How I Make $497.20 In Passive Income Again and Again (Make Money Online)

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how are you in today's video i wants to show you how to make passive income online in 2021 and get refunds in your account every month by generating commissions just so i'm going to show you everything and I want to teach you exactly how i learned how to get it results use this bonus site here absolutely free i go hiking you through this strategy do not continue because if you want to make passive income online and get recurring payments with a very simple and straight strategy watch what's up with you, it's here again from the smart money tactics channel where I post trusted content every day to teach you how to make money online if it's the first the time you came to my channel go in the bottom hit that subscribes turn on all notifications that way we can make money online together and if you finally enjoy it video make sure you break the kind of button appreciation, now I want you to make sure you stay at the end of this video because I'm going to let you know exactly what you need to do to enter the PayPal gift I am going to be going this video so with it said guys today i want to show you exactly what i done to generate these commands and what I'm going to do to make even more of this money weekly and monthly consistently basic and basic guys what it entails involves the use of twitter now for those who do not know what twitter is it's of course a social media platform where you can come here and you can set up many of these tweets but that's not what we're going to be do today I'm going to show you how to get some of these posted posted here like this one here for example from fiverr if you roll down here, you are will find many of these good if you come here this is not a promoted post if you scroll down here, you can find it many of these are still left here that the Australian Health Government walk if you come down here you are going to find a lot of this different promo type tweets again what i want to show you exactly how to do it it's not that hard but it's a skill you can learn and you can absolutely learn this school free, that's exactly what I did to teach myself how to do it and me if I try to teach me about these things guys i would like to go looking for how can i do it absolutely free but i want to show you if you would come over here what type of posts would be here you sit up how to do it so you can move on to become passive income online okay just wanted a lot quickly interrupt this video guys to say if you like this video do not forget to crush the kind of button in appreciation and if you want to go in my first PayPal gift of this week you just need go down in the comments section and comment I like a passive income and I choose a winner and I announce the winner on the next video and I will make 25 PayPal gifts I start with 25 guys and we will do all the things away after 100 so now go comment below I like passive income crush that button in appreciation and you will go into the draw, let's hold go with the video now what we're talking about are guys we're talking about coming over to twitter, create an account for yourself then I'll show you exactly what you are going to do on this page here to earn this money and make sure you stay because i want to show you exactly what it has to do with this site here now as you watch in setting up recurring commissions guides or recurring payments I visit websites regularly and type in what is the best commission that occurs again affiliate sites at the moment and as you can see here is an article that I found 30 plus the best recurring affiliate programs to generate good income in 2021 guys this is just a random article you can go out and have a whole lot of hope find it and if you come here can wind all these different products you can be promoted and become a subsidiary of to make passive income and then it's just a challenge to find how you are going to promote these different products are good if you come here you can see that number one is here hurry up you have convertkit get response etc now like you know for those of you who watched my previous videos I'm a subsidiary of convertkit and I have promote the convertkit what exactly are these cells here and I want to show you exactly how to can do the same now for those of you who do not know what is convertkit convertkit is an email marketing autoresponder website which you can also send out broadcasts create landing pages create shapes but the reason why i absolutely love it recruit okay guys if you go to their go prices here people can enter absolutely free if they have less than 1,000 subscribers and from there they can send it out broadcasts they can come here and create it landing pages and forms absolutely free, they can work up to 1000 subscribers and then they go here once and they move up inside, so if they of 1 000 go to 3,000 here they will have to start paying 49 a month which means I 30 going to get percent of this every month some people sign on even if they have less than a thousand subscribers and they pay 29 a month or 59 a month and you still get 30 percent of it every month so that's why I absolutely sweet promoting this site because it gives people the opportunity to do so absolutely free if you want promote it, I'll have a link in my description here now if you come here guys watch this with this affiliate program you earn 30 percent for the lifetime that the person who logged in below you keep using this site this case of programmer as long as I have an email list they still use email marketing keep sending a broadcast I use it you will continue to get 30 for life of this product guys, so there are some people signed up under my link okay, and it was both years and they use this program i continue to get 30 every month and when they go up within as they become more and more e-mail I'm earning more and more money, so it's that's why i absolutely love it and why it program review really really works well and as you can see if they at 35,000 subscribers came out and some have much more you can see that you know you would be get 30 percent out of 500 every month okay if you come here and you sign up to convert guys is what i was say when you go to their landing pages and forms you can come here, you can know click on shapes and create shapes for you can create landing pages here if you click on those guys, you can see that these landing pages are very simple to create very simple right for beginners which is fantastic i can if you come here if you roll up here, you also have has automations good if you click on it that this is where you first pay it can give you a compose email series because you get all these people sign up for a affiliate product you are promoting then