Passive Income: How To Make $3,000 A Month Living in Japan (5 Ways)

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Hey guys I'm Doston and welcome back to
my channel if you're new here a little bit about myself
currently I'm living and studying in Japanese University so I'm a third year
student here so one more year and I live in a small city
beppu and if you're interested about work and life in Japan please subscribe
to this channel because we will have more and videos about work in Japan
because I think it's a very important thing if you're coming to Japan if you
want to stay in Japan you need to do something right you always need to move
but today I wanted to talk about my passive income sources and um it's 5
ways I make money while I'm studying here because you know of course you can
do a part-time job in Japan but the thing is you're basically selling your
time for money of course hmm I understand some people are not
aware of passive income and there are a lot of misconceptions about passive
income they think like you're just sleeping you're not doing anything and
you're making money it's not true because passive income requires a lot of
work in the beginning and then of course you can you know enjoy your time and
sometimes manage your sources right and also I want to notice that this video is
not for bragging and I don't want to like show off you know I just want to
share my you know like I want to be transparent and share my you know
knowledge and my thoughts like how you can start making passive income alright
let's start and first passive income source is YouTube you're watching
YouTube video right now um you know a lot of people think
youtubers make money from views or subscribers or something like that it's
not true and actually mm yeah if you're a youtuber you make money
only from advertisement views so probably before watching this video you
saw this skippable five-second ad and for those advertisement use YouTube pays
you money every month and as you can see I make videos in Russian I have a pretty
decent channel in a Russian language but of course it's not my main source of
income and also I make a brand deals so if there are any you know service or
product that I can recommend to my subscribers I do that as well so it's
pretty pretty good I think because I started this way you know mmm yeah it's
basically like you post videos and through some time they still gain views
and you get pretty pretty good money I think but it's not like if you're if you
have millions subscribers it means you can make a huge bag it mmm of course you
can but you need to think as a businessman because some channels earn a
lot and some channels channels even they're huge they don't earn that much
so that's why it's a good thing you know YouTube it exists so I don't mind it but
it's not the main thing and if we go to the mmm second one is actually affiliate
programs and there are actually a lot of affiliate programs and mmm basically I
feel it works like recommendation so if you recommend some product or services
to your let's say you have a like amount of like subscribers or
people who watch you and you get a commission from that for example I do
mmm detachment or like affiliate for a
Russian website puzzle English so they have so it's basically like a Netflix
but with Russian and English subtitles and you I get a small commission from
that so you know it's like a win-win situation you know like I recommend this
product and person who was searching for something like that he finds it and it's
also good for a company basically like a free advertisement it's a pretty good
thing also you can do Amazon so you know Amazon is huge and Rach Rakuten in Japan
it's also pretty big mmm so like Rakatan is Japanese Amazon so you can recommend
some products and get your commission from that so it's pretty a good thing
and it's also can be passive because you know I uploaded some videos like years
years ago and they still earn me some coins you know yeah okay let's go to the
next one and the third way to earn passive income is drop shipping and you
might think drop shipping I heard about that but I don't really trust that but
to be honest like drop shipping is a great way to start ecommerce you know we
see all of those like web sites and shops there are you know gaining a huge
amount of money and investment like movement watches and you know bought
baller or like all those you know startups and fashion brands are gaining
a huge amount of money and following but they also started from drop shipping
they also started from this type of business so job shipping works like like
that so you you buy some products let's say from China
for a small amount of money and sell them to your customers but you don't
need to have a stock so when you have a an order you just order this from China
and directly send it to your customers that's how it works so you know like I
think it's a great way to start you know and you you might learn some caveats and
you know it's also like like a try to to start something you don't need to risk
all of your money to invest into the stock and like into the products and
your you always can sell some things to your customers and make successful
products so that's why I think drop shipping is still alive in 2019 all
right let's go to the fourth and it is online courses it is a huge business in
2019 and you can still try mmm you know to make courses videos create materials
for your students and I think when you start your channel for example on
YouTube and think about your product first and then you might think what kind
of content you want to put out to promote your course of course you need
to make something valuable for your viewers and subscribers right and you
can start earning little by little and sites like you to me or Skillshare you
can actually be a instructor and you don't need to make your own website but
of course after some time you need to think about your own online course in
your website because you will get your viewers and your subscribers in your
website and you can control who will get what and it's just easier you know but
for studying I think you to me works pretty good
a little bit harder because they have special requirements so yeah
online courses and last but not least is translation and voiceover so this is
this business and this kind of like site hustle I started to three years ago and
I think it can be useful for a lotta people because you know in Japan you
probably know not just English right you understand Japanese a little bit so
that's why you can use your skill to help restaurants to translate menus and
you know like just your City Hall and they can provide you some job and also
you can use it for online creators we have a lot of like million subscriber
channels on YouTube right more than thousand or something so that's why you
can just pitch them email or DM them and you know help them to translate their
videos or their content so other languages for example I do a channel I
make English videos for Russian channel and our channel is pretty successful and
you know it can earn from five to ten thousand dollars because it's a lot for
this type of channel but you need to consider that some channels earn you
know as I explained before smaller than that and you cannot really count how
much you can earn for per thousand views and you cannot really check it on social
blade or other websites because it might you know fluctuate and it might change
depending on region and that people watch for example in US Australia and
developed countries it can be more expensive and then let's say India or
Russia so that's why you might consider that an also topic for
example of financial or mmm car mmm reviews they earn much more than and
gaming channels or prank channels so that's why consider that and for your
commission you might ask for fee per video or you
know there are different rates or you can ask for a percentage
yeah percentages is not that good in the beginning because you need to create a
lot of content basically for free in the beginning for one to three months and
after some time you will start earning a little so it might you know it depends
on type of channel and a creator if he cares about his content and his channel
then he will invest into this as well so that's why I consider that translation
and voiceover on YouTube or other platforms like Facebook Instagram and so
on so mmm that was basically it for this you know income channels and of course I
have a job right in Japan because like a part-time
job that's why I don't really sit at home and do nothing right it's it also
takes time to create those videos so and invest into great gear and you know also
time sometimes because you still need to manage those income streams right so I
don't want to lose them right but still it a it's a good option like let's say
you don't you don't know what will happen tomorrow right what if you will
get sick and you cannot go to work or you know you cannot skip your part-time
job so it also helps you you know with that so and invest into the future and
new projects this helps me a lot so if you have any
questions about passive income or other income streams please leave a comment
and please subscribe to this channel if you're interested about work and other
topics regarding this in Japan I will be happy to answer you so see you in the
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