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okay this lets Silver Fox training lesson is going to be about profit clicking profit clicking I'm sure you've seen these little banners out there or give me ten dollars or they pay you ten dollars to join or it used to be Triple J James what putted it used to be called yeah just been page you're going to have to use your mics going to have to take the headsets off your head there change anyway that's what it used to be and in your back office here in your profit Center this is the Silver Fox profit Center multiple streams of income you're going to find this link and this happens to be my profit Center is there again it depends on who you are under in the Silver Fox lead factory there come that your sponsor is going to probably have their name here and their phone over there okay but you scroll down here you're going to find this little banner down your image says profit clicking give me ten dollars now obviously if you're watching this on a YouTube presentation you can't get at this page can you okay can't get at this page so after the presentation what I want you to do is scroll down into the description click on that link in the description this is an affiliate link down there and you will be eventually redirected somehow someway to this profit Center multiple streams of income page so you can actually scroll down here of course make sure you watch this video here so you can scroll down here and click on your sponsors link here because it's free to join the pea ten dollars a joint come on everybody should be in this one paid ten dollars to join so click down into the description and you'll be able to click on that link that I fear that link and eventually you're going to be redirected to this page now for those silver fox I feel they have silver fox members obviously you can steal his page is that you can steal this video here right so we have software for you when you become a member that you can actually get in here and steal this YouTube presentation make it your own put every remove my affiliate link and put your affiliate link on this YouTube presentation and you can make a journal and you can use this YouTube for promotion for your profit Center of course your profit Center the profit clicking the banner here so what we're going to do is we're going to get into this i'm going to click on my affiliate link here open that up and of course when it opens up it should have your sponsors name here the silver fox the silver fox done came in here twice i don't know what happened there's there's this is my page here this is how i promote this and people can actually join by clicking here so if you're if you have not joined of course you're going to join by clicking here and you're going to have to jump through a couple little hoops to get your ten dollars up your back office and not a kind of fun stuff okay in other words this is not going to give you a ten-dollar bill just for showing up here you're gonna have to actually do it okay we're going to login and to my account here come on you can do it okay so this is my back office here it's got all kinds of fun things back here turn off slider all kinds of fun things so i'm going to take you on a little tour when you say an put my picture in here yet have I well what you want to do is make sure you get your profile setup first day you need to do is get your picture in here of course the person who referred you course the Steve and Sarah referred me right now as of the date of this video which is the first first part of january two thousand thirteen you only have a level one you can't level 2 and level 3 is not available yet okay so i'm in level one to try matt and everybody else's in level one they have that i'm steve was telling us right James that they have a training like every four hours 24 hours a day okay yes that's some pretty amazing isn't it so when you do join you're going to get a course email saying that the training sessions at this time or the trading sessions that time but they have a welcome room in here twenty-four-seven and they have the training schedule here I can set every four hours this is my profit shift what's that mean James any idea the Prophet ship is what makes it indefinitely sustainable ok approximately every 90 days or so they take certain percentage of your ad packs and convert them over to the PC panel side you don't lose the money you wind up making actually a little more money off of them but you got to wait 60 days once they get sent over okay James have you been involved with hypes before remember the hypes out there no lost I deliver right well types typically you get into a hype and hopefully you're getting in early and you put your whatever the fifty dollars a hundred dollars or a thousand or ten thousand dollars into a hype and hopefully it makes it 90 days before collapses okay that's a typical hype for you and supposedly they invest into gold futures in this future and they'd forex trading and all the high profit type money-making revenue streams out there but if they make the wrong trade with the money that's in this in the program of course the whole thing collapses so what James is talking about here is that my profit shift Center this thing is designed so that if anything happens where they don't see themselves down the road where they can't pay out they do a profit shift instead of having the whole system collapses to a profit shift can start all over again okay you don't lose your money right James correct ok ok this is what just a propaganda here be a millionaire what does that link their games that's the million-dollar challenge right okay so they have a challenge do they give you instructions on how to do that yeah if you can