you can target again with others products email marketing is super powerful and you can make a lot of money online with this and when you as a sign up guys you come here you can start promoting this link here anyone who clicks on it will sign you in make money with affiliate marketing so how does twitter fall on these guys and how does this site fall here here well when it comes to twitter guys what I want to show you how to do it here is when you come here on your twitter homepage as soon as you sign in to Twitter you want to come here, you want click on more and then you want come here and you want to click on Twitter ads as soon as you click on Twitter ad, it is will take you to a website that looks like this and what we want to do is to state on an ad for this a marketing campaign only as i showed you what are these guys doing here all these different promo posts like this okay here this is an ad here by optus for example and if you browse there are so many of these things but it's not that simple as a previous tutorial I showed you where i did exactly the same thing with cora for example okay, so I want to show you exactly how to get the necessary training do it absolutely free so that the training is now free when you are over here guys if you come here to create it campaign goal I normally do okay do I use reach or do I come here and I click on website click, I like row most traffic to one of these campaigns well and then from there it's about using the right keywords and right directed audience to make sure you is to get the right people on these different promotions, regardless you decide to promote you can go look for one if you do not want promote kitkit for example so you come here guys you click click on website you scroll down here and click on 10x okay then come here and just click Yes to change object target once done here, you want to come here and you want to give this campaign a name so i can just come here and just mention this convertkit for example and then from here guys just leave it on how you plan to finance it then if you come here guys my daily budget here is of course in Australian dollars, you can change it so my daily budget guys I am generally walk it about 25 a day sometimes even less good and inside total budget spending strongly recommends you put it in here okay and then depending on how long you want to execute it is what you would put it amount so you can come here for example and if you want to test it, you can do it for a hundred dollars and you can run it for four days and look exactly how it works for you and then from here, guys, you started time and end are optional, you can leave it because you have a total budget expenditure and if you come here and click on advanced it basically gives you the option to run it as a default recommended or accelerated accelerated basically means that they just check it hard the segments you told Twitter to print this ad well, so I recommend leave it at default you do not have to accelerate at all then come here guys and click on following once you click next, you are come here and you can add another group name is fine, so you can just sit convert key one as an example, okay so let's leave it at that let there guys total advertising spend us said it was going to be 100 sometimes you have to repeat yourself so if you come here with the bid type guys a lot of this things if you are not familiar with this leave it at the recommended way, but I am will you show where you can get everything the training for this absolutely free you will have a become aware of this and you can definitely make sales with it with commissions that now occur again the reason why I use continuous use commissions is because if you get a sale once and it costs you to get it buy then you will earn money every month okay so technically spend the ad to get it lead or to get the sale is much less than longer that person stay as a paying customer, I hope that makes sense then when you come here you have also has demographics well so you can use with which gender you usually want something like that guys i will leave it anywhere when it comes to date series guys, you can come here and click on age group and then you can basically overcome here and select for example I'll go 18 plus, and then I come here and leave it just there okay so come here, it's where you would now set countries for example because I'm Australia, Australia is coming up immediately do you come here guys you can type for example the United States come here, click on the point it off when you go see it go inhabit there before you can unite other countries kingdom canada know you use bigger countries like war like India and Pakistan and all these other countries where you know there are many people what does affiliate marketing email do marketing any kind of e-commerce everything these kind of things guys anyone who needs a landing page that is any kind of business that collects email so many opportunities okay then you can come here change languages ​​okay of course for myself guys I'm always use a lot English here so you can just click in english there guys or you can just leave it, it goes automatically included English when it comes to devices here guys I basically leave the devices just as i come here i will leave guys I do nothing there here are target people using it for the first time twitter on a new device or carrier guys who really do not matter, or they have a telephone and have access to twitter you can come here and you can do it's here guys now you have these audiences again is optional and depending on what you promote okay, so if you click on this if there is an audience you want to include it is where you would come here and enter these different audiences and if you have an audience want to exclude okay all this i'm going to show you where you are can get the training for this where it is is going to make a lot more sense but for myself I left it well and I could still to get clues and to get sales good, very good very important then when you guys come here guys it this is where your keywords are now it is absolutely important okay now you can now upload bulk what you can do when you come over to these different affiliate offers okay what you are going to get here is they usually have a resource page and I strongly recommend that it does not matter what do you promote which subsidiary product you are promoting to come here guys and watch at all these different sources, because what you can find here number one you can find graphics and banners you need to create this add-on as an example, but you are going to have all these things too other sources that will give your keywords it's going to give you banners and goodies what you may need if you email it, it's going to give you email swipes it gives you