How You Can Make PASSIVE INCOME With BITCOIN!! (Not Mining)

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hey youtube welcome back to investing club i have a pretty special video today i'm going to show you how you can actually make passive income from bitcoin just from holding bitcoin you can be making passive income and i'm also going to show you how you can make 40 in crypto right now in the next 10 minutes so if you watch my first video on bitcoin i've talked about the reasons i like it and why i think it's worth it to make bitcoin a small part of my portfolio so i'll put a card up to it right here if you want to watch it and since that video a lot of people have asked me where i'm keeping my bitcoin and if i'm doing anything else with if i'm buying and holding it if i'm trading in and out of it so in this video i'm just want to address some of those questions so as where to i buy and sell bitcoin it is on this platform coinbase their website's and they are the largest crypto platform in america so far i've been very satisfied with everything i've done with them their fees are among the lowest anywhere you can buy crypto i've had no problem buying and selling and transferring to other places so this is definitely what i would recommend if you're interested in getting into bitcoin or any other coins i definitely recommend doing it at coinbase i'll put a link down in the description if you're interested it is an affiliate link so i will get a small commission if you use that link but if you use it to sign up you'll get a 10 sign up bonus by signing up with that link you can get 10 from coinbase and here's another way you can get 30 extra dollars of cryptocurrency so i just found out about this that's why you see down here my portfolio balance is 32 right now and i just did this today it took 10 minutes coinbase has a tab that says earn rewards so if you click on that it'll bring you to the section where it tells you about different cryptocurrencies and what you can do is you can watch educational videos about what these different cryptocurrencies do and then you get paid in that currency so all you have to do is watch a couple of videos and answer questions on what these different cryptocurrencies do and then they actually pay you as a reward for watching those videos and so there's four different categories you can do right now i just did all four of them it took me like 10 minutes to go through all four you have compound stellar lumens orchid and eos and so i just went through all the videos for all of them and that's how i got the 30 that's in my account right now so pretty easy way to earn 40 go to coinbase sign up with the link in the description and then go to the earn rewards category and watch all those educational videos and then you'll get paid the 32 and with that you can either keep it in the coins that they paid you in you can convert it to bitcoin or you can just sell it into cash and then transfer it back to your bank account so whatever you want to do a pretty easy way to earn some money and so the second website i've been using for my bitcoin is called block fi they're and this website actually offers a bitcoin savings account where you get paid out interest for your bitcoin the blockfy interest account lets you put your crypto to work and earn monthly payments and it's compounded so you get interest compounded monthly just for keeping your bitcoin with blockfi and so essentially what they're doing is when you give blockfy your bitcoin to hold in their savings account they lend out that bitcoin to institutions that want to borrow it for hedging or for trading or whatever purpose they want and they can charge pretty high rates so right now the rate for a bitcoin savings account is six percent a year as long as you have under five bitcoin they'll be paying you a six percent apy and that is compounded monthly so i haven't been trading my bitcoin i don't think i can make money going in and out of it like some people do i just have a set amount it's around two percent of my portfolio and i'm just planning on holding it until something changes now if we see something crazy happen where bitcoin goes up a hundred times and the stock market also crashes then yeah i would sell some bitcoin and rebalance my portfolio and put it into stocks but i'll always have a set amount of my portfolio in bitcoin and while i'm just holding it and i figure why not open an account with block five so i can earn six percent on it six percent is a pretty serious amount of interest considering what most bank accounts pay these days even a high yield savings account doesn't even come close to six percent from block buy so if you want to sign up for this website as well i'll put another link in the description and you can get a sign up bonus for signing up with block fi now for this website there are a couple risks to know about they're not like a normal bank account where your money is secured by the government so there's always the rare event of a bunch of things going wrong and block by could go under and then potentially you would lose the money you had with them another thing is when you send your bitcoin over to a platform like block fight you're effectively giving up control of your bitcoin you're letting block fi hold them for you and block fi is acting as the custodian of those bitcoins so just things to keep in mind definitely do your own research and read up a ton if you're thinking of putting your bitcoin into this platform or any other crypto platforms but i did a lot of research on this website and me personally i'm okay with the risks that i see and i've heard some good things about people using block five so for that reason i'm okay with keeping my bitcoin there again that could be different for you depending on your priority so definitely do your research but i will also have a link down to this website if you want to sign up and open a savings account that pays six percent interest so that's all i really wanted to touch on for this video to give you guys some cool tips on what to do with bitcoin and that quick way of making 30 40 with signing up with coinbase so i hope you like these tips if you do hit the thumbs up button on this video subscribe to the channel where i talk about investing in undervalued stocks and i'll see you on the next video [Music]


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