prove it find any mathematical flaw in the formula including with the proper chip and everything why this is not indefinitely sustainable they'll pay you a million dollars Wow hmm interesting never seen that before I didn't know that that's good nobody's done it yet okay that's interesting okay so by traffic only remember what I said that this is like a surfing site if anybody has been involved with surfing sites or traffic exchanges you go in there and you pay your twenty dollars a month or whatever you get the traffic and then you can also buy traffic to get hits and i'm going to talk about that in just a minute to get visitors to get traffic to your website and if it's like twenty dollars a month of course of so many visitors and as soon as you those visitors are used up your twenty dollars is gone well what you can do here is you can just buy traffic only if that's what you want alright but soon as i get down towards the bottom going to show you what what i do and why my money disappears they have by ad packages now James when you buy an ad package now that's what I'm talking about if you spend ten dollars for an ad package your ten dollar you never lose your ten dollars is that it corrects you get 1000 views for each ad pack that you buy for ten dollars pack and ad packs are the ones that last 88 days and you get two percent monday through friday and one percent on saturday and sunday seven days a week so if i buy just traffic is my money gone or is that go there i'm going to get played on and you're just going to give the web traffic okay so i just get the web traffic so in other words i probably wouldn't want to buy traffic what I'd want to spend my money here by an ant package I had backed right and my and I keep my money duh all right and make money okay so what's this by CPC panel mean pc panels used to be called matrix position and it was called just been paid okay renamed it now and now they're called pc panels you can just buy the panels or as long as your upgraded on level one every four ad packs that expired after the 88 days fourth one when it expires you get one free pc panel okay so do you make two percent on the pc panels or CC panels they run approximately 60 days and you make they pay sixty dollars on each 10 plus that's pretty impressive isn't it well it actually ends up costing you 20 during the course of it so you actually only make 40 but still $40 piece right into each one for 60 days so there again going back to the typical you know traffic exchanges and surfing sites um I mean the money stays here I mean I get to keep the money right it's not gone yeah for every ad pack you purchased for ten dollars at the end of 88 days you've got fifteen dollars you've got your ten dollars back plus five dollars for each one okay all right okay so I have my account here and of course I got my profile which I need put my picture in there this is my wallet now let me try to if I James kind of pay attention when I'm doing is I don't know if I want to mess this up or not what happened is I have it I have actually cash in their of sixteen dollars and forty cents in my wallet right I'm not sure you would have to click on there I'll be able to okay I have no I have 53 cents in here never mind i have 53 cents in my wallet add pass this up man now we're doing a recorded video welcome to the room we'll just mute yourself okay hey Steve Steve here the gun we're doing every sieve we're going to recorded a video on profit clicking all right love did I show up at the right time right yeah yeah I was telling everybody that that we're going to give away thousand dollars to date Steve Q is by the way Steve this regional representative that's what you are right um you know I really still haven't come to get the absolute correct answer for that I think it has something to do with something about if you're you know in in a different country and you want to kind of represent that company or something or other as far as language and you want to put in as like put your name down in the system to where people can contact you if they need help in that language or something or other okay think that's kind of what that deals with well let me to introduce I never I never did really figure that out for people who have no idea what I'm talking about here Steve quick as his name and he happens to be very very very involved with profit profit clicking he's one I you're one of the traders right yes now remember when I said about every four hours they have training sessions now you're involved in some of those every for our training sessions yes well I you know basically helped create those training sessions and basically help in the background running every thing and making sure everything's in working order oh well bottom line is I'm the assistant manager of the training department okay the entire training department I got Susan you know as manager and then I'm a loyal assistant okay it's a big happy family I mean we have an incredible team it's just amazing my wife is one of the trainers that actually does the sessions to speakers as well as one of the typing trainers so remember see that you get recorded now okay so you gotta gotta say everything the right way otherwise your recorded boy edited put the pressure on you okay how lot see how long you been with profit clicking or junior tripler or whatever them well my wife and I joined just been paid last October 2011 you know I've got an extensive background not going to going all the details but for you little over four years ago ended up becoming a magic you know unfortunately my work of 12 years doing screen enclosures came to an end and you know my wife lost her job over the whole bit and we started looking for work online my wife found