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let me ask you a question do you want to see how it is possible to make passive income online through a to start small online business with no money is all done with a simple trick anyone can do and i'm going to teach you this today if you are interested, you can afford 15 minutes a day to do so much than fifteen thousand dollars every single month start in passive income with no social followers and you do not need any of the do not send you own products that you will not need any website to get started plus you never have to make any type of videos and my favorite is the best part of all it is done with no money to start so if you want to earn passive income online make sure you look at this entire manual as we begin at the moment hey everyone it's alan here again from the clever money tactics channel guys and today I'm going to show you how to make passive income online and earn hundreds of thousands dollars every year so if that's why you came to me channel goes below the bottom hit that sign up button so you do not miss anything from me up and upcoming videos and make sure you stay until the end of this video because I'll show you what to do to enter the 50 PayPal gift i'm going on my whole week videos and on one of these days I may even have a do 100 PayPal giving away, so today I want guys show you a simple trick of how to make it money online and the website we are going to be the use of today is called and I want to show you how to drive free traffic and make passive income with this site because not many people show you how to do it and it can literally be done in minute every day, so what's red bubble good red bubble is a website with prints on request and on video now I'm going to show you how to create about 50 garments literally in a matter of minute and start selling it without ever keep a product ever follow social media Have you ever created or created a website? videos it's super simple so make sure you watch this whole thing video and if you want to sign up and want me to make more gifts, smash so button at the moment, so what do you want to do when you are on what you want Think about what type of garments do you want possibly sell let's say for example on this video today we want to do more of the sportier stuff leggings t-shirts hoodies etc so what would you do guys you would quite like simply create an account for yourself on redbubble as soon as you create an account for yourself your account is going to look like something like this and see how easy it is to create a design and garment, so what you will do do you come here to this little symbol here, what is your account you would click on where you are coming from here and you choose sell your art as soon as you click today it's going to take you to a page what does it look like and you have three options number one you can very easily just a create product I'm going to show you today you can even set up a shop for yourself good if you want to set up an entire store, it's up to you to do gets a little more advanced, but to test it you can come here and just create a product so what you do from here is you come here and click on add design as soon as you do this it takes you over to a page that looks like this and what I want show you exactly how to get a bigger design on you clothing and start these guys you can promote do it straight after you watch it video and you can earn passive income, it can be a small business you play a major role in with absolutely no money and it works 110 and everything you'll need is 10 to 15 minutes a day and I want show you how to connect it these are super simple guys so you come over here and click on now upload your new work where are you will get it easy design of things I did very easily am I going to a website called come and I want to show you exactly what I did and how you can do it straight away so you simply come here just type in and create a design and once you do, you want to choose custom design now as big as i use is 2200 by 2200 this is very important because if you have a use small size the artwork you choose goes be really small on your t-shirt on you leggings on your phone case on your pillows on your bottle etc.

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So you do 2200 by 2200 and you choose to create a new design once you choose what is going to happen is it going to take you to a page what does it look like and simply from there you can just type something like in sport as an example and as soon as you do you can find all these different types of design layouts etc. let's run here so we can choose it here you can see it says spartan sportsman active clothing, it has a logo here you can change this logo, guys you can change this script here, it's a lot simply you can only delete it, for example if you want, or you can just change the name it depends on you what do you want to do about this now want to get to where it says download you want to click to download and you come here and you download that image it's going to do now going to download it from there on your computer that you want to do is that you want to come back here to your redbubble account and then from here you just want choose upload new work as soon as you click on it simple as you can see you just want to come here and you want to double click once you do that, it's going take you to a page that looks like this go download now and look at this as we browse below you can see it was pre-populated on all these different garments you can use all these guys to create look at your own store the phone cases you have shirts you have ankles if you come down here phone cases pillows blinds coffee mugs different types of coffee cups here suitcases books I mean watches look at the design water bottles guys look at all these bags masks we know how big masks at the is moment and all you have to do you even have buttons here buttons and what are you doing you can simply choose different colors you can do what you want let's say these standard printed garments here you click on this you can move it very easily look at it and set it where you want and you can choose what color you want from there you want to click to apply change and it goes to create your first design now how are you going to drive this traffic so you can make money online More importantly, make passive income like this let me show you exactly how you are going to do it let's say you're here on your red a bubble profile here and let's just say that this is let's click on this account leggings here and let's just say it's you Save here so these leggings are yours what happens from here is you can literally share your store, sign in video your photos here because what happens, redbubble is automatic go to pull your garment on these different models they have here do it for a single person who now creates shirts leggings what you can do is share it images and everything you need to do check it out here on the right hand edge i have this pinterest pin here this pinterest pin you can get from the chrome webshop here it is named pinterest save button here you come for me it stands removed from chrome for you are going to say it add to chrome and as soon as you add that you go have it here what it is will allow you to do it once click on all you have to do is click on that you come here if you about this your own store click on this and what's going to happen is it going to upload all these images these images will be linked to your shop similarly if you