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passive income you know everyone wants to make passive income today everyone wants to make money while they sleep and I know there's a lot of people out there they're talking about this and say passive income is BS so you can't you know if a man doesn't work he doesn't eat and they're saying all these things but here's another way to think about passive income in 2020 I think a passive income as automated income it's the term that I really wish would replace passive income because I think it's more honest and I think it's more accurate never gonna happen so I'm never gonna title a video that because I need that sweet sweet SEO from the YouTube algorithm so let's talk about how you can make passive income in 2020 the title that the YouTube algorithm prefers let's get into that video hey everybody this is roberto blake helping you create something awesome today welcome back to the channel for new people here first of all welcome hi my name is roberto blake i'm a creative entrepreneur public speaker I like to talk about topics like passive income and how to make money online as this channel helps people build their brands and their businesses so when I talk about this I'm talking from experience and because I know that there are people who make absurd claims on the Internet I'm gonna throw up a couple of screenshots for you I've built a six-figure income online at multiple revenue streams and passive income is a big part of that but the reason that I call passive income automated income now is because automation is a huge conversation and we see automation replacing everyday Americans and workers all over the world and so now I think we're ready to realize that when you talk about work we're talking about results we're talking about an outcome and unfortunately it doesn't always require a human being there are systems that can do the work now this is fortunate for a lot of people and businesses and small business owners you know hopefully like you and me to take advantage of this and unfortunately it's displacing a lot of people from jobs that have been around for a very long time the reason I want you to learn how to make passive income the way that I did is because it's gonna allow you to maximize your I'm and spend it on doing meaningful work things that matter to you as a human being you'll be able to pursue things that you care about and for many of you that simply means you'll be able to spend time with your family or you might actually be able to start a family and I've we don't agree that maybe doing meaningful things with your life matters you're on the wrong video so let's talk about the ways people make money conventionally people trade time for money because that is just the most accessible thing and it's the thing that there's the most education around I would say and that's just how our society is I felt for that trap too and it meant that my maximum earning potential when I first started working as a teenager I was making like maybe six fifty an hour and I felt very good about that because yeah I was part of the work force but it meant that after taxes I was making less than forty dollars a day on the days that I gave up eight hours of my life which makes no sense since that same summer I made like sixty dollars mowing a lawn for two hours it just makes no sense when I thought about the idea that I could trade a result and get sixty dollars versus giving up my entire day and an agreed upon rate and make less than that almost half of that why would I do that and it took me years and years to have like my big revelation my come-to-jesus moment about the idea of I should stop trading time for money I actually made a very important video that will help you with this concept if it's something you're struggling with I'm gonna link it here it's actually one of the more popular videos on the channel because the trading time for money is just what we're taught as what we watched our parents do but if you're like me you watched people like work all the way up till their 60s or work to the day they're dying and like they didn't get to live life on their own terms so how do we change that well it's not just about you know trading results for money because you still have to give up a lot of time in doing that when you're determining your own rates that's what I did with freelancing and consulting and I even do a lot of that in my coaching business but when we talk about automating your income and making shrewdly passive income we're talking about creating leverage and results I talk about this as building a vending machine because that's the way that people like Warren Buffett and people like Tony Robbins explain it they say build a vending machine business now some of you could do this literally you could go out and you could you know build vending machines you could go ahead and buy vending machines put them on you know the place rent the space for that and you can make money and all you really have to do is stock the vending machine and collect your money and just make sure that's working repaired if it gets broken now there's still work involved in doing that it's not a hundred percent passive but it is automated when we talk about passive or automated income all we're talking about is a situation where you can basically set up a business where someone can put money in extract the value that they want and you are removed from as much of that process as possible automation essentially is eliminating human beings from transactions the end that's it that's all you have to understand is you know someone put money in and got a result out and a human being was involved in that process as little as possible now setting up that requires a human being that's why people talk about passive income not being passive now there are three main ways that I make passive income besides investments because like I understand that most people they only think of passive income as investments in their stock portfolio and in real estate I have my stock portfolio I have my REITs which are real estate investment trusts so yes I make money by those means but I had the disposable income to become part of the very few people who benefit from that because of my other revenue streams and my other passive income stream so I'm gonna tell you the three ways that I found to make passive income I'm gonna make a different video about this because these basically had almost no beared entry for me so I think the obvious one for a lot of you is gonna be YouTube Adsense because I have a youtube channel I make money on those videos and I make money off of the old inventory of my videos when I don't upload new content to youtube I still make between 1700 and 2200 dollars when I don't upload off of my old videos just depending on how they're performing usually because of search so I make money off of YouTube ads the other thing is affiliate marketing now between my blog my newsletter Twitter automations that I set up and obviously this YouTube channel I have literally probably at this point thousands of affiliate links that exist in the world somewhere that people can click on for different products and services and I make money through affiliate marketing now a lot of people would say well Roberta what happens if you stop making YouTube content what happens if you start putting up those videos well before I move on to a third way that make passive income I'll tell you that there are different types of affiliate