Justin paid which is what profitclicking was formerly right and so she found just been paid we looked into it we joined we checked out a couple of webinars and listen to a couple of the head honchos and decided to take a huge forage into it and I'm talking several thousands of dollars plunge and ever since that I've been married to this company I actually started working on februari first for the company as a matrix trainer I was hired on to to be a matrix trainer I was just basically a mod cut in the backgrounds while our lead trainer did the actual trainers is on the microphones at screen share all that your desk then you know I kind of took on the role of you know I actually started taking over the Tuesday sessions doing the Tuesday trainings getting on doing the screen share the whole bit teaching people out of basically how to work the matrices which are now PC panel which rather be a little quite a quite a bit different than the way they used to be with jb p but they still basically function the same just look different but everything's still basically the same functionality ok well we've been working our way down here we started at the top and I'm just been working my way down here at the wallet now and I'm trying to explain that in my wallet I have 53 cents my ad package is 1640 in my course I don't have any panels yet right no you haven't had any ad packages expire on and you haven't been a you haven't been through a profit ship which is a little bit different that's a more extensive there's no need to go through all that right now all basically basically the way it works when you fund your account the funds go into the e-wallet your wallet right on you can from your wall you can purchase panels you can upgrade you can pay for the upgrade fee which you don't need to upgrade until your fourth ad package is about to expire and you're about to get your free free pc panel out of it basically for every 4 ad packages that mature that have paid back there for fifteen dollars which is your initial ten dollar cost for the ad package plus five dollars profit once it's paid that back it matures and expires for every for that reach maturity and expire as soon as you've accumulated for you get a free pc panel which ultimately when it it's got six spots once it fills up pays out sixty dollars so it's a nice little bonus the ad package account basically if you look to the right there you'll see what we call the money monitors and give you all the stats of your ad package account in your pc panel account um the so i have 54 purchased packages yes and then if you look down two slots you'll see the number of active if it does have everything how many have expired coming your active how much your current sales commissions are which are basically your team your daily payments now in this case you're making what per day 1080 note 5 40 yet uh no it's to the amounts there are weak tit for weekday and per week ends so my first number is your amount during the week daily that's about yes which is two percent on the weekends it's one percent now i'm not a hundred percent sure but uh the what's happening now is ad packages that were bought back when it was just been paid before we went through the migration not sure what the reasoning is right now but right now they're only paying one percent during the week and half a percent on the weekends on those and Harvey I'm not I need to look into the account further I I haven't looked at that yet but i think that uh where we're at with yurka because i had bought the initial couple back before right before the migration then we went through the migration so all right it's you're not getting the full 1080 / we uh per weekday um these stats are going off of ad packages bought after the Prophet ship and this is assuming that all or not profit shift after the migration the the numbers here are assuming that all of your ad packages were bought during PC naught jbp so that the numbers may not be right if you're a prior member back in jb p and bought what was called tripler positions then but if you're new don't even worry about all that those are going to be your number okay so there again I how long have I been in with us I forgot it's only a couple months right it's been several months because we did the migration back in September uh actually I learned in August I think did we actually did the switchover in August we were down for about a week or two and then pc came up okay so i have made three hundred and forty-four dollars in commissioned on my a nicholas is two hundred dollar investment here um so the mathematically I look what yeah we put 200 no we originally put think you originally put a hundred and then we recently put another 200 um I don't know I think I want my money i would put 200 in I mean you know well we would put oh I think I i know i had uh yeah i really had to go back and look enough on but I know I we'd done something at the beginning uh where I had messed you on some random we recently had put some more in the bottom line I've made 348 um yes that's total that you've made okay now so what did I do did I go out advertise did I go out and bring people in or see I didn't really do anything Hey yes not worth it at all that you don't have to go hunting a lot and advertise you don't have to refer to earlier in career a passive income opportunity y'all at the same time but you use the credits to promote your whatever money making web page or website that you have other what other opportunities you're in your other programs absolutely and we've got the largest traffic exchange on the internet you know well over two million members in a traffic exchange members that in order to the big key to our to profit clicking is the fact that you know it's