How To Make Passive Income (No BS Truth)

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if you are still looking for passive income I could tell you that passive income it is a myth it is a myth I'll tell a quick story at one point in my business career I was generating a lot of passive income because I thought when I from all the books that are read and they talk about this concept hey you wanna do you wanna have passive income coming in so you don't have to work so you could retire I thought yeah I like like that idea so I had a lot of these digital products I was selling on Clickbank online right and I was running ads on Google and I was getting a lot of traffic and was selling a $37 forty seven dollar product sixty seven dollar product and I was making tens of thousands of dollars in passive income and I thought this is so cool I can retire this is nice suddenly something Google changes right suddenly the ad that was profitable for no longer profitable right and I had couple parties got shut down so I was passive in one moment the next moment a few months later I wasn't so passive anymore that's when I realize hmm there's something wrong with this concept if passive income is the myth is both than what is the truth and I realize it is not so much about passive income let me explain I want you to think of any other areas of your life where you are let's say let's say in relationship I want you to imagine you go back to your girlfriend boyfriend husband and wife and you go that go to them and you go you go home and say you know what honey from now on I just want to have a passive relationship and we're gonna just have some passive sex okay how long do you think they're gonna stick around not very long what about well you know what I want to be healthy but I just want to have some passive health I want to have some passive Fitness you see how stupid that sounds but somehow in business in finance or passive income because that's what everybody talks about but in what are the areas if you think about it that works it doesn't work because the word passive implies you want something for nothing you wanna do nothing and somehow results and and income just fall on your lap without doing any work it doesn't exist if this works so well I would challenge you think about Richard Branson Bill Gates Warren Buffett Elon Musk I wanna think about the wealthiest people on the planet how many of them create created or capped their wealth passively they are all working they are all very active in their investments you're very active in their business so instead of using the word passive which is a very dangerous word he's the word I want you to use leveraged income leveraged income how can i leverage other people or technology or systems to create money for me to create income for me see i'm not passive I'm here actively I'm active in my business I have a lot of active income that I actively involve and create I also have a lot of leveraged income which I create through my team right through my businesses through technology then I can create leveraged income so don't fall look for passive income look for leveraged income it's the same idea see people with the jock mentality they're two types of people people with a job mentality they always thinking about well I want passive income I want effortless success right I want something for two nothing I want with time and so I can be on a beach and do nothing well we if you do nothing you have no meaning no purpose in life life is about creating you see that some of the happiest people on the planet that are the most fulfilled gets what they actively doing things they're not like seeing a beach doing nothing that doesn't make you happy I tried that it did not work trust me on that the people with their abundance the business mentality they're not looking for passive income they're looking for active income they're looking for leveraged income right they're looking for meaning they're looking for legacy right they're looking for success they're not looking for a fuller success they're looking for meaningful success they have retired all of them have retired but it the vocabulary the the way I want you to look at this is not retire with coming from something no I want to retire from my job I don't retire from my business I don't have to do anything no instead we tire from he's the what I want you to use with hire to retire to your next business venture we're tired to maybe the charity costs retire to the next big idea that's what living is about that's what being a human being is about it's about growth and contribution and that what's much makes you happy and when you can get that concept okay I'm not looking for something for nothing how can I be more how can I create more how can I do more how can I give more when you do that not only you get the money you get a satisfaction and you get the full frame and you get it all and that's what works so stop looking for passive income strive for excellence and strive to create leveraged income that's a smart thing to do

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