Passive Income Ideas: 8 Ways To Make $100/Day Passive Income

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A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they're not working This is a famous quote by robert kiyosaki the author of rich. Dad poor dad and it pretty much sums up Everyone's ultimate dream and ultimate goal And that is how to make passive income and make enough passive income that it surpasses your monthly expenses So what I want to do with this video is give you some passive income ideas in eight different ways that you can make 100 or more per day even if you are a complete beginner and you have no Money to get started because I know a lot of people talk about dividend stocks They talk about real estate which are great ways to go through and make passive income and I leverage those for my own personal portfolio But what if you have absolutely no money to get started you maybe have some time But you don't know exactly what to do and how to leverage that time to start making passive income So with that said I want to break down eight ways that you can go through and start making your first 100 Per day or even start out at 100 per month and be able to scale it up to 100 Per day so that your passive income can surpass that of your monthly expenses And once your passive income, that is the income that you make without having to work Exceeds your monthly expenses that is when you have reached the point of true financial freedom All right So let's break down the first way that you can make some passive income Even if you don't have a ton of money to invest into real estate or dividend stocks or anything like that now this first one Is actually a company that started out of utah and I first heard of them a few years back when I actually lived in utah And I would see billboards for their company.

And so I went online I researched what the company actually was Now this company is called neighbor and think about it as airbnb but for storage units so you have storage units Which if you go into the real estate space storage units is an amazing way to go through and make some passive income But you need a lot of money to go through and invest into these storage Complexes before you can actually see a return on your money Well, if you don't have all that money to get started But you like the idea of renting out space for storage You can actually rent out a closet in your house. You can rent out a room your driveway You can run out your garage and even a basement now when I was researching this topic for this video I saw on their site you can make as much as 348 dollars per year by simply renting out a closet and you don't have to do Anything or if you have a little bit more space to run out in your house or wherever you might live You can make as much as two thousand three hundred and eighty eight dollars renting out an entire basement now They have different options If you wanna just rent out space in your driveway or in your garage But basically you go onto the site you say what type of area you have you say how big it is? And then you'll be able to have other people find the space that's available and typically people want to go through and rent from you Because they can save up to 50 Off of the cost of what they'd normally be paying a storage unit So it's kind of a cool idea like an airbnb or vrbo But instead of renting out an entire house or room or something like that like a hotel it's more like storage units Which this leads me very nicely into the second way that you can go through and make some passive income And that is renting out a room in your house through vrbo, or airbnb now If you have another place to go like let's say you're going to be gone for a week or even a month You can actually rent out the entire place and make a whole lot more money But if you don't mind roommates, I know people that go through and rent out a single bedroom and maybe it's for one night A couple nights a whole entire week or a month And they're able to make some nice passive income to either pay their rent or their mortgage to help with their bills Now the third way that you can make passive income that is very similar to these other ways Which is basically letting someone else use property that you have and that you own We talked about neighbor with the storage units concept airbnb and vrbo with running out a room or your entire house or apartment condo Whatever you have.

Well, the third one is being able to go through and rent out your car. So this is an app It's called turo and it's basically an alternative to renting a car from a rental car company like hertz or budget rental So you're renting it from somebody that actually owns the car? But let's say you got a car like myself And it just sits in the driveway all day because I work from home and obviously the way the world is right now You might have to commute and actually drive to work. So You can go and rent out your car on a daily or even weekly basis and make some nice money Now I have some friends that they actually got a tesla model x And in order to go through and pay for the monthly payment What they do is just on a few weekends every single month They'll go and rent out their car through the turo app and just for renting out their car a few weekends per month Through this app they're actually able to cover their entire car payment for the month So in a sense, they basically are driving a free car the rest of the week So if you want to go through and upgrade your car this is maybe a cool way to go through and upgrade your car While still getting all of the monthly payments taken care of All right.

So let's move on to a little bit different category of how you can go through and make passive income So basically these first three ways, we're going through and taking property that you own and letting other people use it rent it out So you can go through and make some nice monthly income Well, let's go through and transition to a skill set that you might have now these next several ways i'm going to share with you Are ways that I actively go through and make passive income on a weekly and monthly basis? That I just want to go through and break down and share with you really quick Now let's say that you have some type of skill set or expertise that somebody else might want to learn Like for example, I run a lot of facebook ads for my own business And a lot of people come to my youtube channel because they want to learn how to run facebook ads now i'm not talking about youtube ad revenue right here because obviously you Have to go through and have a certain amount of following to go through and actually start making money And so that can be a little bit difficult But there are several sites out there where you can go through and make a course online sell this course and even if you don't have any following they have a massive database that they can go through and send people your way So this first site was actually a site that I got reminded of just recently That i'm actually actively going through and putting a course on there right now So I don't have any data to go through and show like these other ones, but it is skillshare.