not a big requirement but in order to get paid daily you have to view at least three websites now you can store website for instance you see reserved 46 right there right that means that um he's viewed he stored up enough he stored up 46 views so he's got whatever 46 / 3 is um you know if he didn't surf tomorrow he's still going to get paid right so you can put you can store views which I don't have to be in here every day no but you it's good to get in the habit of it you know you don't want to kind of let it go and all of a sudden you forget and you have it in forgot your views got low and so it's a good habit to always check your account daily plus another reason for checking your account daily right now there's not an auto repurchase yet so what happen to go back up here right and look at my wallet yes well what happens is your commit your sales commissions that you get paid on daily are added to your ad package account so in the morning monitor you can see what you can see where he's got his cursor now you'll see 1640 uh that's his sales commissions that he's been earning bait they accumulate in the ad package account so and what you want to do is every time your ad package account reaches ten dollars or more you want to buy another position right away which I have to send check the accounts today RV um so we'll be buying a position which we can do here in a second and show okay go how to do that do a lie all right absolutely actually let's go ahead and do it okay there's two ways scroll up just a little bit more art now if you look at the three green buttons you can see by ad packages or if you look to the right kind of in the middle the ad package money monitor you can see by ads same place right there so going click on either one either one okay everything okay yeah I'll go over here by ads it's thinking okay so now you can scroll down a little bit basically all this is an explanation of how every purchase process works and everything Tom so so now the total available balance here what it does is it accumulates to purchase add package ad packages you can either use money that's in your ad package balance or money that's in the wallet itself like I said before when you fund your account the funds go into the wallet right hint you can't actually put money into your ad package account or your panel account there's no real reason to because you can make all purchases right from the wall if you want to use for let me back up for a second in order to like say you want to with PC panels you can buy accelerators or even if you just want to purchase a PC panel or you want to pay for your upgrade fee well in order to do that you would have to transfer the funds into your wallet which you can do by going by clicking on my wallet on the left hand side that's a another story but right now to purchase an ad package what you want to do is you put the number the amount of bad packages you want to buy not the dollar amount the quantity so you can see he's got sixteen dollars it's not quite enough for two just enough for one so you just put a one and then click proceed with my order okay now I got a question here before we do this all right so anyone I've talked about this before I'm just going to use some round numbers okay let's suppose that this suppose it you put a thousand dollars in here and that thousand dollars is working for you making two percent a day which would be twenty dollars a day right monday through friday yeah monday through friday okay so we'll just keep with that now let's support i'm just going to keep it keep it simple let's suppose that each day now i can buy to add paxton right yes okay let's suppose it I wanted to take ten dollars out okay and then buy one ad pack with the other ten dollars so in other words I want to reinvest fifty percent of my money and I want to take out the other fifty percent yes so what's going to happen is that that money that I leave in there then I'm going to eventually take out is going to be in my wallet over here accumulating in my wallet right well it depends on how you do it so for instance so you put a thousand dollars and on day one on the next day you get paid twenty dollars resinize that twenty dollars is in your ad package account oh so Jessica like I said okay know when you you get paid your sales commissions from your ad packages the AMIA the amount accumulates in your ad package account in order to withdraw it you know all major transactions are done through the wall and you can transfer the you can transfer the funds from your ad package back now over to your wallet and i'll show you how to do that in a minute okay that this is good stuff this is route everybody watching this this is really good stuff here now okay so it goes to add package let's hear your your ad pack your sales commissions that you get paid each day are you know off your ad package balance you get paid two percent the account the amount gets paid into your ad package account balance gotcha right here so you can you if depending on how you want to do is you can make your one purchase you can purchase the one ad package right away and then we can go over to the wallet and transfer the you know correct the remaining funds that you want to withdraw you know if you want to keep it aside and somewhat keep it separated to keeping track of it you can transfer it over to the wall so if we go ahead and buy the one ad package ok so I'm proceed with my order right yes it's thinking now while this is happening we have a that we have a train we have training sessions like you were saying at the beginning that teach you exactly how to do all this I wonder how to buy your ad package all that it's every four hours you can consider it starting at like 5am eastern 5 a.m.

