How To Make Money Using Your Computer – $152.08 Passive Income

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Hello and welcome to another video
with me, Christian Rauchenwald. Inthis video, I'm going to show
you how running a software called HoneyGain on your Windows computer can
pay you an average of $150 per year. But before I'm going to show you how
you can set up HoneyGain and what you need to do to actually get paid, I want
to quickly talk about what HoenyGain is and why they are willing to pay
you for having your computer run.

HoneyGain provides a proxy server
network, and that brings up the question. What is a proxy server? The easiest explanation would be if you
are trying to connect to, usually your browser would directly try
to reach the servers of and therefore the Google servers would know
your IP address and therefore would be able for example, to deduct your location. The proxy server is nothing else than a
computer or another machine in between. So instead of going directly to, your computer would connect to that machine first. And from there to and
suddenly would not see your actual IP address, but the
IP address of that proxy server. Now, there are a couple of use cases
for proxy servers and the most common one would be if you try to access
a service that is geo restricted. So that offers different content or no
content at all to certain locations. Like for example, Netflix.

If you log into your Netflix
account within the U S you will see a different selection of TV
shows and movies than if you log in from within Germany, for example. If you were on vacation in Germany, you
could use a proxy server in the U S. And your computer would connect
first to the proxy server in the U S and then from there to Netflix,
and you would still be able to see your US-based Netflix programs. That's just one of many examples, but I
think it's the best one to describe or explain how proxy servers work and why
people would want to use proxy servers. Now with the big commercial proxy server
providers, the problem is their servers are all in data centers and providers
like Netflix and other services that apply geo restrictions, know the IP addresses
of those data centers and therefore able to block your access anyway. They will then show you a notice,
like, we're sorry, it looks like you're trying to access our servers
or our systems through a VPN or proxy, please connect directly instead. And HoneyGain solves that problem,
because instead of paying for servers in data centers, they pay users all around
the world for sharing their personal internet connection, providing the
users of the proxy server network with I addresses from real users' home internet
connection, instead of IP addresses from servers in certain data centers that
Netflix and other services are aware off.

Now, this creates a
win, win, win situation. Because the users of the proxy server
network have access to countless IP addresses all over the world. And those IP addresses are not listed as
known proxy servers, HoneyGain doesn't have to pay fixed monthly fees for
running certain amount of servers in data centers all around the world, but simply
pays users depending on the traffic. And you as a user are
able to make some money. As said, on average $152 per year,
simply by having the application open, whenever you use your computer. Now that we got that out of the
way, let's look at how to set up HoneyGain and how it actually works.

First things first, if you click on
the link in the description on the first comment down below, you'll
actually get a $5 signup bonus that otherwise will not be available. And when you do that, you're going
to see a screen that looks like this. Which will also point out that
you are able to claim the $5 bonus for clicking on the link. Now, once you click on the button
below, you will be asked to create your account and you will again
see the referral link bonus.

If that here doesn't show up, then
make sure to click on the link in the description down below, again,
to actually secure the $5 bonus. Now, once you've created your account
and you've verified your email address, you will be able to log in. And since I already have an
account, I'm simply gonna log in into my existing account. This way you will get to the
HoneyGain dashboard and you will see some statistics. You can see how many
coins you already have. As you can see, currently, I only have
3,228 coins because I initially didn't know about the $5 referral bonus. If you use the link from the
description down below, you will see at least 5,000 to start with. On the right side, you will
eventually see the traffic that went through your internet connection. And you will also see on the bottom
left the devices that you have connected as well as any referrals
that signed up using your link. Now, before we continue with the
installation of the HoneyGain app itself, I want to point out,
as you can see on my chart here.

pexels photo 2068975

We signed up on the 1st
of November this year. And you see that for the first
week, we had almost no traffic followed by a week of more traffic. And now this week, it's
again, a little lower traffic. So you see that the amount of
data that goes through your internet connection varies. It depends on supply and demand. How many people are currently running the
HoneyGain app in your country or location.

And how many people or companies
are currently accessing the HoneyGain proxy server network. So it's possible that for the first
couple of days, or even weeks, that you only see little to no
traffic and only earn cents, but you shouldn't give up or be discouraged. Think of HoneyGain as something
that you simply set and forget. You install it, you let it run
whenever you use your computer and here and there, you will reach
the $20 minimum payout limit. And as mentioned on average, it takes
users 48 days to reach those $20. So statistically on average users
make $152 and 8 cents per year. Now for you, it may be a little less,
or it may be a little more, again, it depends on supply and demand,
but it's still free money that you get for doing next to nothing. Now, in order to proceed with the
setup on your Windows computer, all you have to do is click on, get
windows app in the top right corner and download the windows application.

Once the download is finished, click
on it to start the installation process and there simply click
on next, next, and install. And it will set up
theHoneyGgain application. Now, once the HoneyGain installation
finishes, you will see the HoneyGain icon added in your task bar below. So down here, when you hover
it it will say HoneyGain. And when you right click on it
for you, it will say log in here.

So you'll just have to push that
login button, enter your email and password again, and the
app will start working for you. And in the future, you can use the
go-to dashboard shortcut to actually open up the dashboard again and
see how much you already earned. That's pretty much all there is to it. You literally just have to click on the
link in the description down below, create your account, install the application,
and then it will automatically run whenever you use your computer and will
share parts of your internet connection. And as a result here and there,
you will receive a $20 payout. Again, it will vary how much
you'll actually earn, but on average, you can expect to make
$150 per year, even if it's less. Even if you only end up making
$50 per year, it still is nice in my opinion, to get that amount of
money for actually doing nothing. And if you have any questions whatsoever
regarding HoneyGain, I recommend that you leave a comment down below.

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