Earn $800+ a Day In Passive Income Working Only 1 Hour To Make Money Online

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on this video I want to show you today how to make as many as eight hundred dollar in one day only one hour work and everything it can be done the best part of passive income this strategy am i going to teach you how to do this is complete autopilot and I give you all the details, I'll give you all the information websites and everything you need to get started with this passive income strategy and to above here you will be able to earn money with four different make sure you look at this the whole video because you do not want miss it is going to be one of the best videos which I uploaded because you can start right after watching this video, let's touch it hey everyone it's alan here again from the clever money tactics channel if this is your first time come to my channel guys go down press the sub button below turn on all notifications so that you can be notified every time i'm posting a brand new video the way you do not miss any of the good things like the video I prepared for you today it will teach you how to make passive income earns a lot of money but as i said in an intro make sure you watch the whole video because there are going to be four ways what you can make passive income earns a lot of money guys the first thing you go to deal with this strategy are guys you will have to come to a website like digistore24 or a website as clickbank.com these are affiliate marketing networks where they will be able to take you and choose a product you can to promote absolutely free and then you can get a percentage when buy someone that product is okay and sometimes the percentages can be very high so you want come to these sites you want to sign up with them, that is absolutely free if clickbank is not available in your country go to digistore24 as soon as you sign up for one of these sites guys you're going to engage in marketplace what looks like a digistore24 it's going to look like this and you have get all these different products here where you can choose if you are on clickbank.com, the niche we are going to look at today guys are the spirituality initially good so you want to come over here and you want to click on it spirituality the first method to make money online with this strategy guys in passive income is good with affiliate marketing but I am going to show you how to get a ton traffic, so make sure you keep watching and with it traffic there will be three more ways you can make this passive income and guys and earn a lot of money once you is on clickbank here guys you want to do is that you want to come here and you want to click on gravity so that you go to search results here and click on gravity as soon as you do it's going to give you all these things different options here and this are all different products which you can promote absolutely free and it's even going to tell you what the average sales are here too so if you come here you can see that there are all these different kinds of a manifestation type of products well guys so with this strategy today you will be able to make money with numerology manifestation meditation and some other means, including the law of attraction, so what you want to do do you want to come here and you if we want to find a product, let's say we wanted to promote this one here where the average selling price is 31 good so you come here you click on this product they have a linked page here too you can look at but to promote this product you want to come here and click to promote as soon as you click to promote everyone you all you have to do is click on to generate hops links this is going to give you this link here and always when someone clicks on that link it will take you to a page that looks like this and this is the product you will be promote and you can have a very good commission the promotion of this product here, but how are you going to get it free traffic and how are you doing get these three others payments with passive income guys good I want to show you how to do it with a paid method and I want to show you how to do it absolutely free guys now, I'm using a website called vidnami.com vietnami allows you to watch videos in full to create autopilot there is a free trial period of 14 days and I have links to everything in the description of this video for those of you who do not know which Vietnamese it allows you to create videos on full autoboat I go to show you a live demo how to do it then i will show you how to do it's absolutely free too, okay guys, so you come here and what you want to do is to log in it like I said there is a free trial on this and everything in which I will show you this video, I will have links next to it the bottom as soon as you log in to this platform again here guys, it's going to take you over to a page that looks like this and you have all these templates left here where you can choose let's say you have a wanted to create video about manifestation what you do is you would come here and you choose one of these different types of templates left, so let's choose this template here you come here and you choose to use this template but make sure you like look because there is so many different ways you can make money with this and crush people that and eight hundred dollars for work only one hour a day is very achievable, let us tell you come here and you want title this video for example manifestation okay so we go title that video then you want do you need to create a script because what this site is going to do is that it is going to create the whole video for you so let's say you come to google for example and you type the manifestation in order and then what do you want to do let's say you come here and you search for different articles you know and different descriptions about manifestation and how to do manifestation and what you do is you let's let's say you click on this article here you can get inspiration from this articles and then rewrite this content itself is good for the purposes of this video i just want to show you how to do it very fast so you come here okay and let's say for example you wanted to use this article here in the seven different ways that you can start manifesting on how you can do it to manifest money to manifest all these things different kinds of things so you come here guys and you quite simply copy it and all you do is return to Vietnamese and you very simple come here and paste it in here now when you create these videos you are going to do with one of the methods I will show you about this video are you going to post it YouTube but I'm going to show you how to get a view so stick with me, for I will give you everything you need on this video but if you come here you want to do is to make sure that you give people a call to action to in the description of you to click video because that's where you go to have your link and this is one of the ways you are is not going to make this passive income all the ways but one of the ways is going to be through passive revenue from YouTube so what you want to do you want come here and you just want to type in I will type it quickly then I will read it to you well so type it up very quickly and basically all i said was click on the link in the description of this video i will give you even more ways to learn everything you need know about manifestation because people is going to click on this video pure to learn more about manifestation now if you come here in Vietnam all you have to do is click on scenes and it goes all the create scenes for you and I'll show you how to do it separately if you do not want to use vidnami these are very simple guys and look at this okay if you come here it is automatic create these scenes for you you can delete the font if you want all you have to do is come here and click to hide text if you want it to go well or you can leave the text behind a lot people use exactly the same method guys to do it with meditation that I'll show you in a second to do it with spirituality and numerology etc.