all the information that you must be successful promote this product as you are create this ad here and you come here to sit in these keywords you do not have to think too much you know what you are going to put in here, but you would insert something like email marketing is good if you promote this type of product is good so you come here and you type in emails that market you click on email marketing which is one keyword you can have here okay follow now like guys i would like leave it again if you know what you do not know I'm going to show you where you are go all the training on this as get well leaving movies and TV shows for guys all these things if you want here, you have interest you know you can post something such as affiliate marketing you can make e-commerce money online all kinds of things all these things interests here directly related to this product, so you can come here guys and sit something like affiliate marketing is right and you can also use affiliate marketing to help you has business and marketing well and then this is what you would do here you can also enter affiliate marketing under keywords what you do then is that you come down here and this is where you go put your twitter posts well so if you come here, there not much I almost take away from here okay and when you overcome, he tells you must select an ad category but it's only if you have this tap setting selected so that what you want to do is that you want to come and click on it and it's going to remove it well then what do you want to do guys if there are any programs you want to exclude are where do you bring it in when you arrive here, guys, you got this creative stuff and that's how you are are you going to know put these different types of ads well you have ads for display and you have good tweets when you click here to see him add you destination url and this is where you get the url would add from landing page to the product you are going for now promote I highly recommend that you create one of these landings pages on convertkit too so you can can create the same landing page of the product that you promote because it makes sentence that you will use the same product okay and then from here guys as you can see you have this sizes here and this is where you would choose what size ad do you want to place on twitter because twitter can even have ads on the sides here, sometimes here ads can appear next to this and it just depends on what you want to do so you can change it here you can come here and you can change one of these and I would let it show creative stuff from now on as good as you can see here guys, it says choose creative for your campaign and upload new media now this is where you want to click to upload how you want the ad to look right, so what you do again is you get back to your affiliates resource page and if you have to click on this for example if you click on it, it will takes you to a page it looks like this and if you browse at the bottom you have all these options here okay and as you can see, you have all these things options and then you can click on it advertising graphics banners for the free plan so you click on it and what it is going to do is this is going to open this page here and you can only have one of download these different options here for you to promote it product okay and once you do it once you upload it after your ad campaign here go to following what is basically going to happen is that it is are you going to bring here you just need to verify everything and once you have verified everything guys you come here and click on start campaign now like i said you're probably not going remember everything after watching this video, so what you can do is you can come to this site here and when you get over this recruit here guys I'm going to show you how it works but basically this site here, as you can see, is a digital school and it teaches you how to run ads on Twitter it is created by twitter and it has all the tutorials everything you need to be successful market any product on Twitter and it is absolutely free guys i recommend that you come here and you look at this look at this, you have digital and social it is everyone's over here guys if you come here you have all this beginner things for example advertise on Twitter introduction to Twitter Ad Manager, then you have creative ad management, good to set up these ads how to show these ads how to set draw up a budget for how you can do your target whatever you want any of these different niches well guys then here, guys you have intermediate training how to find your audience for a set up campaign and if you come here basics of reporting met my campaign my goals it is extremely important guys and as you can see each of these is 20 minutes this one is 25 minutes half an hour 45 minutes etc.

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If you have half a day to go all these guys and you can have a become aware of this and make a passive income because you once set up these ads to get you recurring commissions guys and you get really good at this remember this is in the best interest of twitter the number one of your campaigns successful and that you come back and advertise with them again, because the more people who advertises with them they go to make money of course if you make money, that's why they has this free school here is called the Twitter flying school you can come here and learn it all for free so if you guys come here guys and you sign up here you can see that I'm logged in here because it does not have the login button when I browse, scroll down when I click to one of these what is basically going to happen is that it is will take me to a page that looks like this this is just the first time here you can click on it individually as soon as you go through this all the time you will be an absolute gun when it comes to make these ads appear on Twitter and make passive income guys online and this is absolutely free, you can come here you can sign up now and you can become a gun when you run these different promotional ads just like these guys are on Twitter and start making passive income, this was my video for today guys and how you can make passive income online in 2021 and get commissions every time a few months if you liked the video do not forget to crush the kind of button in appreciation and go under at the moment and comment I like passive income and you are in the draw for the first 25 PayPal gift this week and we are going to increase it to 50 and 100 so now the bottom comment goes down and I will announce the winner on the next video guys thank you very much to watch another one of my videos I already come from smart money tactics take care of yourself and goodbye

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