Eastern and every four hours so five am-9 a.m. 1 pm-5 p.m. those are all the eastern hours and I can get the link here and that's it's actually in this page here it's actually if I can scroll up and show everybody works out here it's actually the calendars on this page yeah you can click the events calendar to find it as the events calendar yup yeah it's all self-contained sucess success right here this here's the events calendar right here for the training there you go yes there's two different ones there's Abby's open house which is a great place to send your your new referrals right away you know immediately send them over to immediately send them over to the heavies open house okay they're going to be doing a more hardcore getting started getting set up what we're working on now in our training room as a matter of fact is more extensive training regarding other aspects of the program marketing trainings we're actually going to be starting panel trainings tomorrow while they've been doing them but it's going to get a little more in depth they're going to officially start tomorrow and thursday and sunday three pm eastern so what do you want me to do now return the dashboard or just of course I've I've done some few answer yeah you can just return to dashboard okay all right so what I did is I took my earnings and I bought another ad pack which is now mathematically see I bought another ten dollars and mathematically I'm going to be making two percent of it on that ten dollars in addition to everything else so it I mean this thing like multiply yes so now if my rabbits if you look if you look at the daily sales commissions the current sales commissions by half way down for weekday and weekend right here you see how the amount went up to eleven dollars now I'm making set of ten dollars i'm making eleven dollars yeah was that Yelland was 1060 right I should have gone up to 1080 i'm not sure why it went up to eleven for each ad package you are in twenty cents a day folks which don't get stuck on that number because they multiply like rabbits and it will take off once you get going you know especially if you start promoting and you get all you need is one incredible referral and I mean it can just change your whole account I mean it's yeah right so we're going to talk about that just a minute but I want to make sure now I went over here back to my ad and I've got six dollars and forty cents left now remember my strategy and all with you know you you use a strategy to reinvest fifty percent or thirty percent or whatever percentage is going to keep it simple r in valpo sandton take 50 but I want to say one thing real quick you never know I don't want to say never but realistically in order to keep your account growing you you don't want to take out more than fifty percent drive your of your daily of your earnings daily right you always want to repurchase more than fifty percent a lot of a good number that a lot of a lot of us do is either like a 60-40 or even more so a seventy-thirty thing I commend you want to repurchase with seventy percent at withdraw 30 that way your account still growing at a good number and at the same time you you do want to be making money off of it as well so you do want to start paying yourself back you know you can you can repurchase you keep repurchasing and repurchasing with everything one hundred percent until you get your account built up which is what you know my wife and I did what most people do so they'll repurchase for a good amount of time until they reaches a number that they're comfortable where was starting to pull out you know that percentage dale right now in order to move that that amount over to your wallet so you can work in row okay you want to click on my wallet that's where you can do is click right here yep okay it's thinking all right very good so now in that top section in the account balances you see it's getting out calculating all the numbers for the account you'll see the different account balances now see how it says transfer underneath where it says six dollars and forty cents Oh not only that back i know a tiny little okay i got you now in order to in order to move the ad package balance over to the wallet balance you just simply click transfer a box will pop up and you just enter in the amount you want to transfer over to your wallet it's all just people will just make six dollars keep it simple yeah okay alright so how much do you want to transfer that little box and that's sure if you can everybody can see it so I do you want me to please move it down you can move it down to the center of the page saw okay so six and put like that no lima that students it doesn't matter you can just put as a matter can I put a six oh yeah it doesn't matter okay it's going to understand that okay yeah eight if you're doing a whole number like that you just do six and then if you wait a few seconds usually it happens sometimes instantly sometimes it takes a few seconds here goes and in there it goes so now 653 in the war 50 my wallet okay now to withdraw their you have to have a minimum of 20 so on the twenty dollars you can do with much money right now right so when I withdraw what do I go what panel what you do is scroll down scroll down now right what are your office right here transfer funds ok first you transfer funds to the wallet from your head package in panel accounts like we just did because all the withdrawing and funding everything generated basically you can try to think of it as alternate to try to think of all transactions go through the wallet just like you would do if you're out on the street um yeah I was pretty fight you can repurchase your ad packages directly from your head package balance so you don't have to transfer it every