I Bought a Tesla to Earn $70,000 EP. 1

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i just bought tesla to try and make seventy thousand dollars let me explain hi guys it's mark so i watch a lot of youtube and one thing that keeps getting suggested to me over and over again are tesla videos so you know what let's give the youtube algorithm exactly what it wants it's time to buy a shiny new tesla you may be thinking this is one of the worst investments i could possibly make as most new cars just lose value as soon as you drive them off the dealership that's why in this video i'm going to come up with a plan to make this car pay for itself to hopefully prove buying a new car especially a tesla can be a great investment as long as you know how to turn it into an asset you never know when you buy new cars some of these strategies might be helpful on top of this if i manage to make a profit even if it's just one cent above the purchase price then i'm gonna be giving away five thousand dollars to one of you guys as a celebration now if you think that's a good idea then just hit that thumbs up button and let me know and also consider subscribing if you want to have a chance of winning so youtube meet my new tesla model 3.

I call it the dark knight it cost me 50 990 pounds but let's use us dollars in this video because more people are familiar with that because it's a worldwide currency that comes out at hundred 69 sixty dollars at the time of filming this video i'm gonna put a counter in the corner so you can track my progress when that number goes below zero you're gonna know that we've made a profit so without any further ado let's run through my six phase plan to try and make thousand dollars from the tesla first of all let's set some rules number one i can't sell the car this would just make it too easy number two everything has to be possible using today's technology so it wouldn't be fair to factor in things like elon musk claim that you can use your car to make thirty thousand dollars as a robo taxi and number three i only have one year to complete the challenge and i have to document everything on video phase one is all about breaking down the finances buying a tesla may seem expensive at first but actually there are so many hidden savings so let's add up everything to see how much money i've made back already and before you start thinking this is an advert for tesla it certainly isn't but if you're watching elon i wouldn't mind a sweet brand deal or possibly a ride in your rocket so to convince more people to buy electric cars governments across the world are offering free money in the form of grants to anyone that buys one in the uk they've given me a grant equivalent to four thousand and ninety four dollars which was deducted straight away from the purchase price of the car their aim is to prevent the sale of new internal combustion cars by the year 2030.

Back in my day the only electric vehicles were the one that delivered milk every day and there's no way you'd have caught me driving one of those i bought the tesla through my business and i paid for it in full many people think that running a business is all about making as much profit as possible but the more profit you make the more tax you have to pay writing off your expenses is one of the best things about running a business as you're able to get things at a much cheaper rate recently we even wrote off a business trip to malta you might remember the video so the tesla comes off my profits at the end of the year and it reduces my tax bill by twelve thousand four hundred and four dollars this is a great way for me to spend money on something that i want and also get the government to give me a tax break this only really works well on electric cars if you do this with a normal car you are heavily taxed for using it for personal use like playing golf or going on a road trip this is called benefiting kind tax and i don't have to worry about it because the tesla is rated at zero percent so i can go and play as much golf as i like i usually travel about 20 000 miles a year as i have a lot of different business meetings to attend this costs about 19 cents per mile bringing my yearly total fuel cost to 3 800 as the tesla's completely electric it drives the cost down to less than 4 cents per mile which actually cost me only eight hundred dollars a year so that's a saving of three thousand dollars but wait for it it gets even better i wasn't actually meant to have my tesla yet i was going to be picking it up in february but i got a call at the end of december offering me one year free supercharging and also self-driving for three months free of charge at first i really wasn't sure if they were just trying to sell me the old cars before the end of the year but i did a little bit of research i found an interview from 2014 where elon musk said tesla would deliver half a million cars in 2020 and apparently they were really close to this target so they decided to bump the sales with some great offers they actually managed to deliver 499 550 cars which is just short of the target but it's still pretty good going the great thing about this deal is that i have a supercharger very close to my house which means i won't have to pay for any charging for the whole year so this is going to save me another 800 another thing to consider is i have to go to london a lot and if any of you have ever driven there then you'll know that you have to pay a congestion charge which is just over twenty dollars per day and i must go there at least once every two weeks because electric cars don't produce any fumes i don't have to pay the charge anymore so it means that i'll be saving 532 dollars every year in the uk we have to pay road tax as well this money is supposed to be used to maintain our roads but i really don't know what they spend it on on my previous car this was costing me 205 dollars per year but the tax breaks just keep coming and coming with this car because i don't have to pay any road tax something that's quite a big hidden cost nowadays is maintenance i usually get my car service twice a year to make sure everything is working correctly and it's safe this is far less expensive with a tesla as there are fewer parts that can go wrong i'm now able to save that 511 dollars instead if the car has any issues then i just log it on the tesla app and someone comes out to service my car under warranty talking of breakdowns for over 25 years i've been a member of the aaa which gives roadside assistance in the uk but now i can actually cancel this as tesla offer this as a complimentary service this isn't the biggest saving in the world but at least it's another eighty dollars per year something else to consider is it's a legal requirement in the uk to have an mot every year this is just a test to make sure your car is safe to drive but because it's a new car for the first three years i don't have to pay one this will save me another 75 each year so we've already made back 21 701 dollars some of these savings are going to actually continue next year but of course those ones we can't include in this challenge now it's time to kick start phase two affiliate marketing i recently bought some accessories for my tesla that i really think improved the look of the car i got a carbon fiber spoiler i replaced the hubcaps with a wheel cap kit i covered the wood dashboard with a carbon fiber decal and i added metal pedals all for under 200.