share this image anyone who clicks on it take them straight over to redbubble to you product to your store and when they buy you make money online so what you need to do from here to have access to it, it's you must overcome to be interested and create your own pinterest profile you are going to drive traffic from pinterest to your redbubble account I'm going show you another bonus strategy so stick with me because I want to show u how to set it up so if you have set up your own pinterest account and I recommend that you set this on through a pinterest account it depends on you it works just as well through a normal pinterest account so what happens once you are set up your pinterest account it's absolute free what you want to do is come back here to this profile let's say now you wanted to share it image here you will come here and you would click to save as soon as you click on the save, it is will automatically know that you is logged in to your pinterest profile as you can see it is found automatically all my other boards and what you want do here if you want to create a new sign so you can come here and you simply choose make board what we are going to do is we are going to call it board sports for example let us just call it sporty okay sportswear okay so we'll come here we are going to call it sportswear leave it as is and click to create as soon as you click to create who you are going to do now as you can see, we created it we're going to close it we are going to come here we are go to click on to save and what then we are going to do now we are going add it to the board so you can browse everything the way off your sportswear as you can see, you already have it one pen so you can come here and you can only add the design so that you click on this for example okay just that design and what you want to do you just want to get down here and click on sportswear and click on to save what happens now is that it adds this different garments to your interest profile so if we go to Pinterest if I refresh my page here, we are going to have a new board as you can see here, all pens I have a new board dress like you can see if we click on it it now has two pins on my new board this and that now what you can do here you can very easily click on this pen here and you can come here and you have comment well so you can add a comment here you can write what you want this particular pen but look at this it's the best part of this, it's automatically got the full description here sit here for you it now has the description here this is the description what are you going to add when you create this garment on your red bubble profile it's just going to pre-populate so you do not have to do the work twice but if someone comes here and click on this link here take a look at this they are going to click on this (that is going to take them straight over to this garment here your redbubble store so you can continue to make money online these are super powerful guys the other thing you want to do when you are on your own pinterest account here so when you come over to your own pinterest profile here what you want to make sure when you here you can create your account add your redbubble store here as well now there is another way you can do it to make even more money online guys what i would suggest you do once you create your pinterest profile you come here what you had all the different and you can do it every day guys take it literally you a few minutes I will do every time single color I will do each one clothing every bottle everything now on what you do from here would you put other pens in start adding practice pins there and such things I want to show you where you can get the ones you want do is that you would come to a website called okay and what you can do from when you compose u own uh pinterest profile is that you can download it different pens what is a video pin, so you come here and you type workout okay, so you type in workout and you everything must do guys, are you here you can grab all these different videos and you can upload these videos as a pin on your pinterest profile you can also come and grab all this stuff photos look at these guys there are ten thousand photos you can come here you can download it to your computer and you can set it up royalty-free images which you can use absolutely free of charge and you will now direct traffic from here how are you going to build pinterest profile one of the ways to do this is to proceed to the search tab here and just type sports true for example okay once you have imported sporting goods, you can come here and you can find it all these different other pens that people created look what I mean by these videos guys and you have all these other pens here what people sell their clothes through pinterest and what you can do you can easily click on any one of these different pens you can come here and you can find who follows these people so you come across this person has 3.9 k followers you can come here and you can start to follow these are different people follow these guys and as soon as you follow them they they will follow you back, that's a lot very simple way so you can come here, click on their profile as soon as you click on them profile you can on their 4k click followers here and you can start follow these people it's going to allow you to do is to get people to click on your pens and then pinterest will start printing your content even more it's a super powerful way guys make passive income online and you can do it on the side with only about 15 minutes a day once it is set now how can you do it even more and becomes equal more followers and even more sellers well another way you can do it is once you have all these different pens, you have all these different photos and pinterest posted there are nothing prevent you from do not jump site like instagram guys and share exactly pictures and videos on instagram profile you can create again absolutely free watch this i went to hashtag sportsclothing and all these people do it exactly the same thing you can create your own sportswear instagram profile with a link inside your Instagram profile bo to your red bubble sportswear store guys and it's going to allow you to row even more traffic you can literally share your interesting pens on your Instagram account guys it is super simple and you can start making it passive income online immediately after watching this video and it's only going to take you 10 to 15 minutes per day to share these pens and you will get started to get a ton of traffic and you can earn passive income online so this was my video for today guys and another great way you can make passive income now if you want to go in my draw tomorrow to win that PayPal give away I might do fifty dollars, I can do a do a hundred dollars all you have to do is go now down comment and let me know what you want for a gift of fifty dollars or a to see give away a hundred dollars and just write I like passive income with your PayPal email address so I can pay you I pick a winner on tomorrow's video and I will thank you very much for watching another of my videos make sure you break the like button appraisal and go to the bottom and sign in to the channel so you do not miss any of me videos and as always I will have another couple of videos they are going to show here of even more ways you can make money online until tomorrow I am alan from smart money tactics you use take care of yourself and goodbye

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