time to do that gotcha so in order to withdraw what you would do well if you look below you can see the different payment processors if you have you know if you've linked to your account you'll see load funds and withdraw obviously that's what they mean you know either fund your account using load or withdraw using the withdrawal a I see load okay with trial ok so to withdraw basically you would just click on withdrawal right here and then yes now I'm going next page is a little different they've got it see oh it's not even going to bring it up because you know what are you alright once you've reached twenty dollars there's actually it's going to give you two different options it's going to give you a free profit shift balance and it's going to give you a post profit shift balance it can be a little confusing all the information regarding the wet roads can be found in the faq is there it gives the link and it will bring you right to that section basically just after we get the migration they did a profit shift again I'm not going to go all into that right now basically it's a function that keeps this program alive it's been it's been processed several times well not several three times I think with when we were just been paid and it was very successful and it's just an amazing function that Frederick man the original owner of this company created and no one's been able to duplicate it and it's just been amazing but basically it converts a portion of your active ad packages over into panels which will ultimately pay you out more but it just over a little bit longer period of time it's nothing to worry about and we're going to have trainings on on that and everything when you know the time comes around for one so there's really no need to focus too much on that yet ok ok so let's talk about referrals we're working our way down here I got l1 let's just 69 mean level 1 you've got 69 referrals ok level you now remember we pay on two levels ten percent on level 15 percent on level two okay so you're level-1 referrals you've got 69 on level two you've got eight yeah logically I should have a thousand but just pay attend Allah to get in I mean why wouldn't somebody want to get into this I mean incredible even if you didn't do it even if you did nothing but just get the free ten dollars and use it to advertise a website right see that the traffic that comes you get a thousand you get a thousand credits for every ten dollar ad package let me get back to give me a day well we're done here yes okay I need to get back so how do I get back here home I up at the top just click on dashboard at the very very top top right I'll dashboard you down that's how you can always get back to your mean okay I'll make sense so let's get back here so I have 69 alright so I have 69 now when somebody comes in and of course they're given ten dollars I don't make ten percent on that I make nothing no you do not you do not get paid on the on the free ad package that's given to the memorize the other head there was an issue back when they first started that and people you thought they could create a bunch of fake accounts and but if one of these referrals in my first level comes in with a thousand dollars I keeping everything rounded off what do I make you're going to make ten percent which is envy 100 hundred bucks now when they start accumulating profit in there do I make any money on that profit they accumulate it was it just initial investment it's for every ad package they buy you get ten percent off your level and referrals so if your savior referral comes in with a thousand dollars you make up ten percent off the hundred ad packs a by you make a dollar for every had package day by three thousand dollars ten dollars and add package they're going to buy a hundred hundred ad packages they're going to make a hundred dollars okay one they're going to make two percent on that on those hundred ad packs that's going to pay them twenty dollars Friday turn around and bite to ad packages with that twenty dollars you'll get two dollars that day holy dad real can you imagine having 69 people coming in with a thousand dollars each absolutely I mean imagine having a referral that comes in like my wife and I did with 6,000 I mean it speaks for itself so oh that's an addition to the two percent I make I mean this is like yes as long as it wasn't it and just continues for all when they repurchase and eat babe not with new money when they repurchased using their sales commissions that there they've earned you met you get paid a dollar for every ad packets they buy regardless wow so it's probably worth your while to spend some time just marking it on google out there and and trying to get people in that absolutely a another way to live excited oh they're going to go well the light bulb just came on right absolutely yeah and there's a lot of exciting things coming too I mean there's there there in the works right now to add on some more streams of income so far right now we have a package the ad packages that pay you your passive earnings the two percent and one percent respectively weekday and weekend and then the PCP you know which you can buy pc panels for twenty dollars a piece and when they mature they pay out 60 you have to be an upgraded member you know you can upgrade at any time or you can do is most do and get the free pc panels once your hat packages start expiring yes you have to basically a packages run about eighty seven days until they mature till they paid you back your 15 but paid out the full fifteen dollars if you can wait that initial 87 days once you start expiring ad packages you start accumulating pc panels for free so he said I'm instead of paying 20 you're going to get them for free and then they're going