Earn While You SLEEP with 32 STACKABLE Passive Income Apps/Sites (2021 Update)

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what's up guys this is Fred from Influenster enchain and a few months ago I made a video about passive income websites and apps you can stack up to supplement your income and now because I've since discovered new sites and apps as well as refine my list to remove those that don't work anymore I decided to bring you guys a quick update with a total of 33 websites and apps to make you an Ashley significant amount of money online virtually without doing anything now even though some of these do not work worldwide I made sure to include at least a few that do that I'm personally using as well and before we begin do me a quick favor and smash the like button to help this video out and to subscribe to my channel for more videos about making money and starting a business online and with that let's get right into this video so first before we actually get started I want to just first explain that there are some apps or website on this list that are quite similar so to not waste your time for those in the same category and mostly just gonna be describing them together also I want to give a couple of shout outs to fish stirring on the beer money subreddit and also Tom from the this online world blog for posting about a lot of the apps and sites I'll be going through today and now for number one on this list we have brave browser which is a Google Chrome based browser that actually pays you for clicking on links that occasionally show up while you browse the Internet as you normally would functionally because it's built using open source Google software it's pretty much the same as chrome and people have even mentioned that it's better in terms of keeping your data safe not to mention that you can even earn passive income with it all you do is to download it then after you import all your book bucks from your previous browser you'll be good to go however cashing out from brave can be a little bit tricky because you actually have to use your tipping system to tip yourself but it's actually quite straightforward to set up and also include a link to my video tutorial for that in the description box below now moving on to number 2 on our list we have an app called cash money that I'm personally running on my old Android phone as you can see right here and what it is is it allows you to earn by installing apps similar to feature points but the key difference is that cash magnet actually automatically opens these apps and these ads on them completely passively for example here as you can see if I just show you my again it is indeed running through these hats passively it is preferable to use this on an older phone because you can't really use your phone while it's viewing ads but if you don't mind Betty and run while you don't need to use your phone it can still give you a little bit of extra income plus you can also run it on multiple devices to multiply your earnings next moving on to numbers three through six we have a group of apps that actually pay you for receiving texts and again you don't have to do anything except download them onto your phone and keep them running in the background which doesn't drain your battery or performance and the first of these apps is called MC money followed by SMS profit money SMS and control my SMS and for this I also linked below a tutorial for how to install them because you can't actually take the traditional route of using the app store now the next one here is one of my favorites and have you seen my older videos you would have heard me mention it before and it is at number seven honey game which is available on PC Mac and Android devices and what it does is it takes a little bit of your unused cellular or Wi-Fi data and turns it into processing power to run market research with safe business partners therefore it's really good if you have an unlimited cellular data plan or a fast Wi-Fi at home because you can run it without worrying about paying extra bills or slowing down your internet and if I just show you my dashboard really quick I currently have ten dollars worth of credits in my account and that's after already successfully cashing out $20 just a few weeks ago granted I do have a lot of referrals from whom I earn 10% of their earnings and if you'd like to sign up through my referral link to get $5 credited to your account right away I'll leave a link below in the description box for that as well next up from 8 all the way through 16 we have a series of sites and mostly apps that are a little bit similar to honey game but different in that instead of using up your internet data they collect data regarding your device or computer usage behavior now some people may not like the sound of their usage patterns being analyzed but rest assured that all these companies do serve by regulations that keep your data safe and anonymous and starting from number eight here we have phone pay check which as it says here pays for letting it use your smart phone processor while you're not using it next we've got panel app followed by app optics MB meters see smart app Nielsen mobile panel savvy connect mobile performance meter and finally login hood which does something similar but is instead a Chrome extension again any of these ones you have access to can indeed be stacked but I wouldn't necessarily put them all on your main device unless you really need the money but even though these can be a little taxing on your device taking up a small percentage of your processing power each they also tend to be some of the highest-paying apps on this list with each one paying out at least a few dollars per month with even some paying more than $10 per month which again is significant for not having to really do anything and before we move on to the next website I also want to point out that among these usage data collection apps there are also a few more that I'm actually excluding from this list that have been somewhat popular before but don't seem to be working properly as of now and the first of these is low team which should actually be legit which is a couple of users saying that it could come with malware but it could very well be that it doesn't and that it using your data and power was misunderstood as such but just to be safe I thought it included here anyway next on the real black list we have mobile expression which doesn't seem to be paying users lately and lastly we have fluid stack which has recently discontinued service for PC users and now only exists on Linux moving on to number 17 we've got a bit of a different one that requires you to run it on your browser and it's Gigi tu which is one of the best offer wall slides that also comes with hideout TV which is a way to autoplay videos to make money on autopilot although it does earn quite slowly but it is one more site you can stack on to the rest so if you're interested I also leave a detailed tutorial for this in the description box and somewhat similarly for the next website we have one that works worldwide called Eva suture and it's a website that earns you money by playing ads automatically I wanted your browser tabs and as with many of the previous sites and apps on this list also leave a link to my video for it in the description next up at number 19 we have a pretty niche Chrome extension called conversationally which collects data specifically from a smart speaker like google assistant or lex and pays you $5.00 automatically each month for the stop however I do believe you have to be in the United States tone and next at number 20 we have up voice which is another Chrome extension that pays you for visiting popular social media sites you would likely visit anyway like Facebook and LinkedIn and even though you do have to visit some of these sites manually most people probably visit them enough passes anyway which makes up voice pretty much passive moving on to number 21 we have an app called s'more which pays you for putting ads on your lock screen but you can just still swipe away easily to unlock your phone and it's just another great one to stack the top of everything else and finally from apps 22 all the way to 32 I've compiled a collection of great apps that help you save money while shopping or after the fact by scanning your receipts across all 11 hours you'll be able to get cash back for pretty much anything whether it be physical retail or online from groceries to dining to traveling and even getting gas and for the first app we have receipt pal which pays you for scanning your receipts and similarly you can do pretty much the same thing on receipt hog and also point out and these apps are all independent of each other so you should be able to upload your receives to each of them moving on we have paribus which actually checks your online shopping receipts and gives you cash back and then fetch rewards but you can specifically scan your grocery shoppings receipts with and two-round the last few out we have pay which links to your credit or debit card and checks for cashback opportunities as well as drop dosh Rakatan and ibotta which covers a wide variety of shopping and gets you cash back and points for shopping through them and finally last but not least at number 32 on our list we have get up side which offers you cashback when you shop through them for gas in certain restaurants and grocery shopping and that was the current iteration of what I believe to be the best passive income apps and websites you can use to supplement your income yeah you aren't going to get rich from using them but stacking enough of these could still give you a significant enough boost and if you liked this video or found it helpful be sure to smash the like button and subscribe to my channel for more videos about making money online and it's business online anyway thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next video peace


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