So so what you do is just go to and you register to become an instructor and then think about the different courses that you can go through and teach Think about your skill sets your experience that you can go through and teach somebody else that might be interested in Learning how to do that like it might be how to play the piano how to play the guitar how to run facebook ads youtube ads Whatever it might be go through put a course together and then once you have an idea in mind go and search and see what other topics are already on skillshare because you can see Okay, this specific course got a ton of views a ton of students And so if somebody's already going through and doing something similar You can do your variation your version teaching what you know from your experience and be able to piggyback off the popularity of that existing course now the way skillshare works Is all their members all their students pay a monthly membership and then they get access to as many courses as they want So the way you make money is when one of these paid members goes through and spends time watching your courses watching your trainings Then you're gonna get a percentage of the revenue that is coming into skillshare So very similar concept to youtube ad revenue where the advertisers are paying google for that ad space And then google goes through and splits the ad revenue with you Who is the creator now the second site that is very similar to this and honestly You could just take the same course and upload it on these different platforms because they have different users That are going to be finding you they can go through and help you grow your overall business and brand and that is udemy so I actually went through and I uploaded some courses just a few months ago And honestly it took me probably a couple of hours to go through and upload them I have not touched it since and I make anywhere from 40 dollars to a hundred dollars every single month from these courses So you can obviously go through and promote your own courses on udemy or even skillshare But the great thing is they have these massive communities of members That are already looking for the content and the topics that you're going to go through and teach and so you can get a commission From their user database instead of having to go through and spending all of your time And money on marketing your products Now the third way that we can actually go through and repurpose the same exact course, so we've got skillshare.

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We've got udemy Well, what you can do is you can upload it onto a platform like kajabi Which is what I use and then you can just sell it externally Just through kajabi and then you don't have a platform like skillshare or udemy taking a cut off the top The only downside of this is you actually have to bring the following you have to bring the people to go through and buy the course, but if you do that You can make a hundred percent of the margins whereas with skillshare or udemy because they are bringing the audience to you They are taking a large cut of the revenue earned All right. So we talked about creating a course uploading it to skillshare to udemy to kajabi to have some passive income coming in well Depending on how committed and how passionate you're about this topic What you can also do is either create a youtube channel or a blog And get some money from the youtube ad revenue or from adsense on your blog now Obviously this takes a little bit of time.

You have to really stay committed with it You have to have a thousand subscribers You have to have 4 000 watch hours and you have to consistently post to get people coming back to your channel But when you do and stay consistent with it This is just another way to not only promote your courses on udemy on skillshare or kajabi But also make some youtube ad revenue on the side Now as far as how much passive income you can bring in with youtube ad revenue It really varies. I know some channels that have well over a hundred thousand subscribers But they only make a few thousand dollars per month versus someone like a grand stefan who is making like quarter of a million dollars Every single month just with youtube ad revenue So what this really comes down to is the industry that you're in and the topics that you're covering with your videos and our businesses wanting to actually advertise on your videos, and if so, Then you can make a considerable amount of money with youtube ad revenue Now the eighth passive income idea that I want to give you guys today It really carries off of a youtube channel or a blog and the courses and teaching all this stuff So for example with facebook ads I need to have several softwares that i'm using so that when someone clicks on my facebook ad They're going somewhere and I can actually sell them and follow up with them And so this is the eighth way is going through and leveraging different affiliate marketing platforms So products software's I like software's because usually they are monthly recurring commission So if you send somebody to a product once you don't just get a one-time commission But you can get a monthly recurring commission and over time You can build that up to the point that you can start making a few thousand dollars per month or even five figures per month with affiliate marketing So to share with you guys some of my passive income goals and what i'm shooting for Is I want all of my active income to be able to help me create more passive income So what i've done is I originally had a marketing agency where I helped clients get new clients and get new business And then what we did is we actually created a software to help simplify everything that we're doing with the marketing agency And then once we had a software I started creating Youtube videos to help my clients that were using our software and then from the youtube channel.

I started be able to create Some youtube ad revenue coming in and then from there people started asking me for more in-depth training, so I started making some courses And then I took those courses and I uploaded them to udemy and i'm now i'm uploading them to skillshare as well And then on top of that with all these courses all the trains everything that I do I use several different softwares Not just my own software that I built And so I recommend and refer people to these other softwares And I make a nice five figure a month every single month with affiliate marketing and then from there obviously These are all more tactics and strategies that we talked about on today's video But then I put the excess into index funds. I put it into stocks.

I put it into real estate So everything i'm kind of doing is just snowballing into more and more and more passive income And I try to make sure that I am diversified and I have multiple sources of passive income coming in But at the same time my one core focus is on the current business that I run That has been able to go through and create everything That I have built because at the end of the day if you're trying to focus on too many things At once then you're just going to get scatter brain. You're not really going to get anywhere with anything But if you want to create real passive income go all in focus on one thing And then once it's gotten to a point that you can have some sustainable income coming in Then you can create a second and third and fourth and fifth source But you definitely have to have a long-term vision with your whole strategy and game plan.

Alright I hope you guys got some good passive income ideas from this video today if you guys enjoy this video, go ahead Give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know how you are creating passive income in your life. And with that said guys. Thank you so much for watching Make sure you subscribe if you have not subscribed already and I will see you in the next video.

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