PASSIVE INCOME Ideas Malaysia (Truth & Myth)

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hi CFLieu here and in this lesson I want to
really debunk some of the myth when it comes to passive income now a lot of
people thought passive income is you know like the Holy Grail they want to
you know get passive income they want to do everything they can to get it get
passive income rates from investment property stocks and all that and here's
the thing about passive income that most people don't want to talk about now just
because an income is passive right now it does not mean it is permanent Azzam a
lot of people have the wrong expectation of things is because they thought
passive income is actually always permanent but actually it's not it takes
a lot of work to actually maintain that passive income okay it's only when you
work very hard to establish that passive income you don't need to every day to
actually work to generate that kind of income it that's not me that does not
mean that you set it up and just forget for 20 years that passive income it's
going to come in because things changes so fast
whatever passive income that you have today might not be permanent and that is
the wrong expectation now for example a lot of people don't talk that well I
mean obviously I'm talking all this lesson over here and then I'm earning
that from and somebody bought my courses you know engage me for consultation
all that it just means that I do not need to actually do the normal way like
what people you know like sales people Union interest in gently no need to do
the conventional way of giving cards and all you know cold calls and you know cold
canvassing in order to get customers and leads it just a music another way
because what I have done over is that someone could be new to me and
you know for many years to come they would actually come and say that hey you
know this guy CFLieu seems like when someone that is knowledgeable and maybe
I want to ask him for some advice paying for some consultation and all that now
that is what I call as a butt and I call as it seems like you know the income
agenda is passive but it's actually not I'm actually busting my ass doing all
this lesson and that is what we call as actively involving in creating this
lesson for you so you know if you're not clients you would have no immediate
become a client you know to contact me or my team that's okay you know this is
all free for you to watch but some of you might say that hey I want a more
one-on-one you know consultation all that and that is we're actually in a
passive in such a way that I do not need to actively I know prospect for leads or
no clients and all that which is a part of my this is but when bread and butter
or my rice bowl if you want to call it so this I want to talk but this is not
again that's not permanent for example in just YouTube just shut down one day
then all these are gone right you have to find another platform whereby you can
still find me and all that so as far as I'm concerned this has it think a lot of
people have the wrong expectation to me and the other worst thing is they have
the expectation whereby they say it is it sounds like a passive income you get
something out of nothing it's like they want the maximum return
or result for nothing now you know that the world does not work this way
right the world okay it's not foolish enough to reward or to reward anyone
that does not create a value in this one it's not foolish enough to do that if
you do not give something out you do not have you don't have a skin in the game
you have to contribute in order to deliver value which I believe right in
order for you to see that you are available and it's an exchange of value
over here in terms of you know in my world
in my line of work it means maybe a consultation fees right and then I
deliver value for you to improve your life financially and all that and this
passive income also can you imagine if I'm going to say that oh I want a good
health but I just want a passive health what does that mean
passive how meaning that I want health but I do not want to do exercise I do
not want to I don't want I just just too too lazy to actually eat healthily okay
what is called passive or passive radiation relationship what does that
mean meaning that I'm going to it you are going to tell your wife or
girlfriend or your boyfriend will say that and just go to the passive from now
on you do all the work can you imagine how long that passive relationship is
going to last or this passive health is going to actually affect you so the
other thing that I'm going to talk about is when people say that I I want to have
a goal whereby my passive income actually exceed my I think income so I
don't have to work anymore so how school how twisted is that mindset I mean I
just cannot fathom it is because this effect if so call your passive income is
really more than you know your active income chances are you know you are
really not a link that much in your active income and you you you look at
all these millionaire or billionaire they they they have more asset or
passive income that could ever probably could ever use in your lifetime I you
know magic herb herb you get and all that but they are still actively working
now what does that mean why don't they say they just start working is because
it's because they are really this is what their life passion is about the
adding value to you know everybody to the company a business to you know the
society or the world in general so for people who who really just on a very
simple level very basic level example if you are just talking about people
talking about rental in property investment and they talk about like
passive rent income I just make it very clear today
when it comes to property investment if you just thought that it's really not
easy to have a positive cash flow now imagine if you have a positive cash flow
of let's say 300 for one of your investment property even if the tenant
investment property is only going to be like three thousand a month now what
what kind of if you say the 3,000 per month just as a perspective is three
thousand a month it's really significant is more than what you you have for the
active income chances are your active income is less than 2000 per month and
that is not really not that much and that is the problem over here right your
passive income is only that much but your active income is less than 3000 in
this example so chances are you are really not doing anything significant or
advancing you know like what you should in your career I mean that's good if you
are or only a fresh squared but I'm saying that most people have it had had
it wrong had it like twisted or reverse like the logic reverse and it's also
about holding power now imagine a cup passive income is always about you have
an investment that generate your passive income but most people don't realize is
that investment we always some time that you with some money and make you admit
you lose some money and hopefully we always make a net positive you make no
more money than the money that you lost when they come to your investment but
when a lot of people don't realize is what actually makes them still can
actually invest sustainably is by having an active income which is not tied to
the universal which this active income a surplus after your expenses and all that
you can actually come down into your investment and grow that over time and
this is the way where we call as a holding power and whatever losses that
you have in your investment also it can be actually covered up by any what what