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This is where you can get involved in the challenge if you or even anyone you know uses the link in the description to buy anything off amazon it could be these accessories or anything you want really then amazon will pay us a small commission for sending you their way if enough of you guys help out by using the links then over the next year i think we can make an extra two thousand dollars towards our target remember you can buy absolutely anything you want as long as it's on amazon phase three renting it out people seem to be really interested in this car they want to experience the acceleration and the autopilot for themselves electric cars are definitely the future and people want to learn more about them and what it's like to actually live with one this got me thinking that it'd be a really good car to rent out on websites like churro it's like airbnb for cars i've never tried it but it sounds like quite a good idea you can rent the car out for a few days and get paid so i've had a little look and it doesn't seem to be many teslas available for rent in the uk that means low supply high demand which means we can probably make a profit of about 143 per day i never use my car between friday and sunday anyway because i'm usually filming videos with my son for youtube or i'm out with my wife in her car so if we aim to rent out the car say fifteen three day weekends we should get six thousand four hundred and fifty dollars of course i could rent it out more than 15 weekends but i think this is a more realistic target phase four wrapping the car with advertising so you might not know this but i used to race cars and when i did it was normal for me to get sponsored in return for an advert on my car they would give me enough money to help fund my hobby and one of the biggest sponsorship deals i did was for over thirty four thousand dollars so this got me thinking why don't i try and do the same with my tesla i know it's not quite the same as sponsoring a race car but most companies are just looking for the exposure and now we have over a quarter of a million subscribers on youtube and four million on tick tock we can certainly make it profitable for them i think we could aim to make at least 15k and personally i think that's really achievable seeing as i've closed a much bigger deal before and i didn't have any followers back then so that still leaves us with quite a big amount to find and honestly i was a bit worried i couldn't think of any other ways to make money from the tesla but then i remembered youtube ad revenue which is phase 5.

So youtube pays a rate per thousand views this is called the cpm and with business and finance videos this is quite high there's a 23 year old youtuber that bought a tesla last year called jack massey welsh and people thought he was absolutely mad he then made a youtube channel dedicated to it and he's managed to make more than the entire cost of the car back it's probably one of the best investments he's ever made i think we could expect to make around about fifteen dollars per thousand views as we're mixing the car and business niches so if we upload five videos we've got a pretty good chance of going viral so i would say fifteen thousand dollars is a good target to set i'll show you the behind the scenes of our analytics once the videos have been posted phase six blog posts i can also repurpose all of these videos by turning them into blog posts and then i can upload them to a website called medium i've seen some people make more than nineteen thousand dollars per article and with five of them we could have quite a lot of views especially if you guys get behind it i'll leave a link in the description to the first blog and if you have time i'd really appreciate it if you could give it a quick read i think 10 000 would be a good target to aim for i've never tried this before so we'll just have to see how it goes so if we manage to hit all these targets then we'll make 409 dollars profit and if we manage to do this then i will of course be giving away five thousand dollars to one of you guys if you have any other ideas what else we can do then just leave them in the comments and i will make a video trying out the top suggestions i'm going to leave the next video right up here for you but don't click on it just yet if you want to keep up to date with the series then remember to subscribe ring that notification bell and smash that like button okay i'll see you over there

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