to pay you 60 when they cycle oh so that's why you see panels that's separate and what we're you know with that different than the ad revenues that's a whole nother housing I had a whole nother training yeah well I mean just taking a look at the two percent a day you can see what I've made I'm done anything in fact you know you and I know that probably I spent more time in here the last two or three days and I have the last three or four months yep that is absolutely true I haven't done anything and I mean I and I course I promote this by with my profit Center and there again people they wonder why you know they don't understand how powerful my profit Center is okay I mean cause I've got streams of income coming in from all right all different angles from all the different programs that I'm come on on the profit Center the more you can have a member of and the more you promote your lead factory and I'm going to be honest is in a 69 people I had aa they all came in from I never ever promoted this program singularly onion I haven't went out there and on facebook and said join me or I haven't went out there on google and said join me all these 69 people came from my profit center yay and there again like I said some people don't quite understand how powerful my profit centers but you know you can see the money I'm making I didn't I mean I didn't even know I made that money today in truth I don't know so now I'm going to start getting serious about this and of course if we're going to we're going to put this video a back on the profit center in the back here we're going to I'm going to make this a live link here this banner and say click on me so they can listen to this video that I really understand how powerful this is okay and then for all my Silver Fox members you don't have to do anything you just have to do follow my instructions and getting people to actually log in and create an account in Silver Fox leave factory come back here listen to this video here which I do the selling for you and I tell everybody come down here and join the profit clicking it to and get ten dollars you know this is so automatic but there again I'd say it's really difficult to attract try to explain this to people on the run you know what I mean okay so getting back to this back here so this is my free trial auto pollster leads that's one of my websites remember web pages Oh somebody just enabled it it was just working a few minutes ago no do I know what happened you know it was it wasn't active oh when you hot when you scroll your cursor over it gives you options you can apply you can add or subtract credits or you can cancel or the lien or delete it in put something else in there so you have three different load of websites that you can plug in here to go in the traffic when somebody's like surfing you go watch you view the website you go watch advertisement as what you do and you have to watch it for like 20 seconds or whatever and when mine pops up I get one of my credits taken away from you right so this is this is six credits that I used right now those are the days total views uh 11 people have seen your site over the past six days okay um self looked down the other two the 1 180 previews in 63 days so that was about three views a day okay and then the other ones 63 and 125 126 views so about two a day the average is about to a day but these are qualities are people that you know they're in ml there in network marketing you know right very possible that they're looking for something else I've had a sign ups are ready Alfie's these very few views okay I've gotten a few signups in my system already so each time that I buy a package okay i get to coerce a hundred more credits thousand thousand hundred for every app package you get a thousand credits can you say that i never ever ever ever run out of credits look at this I'll never run out I've never even come close if you'd never run out of credits to get this if it keeps multiplying up here and every time I buy another ad package i get another thousand credits which go down here I would never ever and plus you you know you need to serve three a day or good you'll never run out of credit it's just if you can catch those things in for like samba so but I don't know that's a lot of credits yeah yeah yeah you're never gonna run out of credits they should do something with these extra credits you know and you know let you gamble with him or something I don't know so here's my three links Silver Fox leads home telesales and free trial auto post review two people view my page they can take action and get something for free or opt-in or whatever they want to do and there you go absolutely what else haven't we covered here Steve let's scroll all the way to the top did you already show them their advertising pages on no we started over here we worked our way down okay well yeah under on the left side there well it used to say your your PC referral link or your referral link is right here unfortunately Harvey hasn't put his picture in there underneath underneath where your picture would be you see it says in blue your I do advertising pages / video influencer referral link go ahead and click on that this is where you can find all sorts of different webs advertising websites you can use to bring people to PC as well you know each one is different in its own aspect and a couple days have the video on them there are a few great pages underneath each page is the link for that page with your referral ah i see with your user name in it ah look at that yeah okay I didn't know that see he's got Harvey Silver Fox in there this is a you know aiding incorporates your username into it to you know know that it's obviously your website that it's sending people to when they go