is channel from active income which is why you know you can actually for long
term you can actually take some losses here in your investment but take by
having an active income or semi active income that is not directly
to investment which is called white icon as a holding power and the truth number
two the second true business online mention before it's all about value
creation if your active income is really not that much chances are you actually
not adding value not having you are not serving the world you do not have a
valuable product of variable service to offer to the world so as a human being
with video driven by purpose right we have to have a skill set have a skill
set that is available that people are willing to pay you for before any
investment just because they value your skill set
which is you okay sell you as a brand so it is an example even though investing
on the seller I want to really you know expose you to the reality investing in
today's world itself it is an active full-time job let's put it that way okay
even though you say properly investment is not as passive as people thought
because active investor property investment is actually the most time is
spent on the land being on land on land loading the men loading job you have to
cater for your tenant you have to find heaven when the tenant move out so LAN
loading even a lot of property gurus actually tell you it is LAN loading on a
very core it's actually a full-time job okay so I always ask people like if you
think property investment is passive it's not but if you want to do property
investment successfully really want to have to go on a higher level are you
ready to actually folk for for gold a full-time job and just be a property
investor full-time and so what I would really advocate of what people should
aim for I mean including myself this is what my mentor taught me is that you do
not 1 passive income what you want is a leveraged income now voice leveraged
income leveraged income is something that you know on the start from
something on the left it's like leveraging your skill talent
or experience to actually generate high high return on investment because it yes
investment needs money to generate money but when you are leveraging your
leveraged income it could be your still your experience in your telenet
does not require any money to generate money it just require you okay you're
still experience which will become more available or over or over time over the
years and also aim for leverage income because you are essentially leveraging
on your network okay your relationship dog in that your experience to maybe get
some consulting job or maybe you know to provide something of value to other
people or services to other people or product to other people that otherwise
the market meet but do not have data access to let's say you become a
distributor for product that is cannot is not available in any country that you
live in okay that would be a good but because of leverage your network and
then of course if you already have a product or services you leverage on
technology like what we are leveraging over here we are using I'm using YouTube
that you reach out to you and our hundred people who actually know what's
this video maybe five people we actually feel that this useful and ultimately
some point in time you will want to you know do a maximum need some advice and
all that and then you come back to me and say that hey I need this one how do
you charge and all that so I'm actually leveraging technology to actually reach
out to you you know and hopefully if you become my clients then I can make a
living out there also now when it come to system you know the desire system
that we used for example I'm recording this I'm using a software so I'm running
a system meaning that I do not need to hire a videographer pay them a few
thousand which is sort of software I'm using to record it is free so I'm using
a system to actually generate income and leveraging this apps on tools and of
course for people in for people or for business owner who are in business of
let's say food and beverages you're actually hiring people to run your
restaurant so you are leveraging people to generate income and the other thing I
want to debug is about what I call a shiny object syndrome is that a lot of
people thought that they need to develop multiple stream of income
the fact is you when you first get started you need to focus to only focus
on ten that can generate you the most income or
revenue and whatnot using your skill which does not require much investment
just focus on that and then rather than jumping from here and then you know you
see Bitcoin can make money you see stocks can make money you see these can
make money and you will be check of all trades and then you end up nowhere in
the end this is very quite shiny object syndrome we just know multiple stream of
income is a myth but then you might be taught like hey I heard that people rich
people always have this so common people stream of income yes but if you analyze
they always have this one main thing that generates the most money for them
and then they are just packing the surplus of that main thing that income
generating from that main thing they are doing and apart in property the pie in
sports and all that only if they have generally enough money from that and
then they have this bounty post stream and income and expand it from there so
if you ask me I'm very focused on it for example I'm running this reap REIT
method website you can see or not below so you might want to actually subscribe
to this channel and at the time click on REITMethod dot com and just read it for
upcoming webcast I'm connecting in the evening normally on a daily basis and
this one focus on and not focus on other thing like Bitcoin Forex and all that
because this is actually enough to keep me occupied I mean of course there are
people can do that I mean with all due respect to them that is the niche if
that is what they have that's what the expert in of course they are not doing
what I'm doing so you don't worry about getting left out and having this one
people say about multiple stream I mean come try to have this multiple stream
and then you know you're a bit here a bit there you're actually getting
nowhere okay so that being said I hope this this lesson is useful is the
relative about passive income that's the really the relative about active income
and that's really the relative about what you should aim for which is
leveraged income and then do not let yourself fall in the trap of this what
we call a shiny object syndrome meaning that you are neither here nor there
because you try to be in a lot of places at if
at every moment of your time which you know time is limited only have 24
hours after still is about 16 15 hours a day so make the best use of it just
invest into something the general the most return for a lot people is already
the skill experience and talent that you already have okay so if you like this
lesson either very straight for lesson I this pic line here on subscribe so that
you cannot define a public person like this now if you if you have have you
ever questioned or if you get on any comment and all that you just type in
the comments below and I know if you want to thank me for having this you
know very insightful lesson just comment we say thank you and a preacher and read
every comment I reply personally that being said is CFLieu for CF Lieu channel I'll
see you in another episode you

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