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welcome back guys today we would like to
show you how we make 1 000 per month in passive income with please note that we didn't make this video to brag
but instead to show you how to make more money to become financially independent
with cryptocurrencies you have a great opportunity to build an income stream
that rewards you every month we consistently try to increase our
investment so we make more passive income
this way we don't have to work so hard for our money if you reinvest your
profits that position gets bigger and bigger
to the point where you make more money than with working a job
that's what we would like to achieve growing our investment so big that we
have more time to focus on the things we love
the beauty with passive income is that you sit back and relax
even sleep but you still make money let us show you how we use to
make passive income we like to use three features to earn
passive income the first one is crypto earn you deposit
your coins and lend them out therefore you'll earn interest on your
crypto your interest rate depends on the cryptocurrency
the lock-up period and how many cro you have staked
for example stable coins have a higher interest rate than bitcoin
you'll receive your interest in the same currency you've deposited
flexible one month or three months are the time frames
obviously the longer the lock-up time the higher the interest rate
on the website you can find all the cryptocurrencies they currently support
as well as the stable coins they consistently add new coins to this list
let me show you how much i made in one month using the crypto earn feature
therefore i have to switch over to my phone i can't look up the exact number
but since i've been using this app for about three months now
let's say i made 100 in one month we have made 100 passive income already
the next feature we like to use is similar to crypto earn but more
profitable you can get 20 per annum when you stake
cro on the exchange under stake and earn you can stake your
cro if you decide to stake cro on the exchange your funds will be locked for
six months therefore you'll receive 20 interest per
annum paid out daily let me show you what that looks like this is my earning history as you can
see i have a little over 100 000 cro state and i get paid 57 cro
every day if we multiply 57 by 30 days that's
around 1 700 cro with the current price of cro
we make almost 300 passively let's add 290 to the list the last
feature to make passive income with is the syndicate
with the syndicate you can buy crypto at a 50 discount
note that you have to stake cro on the exchange to participate in the sales
we've already made a more detailed video about it the video link should pop up at
the top now let's take a look at my subscription
history paxg bat compound omg and bitcoin
those sales were in a one month time window let's check the price of each
coin and add them together quickly i'm going to multiply the current price
of paxg with the amount i've received from the sale
and divide it by two since it is a 50 off sale that leaves us with 110 for paxg
let's do the same for bat in this sale it was only 69 let's check compound there we got 86 to speed this up omg was 50 and let's
check bitcoin quickly 312 for bitcoin
now let's add them all together we made over 600 in one month with the
syndicate all right let's add it to our list if we
combine crypto earn cro staking and the syndicate we made a
little over one thousand dollars in one month
we like to reinvest some of our profits so next month maybe we make 1
100 in passive income try to grow your investment portfolio fast
this will free up a lot of time because you won't have to physically work for
your money once your investment portfolio reaches a
certain number check out the link in the description if
you'd like to join we both get 50 worth of cro if you use
our link feel free to reach out to us by leaving
a comment if you have any questions or something to share let us know
hopefully you enjoyed this video and take your finances into your own hands
let the money do the work for you not you're working so hard for it
with that being said please consider subscribing and thanks for watching

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