marketing and my favorite is lifetime commissions in perpetuity aka recurring passive income truly passive income that happens whether I work or not in my sleep in perpetuity for the lifetime of the account and what does that really mean well I'll give you an example software as a service right one of my favorite affiliate programs is – buddy – buddy is the browser plug-in that I use to optimize my YouTube content that use it for keyword research I use it for bulk edits to add links to my description usually affiliate links things like that or links to my website and so I use tube buddy for that in fact I'm gonna link to it in the description down below it's a free plug-in that you guys can use there's obviously a paid version that you can upgrade to and if you want the paid version you can use discount code Roberto's buddy and they'll give you 20% off now what I just did is an example of why I've made money with this by demonstrating the value on this channel of to buddy and how I've used it making tutorial videos doing all kinds of stuff just even mentioning it in my content has resulted in me getting thousands of people to sign up to tube buddy and since it is a monthly recurring software subscription I as a super affiliate get 50% of the revenue of the lifetime of those accounts as a result I've made almost $200,000 in the last four years that I've been affiliate of two buddy and I average on a bad month maybe $5,000 in revenue based on the subscriptions so you see I have set up a recurring revenue stream that I do no additional work for and it still is in place additionally the videos that I made are evergreen those videos are relevant for a very long time maybe not forever but for a couple of years so I get passive income from YouTube on the ads but also on any of the affiliate programs that those videos are linked to so all of that just stacks and stacks and stacks and then I take that money and I invested in stocks and real estate and by the way the way I set up my bank accounts the investing is automated also and this is why I call passive income automated income is I just built systems and machines using these robots to do work for me to produce value because all we really have to do is produce value it's not that you need a job as much as you need an income source in my opinion multiple income sources and when you can do the upfront work to build an automation for yourself that's going to deliver value that people want at a price that they will pay or help facilitate a transaction for another business in the case of affiliate marketing then you are building truly passive income long term off of that upfront work now here is the third main way that I make passive income and I have detailed videos on a lot of these things if you want to step-by-step on how I got started with affiliate marketing it's one of my most popular videos on the YouTube channel I'm gonna link it here in the info card I'm gonna link it in the description along with some other videos to get you started but the third way that I make passive income is I sell my own products I sell digital products online and basically because I have low cost against that I did the work a long time ago I keep about 90 95 % of the revenue on all of those transactions – like some PayPal or stripe fees I I keep most of that revenue and this one is game-changing now some of this again I know a lot of you will have to build up skills you don't already have the good news is this YouTube channel has helped a lot of people develop those skills because I have a lot of tutorial and how-to content that will help you make content on YouTube if you want to be a content creator and get Adsense you can use that content and start affiliate marketing which I've done tutorials on to start doing affiliate marketing I've even done some things that can help you to build those digital products and know what systems and tools you need in place I'm gonna link to all of my tools all of my camera gear everything in the description down below yes those are affiliate links I think you're starting to understand the point here now the cool thing about digital products is they are scalable digital products are scalable and you don't always have to make a course if you're not into that or if you don't feel educated enough to make a course now I have a course that helps entry-level content creators it's called the formula for awesome videos of course I'm gonna link it in the description in fact only on this video I'm gonna give a special discount code for a limited time so if you're watching this video and it's probably let's say to the end of January there'll be a discount code that you can use so make sure you're checking that out now it's an example of an entry-level product it's about a hundred and forty seven dollar course and it helps people improve their content by improving their production skills with their camera and their performance skills on front of the camera because a lot of people they would have the confidence they get nervous they also don't know how their gear works they don't know how to research they don't know anything that would dramatically improve their quality of their videos and so I made a course around that you don't have to take that approach I know a lot of people that build digital products around their ability to create music their ability to create templates their abilities and skills that they have that are creative usually translate very well to digital products somebody that I love is Matt churn from churn beats he uses a website called beat star and there are a couple other ones like this and as a musician he makes royalty free audio that YouTube content creators and podcasters and people like that can use without having to worry about copyright strikes you just buy a license to the music in perpetuity and you buy individual tracks my point is that's an example of somebody who's not doing digital courses and yet has a very powerful passive income product that's just an example of somebody who's really smart about this because he makes money both ways he makes active income whenever somebody hires him to do unique content for them and then he makes money licensing his music and all that is passive because again I've paid Matt hundreds of dollars and a human being was never involved in the transaction at any point so my final thoughts when it comes to making passive income in 2020 is eliminate the need in your head to call it passive income think of it as automated income and think of how you're going to build an automation that takes you out of the process of delivering value to a customer to a viewer to a client whatever you can do to remove yourself from that process makes it more passive over time and when you can eliminate yourself entirely after the upfront work then you're golden alright so that is how I want you to start thinking the passive income and what I think is gonna be beneficial for you you want to make passive income in 2020 and beyond question of the day does this video change your pre assumptions about passive income have I made you feel more confident about making passive income in the future let me know in the comments section I would love to hear from you like this video if you liked it don't forget to subscribe check out the other awesome content on the channel as always you guys thanks so very much for watching and don't forget go out there and create something awesome today take care


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