And when you roll here guys look at this, it's simple going to create all these different scenes for you and if you roll down here, it's equal will tell you when you go here and say click on the link on description of this video you are going to to have someone there who clicks on it and if you roll all the different parts of the video you entered in here it's very simple to add everything you want there, guys and it's done from there, you have a some options you can get here and you can do your own voice-over right simply if you come here and up click vote as soon as you click on vote has the option to to use a recorded voice they have an automatic voice a sound robot I do not suggest you do, because YouTube does not like it these days, but you can record your own voice or what you can do is simple come over to fiverr and you can pay someone to record a vote you it depends on you but it's just everything you want to do is come here record your own voice very simply you can put the microphone in your use computer or get a very simple microphone does not have to be very expensive once you create this video, guys from there all you have to do is upload it to YouTube but before you do if you absolutely wanted to do it for free you can all you have to do is go to websites as Pixabay.com or even a website like pixels.com and if you come to these sites let's say you come over to pixels for example and you wanted to do it exactly the same but you wanted to do it in meditation for example come here and type meditation and as soon as you enter meditation, it is are you going to give all this royalty free clips there are 190 different videos guys and as you can see all you have to do is download it to your computer then download it on a software, a free video editing software like obstudio.com or even a website like openshot.org and then upload once all these things clips okay, you can do your own voice-over also or again you can pay for someone to make these voices very easy for you now people who have this channels make a absolute murder using this strategy let me show you some of these videos and how much money they earn and how you can do it exactly the same, so the first way you are going to make money with this strategy guys is to make the subsidiary simple marketing link the second way you can make money with these guys it's when you create it link you have the option to make a landing page now if you have a want to create landing page you can have a website like convertkit.com use with which you can create a very simple landing page plus you can collect emails, which means you can target these people again so that you come over to convertkit.com you can see here you have unlimited landing page and forums guys and you can send emails to up to 1000 people absolutely free, it's a second way that you can make money online with this strategy for every person who clicks on your link where they go a landing page that is so simple to create, then you are there going to collect these emails and you can target these people again because when you come to clickbank guys you have all these different products and then you can target these people again once a week once twice a week once month and you can make even more passive income because it the list is yours for the rest of your life guys this is the second way you can do this the third way you can make it passive income is when you come to YouTube and let's say you look at some of this manifestation channels and you scroll down look at all the different people there are creating these different types videos and they create YouTube ads income is a third way you can make these passive income guys and absolutely crushes it if we come here and open one of these videos here watch this here these are three hour long guys from just one scene like this when you come here and you click on this channel overview, it becomes brainwave called music this person is simple if you look at this video is called manifest day manifest miracles okay if you come here what it creates long videos that you can do very easily on you know free video editing software of create on Vietnam nami okay and all you want to do if you watch guys the thumbnails are very easy, it is easy to get royalty free images again from sites like pixels or Pixabay and the best part of it method is, watch this video was created two days ago this video was created two weeks ago then three weeks ago and a month ago this video they will not exceed does not take an hour to create within a day if he probably works less than a few hours a week until absolutely crush it with this method what you need to do is a little bit research come here make a screenshot and then put all these things together does not work more than one hour a day and the best part of this strategy and what i like about this it's that simple when you come here just play music the whole way this video goes nobody talks here nobody shows their face it's such a simple model and when you scroll down here look at all the links they are in the description of their videos and everything the affiliate marketing money they would make possible but there is another way they make these passive income guys because they get thousands of views on their videos as you scroll down, you'll be able to see that they actually have set up a spring shop on their videos okay, which means they make money not only through subsidiary marketing not just from YouTube advertising revenue, but they also earn money through their teespring links and if you wonder what teespring is this is a website with prints on demand where you can go to create products you want can create jewels you can create t-shirts from which you can create a whole range different kinds of things and you can easily set up a shop on you youtuwees now channel to have this link here they have a shop you set up here, you have to it 10 000 subscribers, but if you do not have those 10,000 subscribers you can simply have a link such as a subsidiary marketing link that a many people do now to get YouTube advertising revenue you must have at least 4,000 watches hour and 1,000 subscribers, but in the meantime you can still do affiliate marketing commissions and you can still sell these different types of tea jump products and you can still repeat people with your email address marketing guys it's a fantastic way to get started yourself are you probably think alan how am i going to get views how am i is going to grow my YouTube channel well there are some ways you can do number one as you can see here, we have this the video tags here tell this kind Youtube where you need to push your content, so you want to do do you want to download a software called vid iq again everything in this video guys I will have links in the description for you and once you download it, it's going to do it is going to help you just set a few labels on your video like these guys use here but another way to get it see other guys as forward these email explosions your email marketing is quite simply in whatever country you do this thing, whether it's numerology or if you do it in manifestation or meditation you want is to get to sites like facebook okay go to these different types of groups as I have numerology here, I have went to groups you have all these different group and share numerology your YouTube videos with you are not you sub-links and you do not scatter anything at all you are doing is sharing a YouTube video what you can do on quora, you can do twitter, you can do an instagram and you can manage traffic to send positive singles back to YouTube and it will allow you have to make even more money, so with this strategy guys if you come here and you do not want to use Vietnamese you can do it absolutely free and if you come over to YouTube and you start getting these views guys you have so much opportunity to make this passive income using YouTube and absolutely crush it and when we come over to social page here see how much money this person is make here as much as 22 thousand dollars just from YouTube Advertising Revenue Not Their not including related marketing links does not include email marketing not included their teespring shop so you can think with 142,000 views every day this person makes an absolute crushing with passive income and that's why it's one of the best videos I made because there are four different ways that you can do it too and that you can start today so this was my video for today guys and a great way you can make passive income online if you the enjoyed video smash that like button in rating and go under Please let me know what you thought this video thank you very much for look again as always i will have some more have videos that will appear here from great ways you can make money online guys until tomorrow you guys take care of yourself and goodbye

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