Free Affiliate Marketing Training – Passive Income Affiliate Training – Day 1/7

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oh right Carey buck here welcome to
step one of the passive income affiliate training so step one is this is what's
gonna happen when you click that orange button that says click here to get your
14-day free trial of clickfunnels ok so I'm gonna walk you through exactly
what's going to happen so first thing we're doing when I put your best email
address in here okay oops so I'm just gonna use that so use your
best email address and then you're gonna create a password and then you're gonna
click start my free 14-day trial and then once you do that it's gonna bring
you to this page ok so on this page what it's asking you to do is you want to
pick which version of clickfunnels that you want okay so there's the click
follows version we just get clickfunnels you get a 14-day free trial and then
it's $97 a month or you can get the one that I have which is Edison sweet which
gets you clickfunnels plus action etics which is click funnels
built in email autoresponder you can email text all kinds of good stuff and
also backpack that's how to set up your own affiliate program if you have your
own trainings that you sell ok I highly highly recommend that you click this for
at least your 14 day free trial so that way you can see how everything works and
by the way I do have and further down in the steps in the 7 step process I do
have done for you email sequences that will only be available for folks that
are in the Edison suite because it goes with action etics right so I haven't
recommend you you picked this Edison Suite just for the 14-day trial just say
and see how everything works and how easily everything goes together
um and it's it's basically everything is under one roof like everything you need
it's like right here you know it's 14 days free and then it's 297 a month and
keep in mind this too seven a month the goal is for you to
make enough affiliate income you know enough income from affiliate offers
where you're never coming out of pocket for that 279 a month anyway right that's
the goal but what you can do is I highly recommend you at least pick this for
your 14-day trial at the end of 14 days if you want to downgrade to the $97 you
totally can do that okay so pick which one you want to start off with then
enter your credit card info until the month the year your code and your zip
code by the way there they're not gonna charge your card right now your card
does not get charged right charge right now it is a free 14-day trial nothing is
gonna get charged on your card until after the 14 days okay and of course
everything we're doing in this training requires one of these versions right um
excuse me if you keep Edison sweet it's just gonna make your life much simpler
because everything the email our owners founder everything is already in there
so I can just I just done for you stuff I just you kind of give to you share
that with you huh versus you going out get an active campaign or Aweber
convertkit or something else right you just have all this right here but again
at the end of the 14 days if you want to downgrade the $97 a month you totally
can alright so after the 14 days is when
they charge a card they will not charge anything right now so don't worry about
that man you just have to decide if you want to add this one-time offered to
your tier order which is the nine secrets nine secret fund was training it
looks like they have a discounted it's normally 197 but they're offering it to
you for forty seven dollars right now if you want that just click that if you
don't want that you unclick it it's completely up to you it has absolutely
nothing to do with the passive income affiliate training so this is all on you
if you want this or not you either cook it at it or you don't at it but then
when you're done you click activate my account now okay you know once you do
that you're gonna want to move on to step two because that is how you're
gonna be able to actually get the entire funnel this entire funnel that I have
built put that into your new clickfunnels account that
you can start using and get it up and going so you can start using that funnel
to create affiliate income for yourself so that it's paying for whatever edison
suite or whatever click funnels account that you choose all right I will see you
in the next step

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