody probably
has some type of Johnson Johnson product in their house sitting it and you know
$146 sent three cents you know very briefly if you don't know Johnson &
Johnson together with the subsidiaries research and develop manufacturing sells
various products in the healthcare field worldwide undergo any more detail but I
think you know what Johnson Johnson is bouncing is holding it pretty well you
know had a low of $109 and 16 cents a high of high $54.50 I honestly do own
some J&J it's under one of my other EPS one of my mutual funds excuse me under
um Tecla World Health Care Fund so if you don't have technical help world
healthcare fund check it out because as a steady dividend payers pick up monthly
and it also has J&J in its portfolio but a you know Jane Jay has a dividend of
3.8% Jane Jay has a forgiven of 3.8 and a dividend yield of 2.72 percent alright
the next one is Procter & Gamble sitting $120 in aiesec cents
he probably had a partner you may have had Procter gamble and your house as
well you know Procter & Gamble provides branded consumer product packets good
some symbols in north and North America and Latin America Europe Asia and
Greater China India Middle East and Africa okay so Procter gamble Guillou was
ninety four dollars and thirty four cents at a high of $128 in 1994 off of
his high so this one is also a holding steady with everything going on in the
markets today so has a forgiven of two point nine eight and a four dividend
yield of two point five seven percent okay the last one took about today is
Walmart yeah everybody knows Walmart has been around forever saying at $129
Walmart engaged in retail also operations and berries formats worldwide
the company operates through three segments Walmart us one more
international and Sam's Club have you never read you know Sam Walton's book I
encourage you to read it it's a great story I read it when I was in college
you know it was on the beach one time and I read it I read it like it's a
great read easy gives you a lot of ideas and what this man was thinking you know
he book well you know from a small store into what worldwide what Walmart is you
know so Walmart has a low of ninety dollars and 85 cents and a high of $129
and 79 cents so Walmart it's almost at its peak as well you know I mean is
doing incredible holding up steady you know cuz I'm sure a lot of people think
I'm gonna Walmart trying to get the toilet paper you know but um because
Walmart has a four dividend of two point one six and his four dividend yield at
one point seven two percent alright so that's all I'm gonna cover today you
know give you everything quick and dirty right to the point
but you know you know I'm ready back for the next video so if you haven't read it
look this video subscribe click the magnification and check out these other
videos here which you may get some more insight and what do you want to do for
Givaudan invest and more passive income as well alright take care have a great
day I'll see you again soon you

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