to that website and click the join Now button of course it'll I believe it's been a little off I've been there I believe it says let's see a guest you're a guest of well I think it will say Harvey Silver Fox here are uh camera what we put in there go ahead and click that join Now button next is a pretty woman there yeah there you go this is just preview really angry okay please use the link below go ahead and close the preview see there on the bottom right corner all clothes clicking blows i'm going go to the link or yeah highlight an open a new tab time accurate up in a new tampa both and I saw ferry Steve it's an exciting stuff join now um get go ahead and click on join now I mean is there I am I got me in there twice i don't how that happened welcome guest is RV this over super yeah I don't know how that I'm gonna have to probably go into my profile and put my picture in there and probably redo that but no biggie recheck area listen for your name there I'm making two percent a day I've done all that it's forget to forget the details here yeah ok so did has taken them so they can sign up join now okay I got you trying to think that really just about covers whoops the main scope of things okay completely got out of it well anyway this is remember this is the profit Center this is our first brought you and here's the link for profit clicking down here ok I am going to put this video so that when you click on this link here this video is going to start on this link ok remember so you've seen those 69 people that I brought in they came into my profit Center I mean I haven't done anything all right haven't done nothing and so you guys need to use this profit Center and then get people in the front door and on the back door this is for you this is where your money is going to be made here ok now how can I lost everything it must be unlikely what you did I almost oh damn let me get back in again or you want to just finish this up now I mean I think that's pretty much it if you want to make sure that they know how to get to the trainings that we're offering I'm still in give me one second I'm going to get to exact link right here this event calendar right hold on one second let's see you going click there ok floating it's thinking is thinking of ok so today's January 9th is 10 events today is all good that's it that's it well can't say you know your support right let's see go ahead and highlight over that again okay and scroll down you know go over there go ahead and scroll down there so yeah you can go you can go there and click on the link Harvey I've also sent you in chat the actual link to our meeting room okay but this is one way I don't know if you have a way to display that link or not photo either way if you go to the events calendar go in there look for the company overview and that's the initial we have three in a row there's the company overview is the start of it and they're done every four hours so five am-9 a.m.

pexels photo 6863512

1 pm-5 p.m. 9 pm-1 a.m. 5 m and so on oh you know I do all you have to do here is put in a name oh we actually have a session that just started 27 minutes ago I'm not sure who's in there okay Harvey so I fire can't remember who's on Mike today we have a different trainer okay there in between sessions right now so does that mean I can get so right now in the next session starting in 30 minutes which is learning the system okay let me get out of this yeah so we don't need this well it hasn't started that's the reason I got that that little video get the way it works is basically the company overview starts on the at the beginning it runs for about 20-25 minutes then we have learning the system on the next half hour and then how to make money with profit clicking and we show several methods that you can use a couple different strategies several different members use to make money with profit clicking whether whether it be you have a small budget and you can't afford to start off with much right we show how promoting can largely grow your account okay or you can do it without promoting it's all up to you okay I have we're on an hour now one to make this a half an hour but I didn't expect Steve to come in here this is great rushing I got lucky I got Steve to come in here we got this recorded we're in a live training room we have 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 and we got about 14 or 15 people which is great this room should have 50 people all day long but you can see that the profit clicking I mean look at the support that you get unbelievable amount of support let's see what else we got here um so we've also got live support live live chat support so let's chat support to okay oh yes I can't learn in his life in the Silver Fox live training room user again we have a lot of members in here who have been in profit clicking or just been paid or whatever the company name was you know so we've got a lot of experts in this room already if you want to get into the Silver Fox live training room and learn this or if you want to get into actual profit clicking here they get life support they got everything everything for you there's no reason you can't make some residual income passive income with the system here especially when you go back to the the profit center back there and just make sure that your link is back there and make sure that you do promote the Silver Fox leave factory because I do the selling for you I do everything for you okay just go back there and sign up and get ten bucks Steve I am going to cut this short anything else you want to say no I'm good good alright this is Harvey the silver fox in I'll see in the live training room and I'll see you in profit clicking

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