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Hi everyone, how are you doing. In this video, I'll show you step-by-step how you can Earn money online with youtube even with no subscribers Stay tuned and follow us Let's see, here's an example from my YouTube channel I posted this video on November 17, 2018 so it's about two years ago If you look at my analysis on the number of views you will see I'm getting fixed number of views On this video from two years until today so I get nearly 200 or 300 views every day In this video if I go to my details to my video details to the description here You will see that I am linking in this video. You can see this short link I am linking a product to my Premium Course So if you go to my link tracker you will see the link I got here Almost 2000 clicks in the last two years If you go to my returns and scroll down and choose any month like This example and let's see here my earnings from this course It's $ 900, so let's pick another month Any other video like this you will see that this course got seven hundred dollars then This way I get an income without actual work youtube without doing anything by promoting my course on You might tell me now that you don't have a cycle that you don't have a product don't worry Let's see the second example.

This is another video that I posted A year or more ago I also get daily views from this video In this video you can see these views. Let's see them, every day I'm still getting views since the time it was posted and if I go to Description You will see that I am promoting this product. Mailwiz This affiliate product is a product named It is an email marketing application You can see this link if you go here to follow it, you will see Let's see a mail with about 1,300 clicks from this of my video So this is also another example of promoting my product if you go to The impact section and saw the earnings of this product you can see The amount of the sale equals $ 2000, the total profit is approximately 600 So there is only one example of one video promoting an affiliate product This other example is promoting my product even if you have your own If you want to promote affiliate products You can implement this strategy starting with zero subscribers The simplest proof is this video that I saw and I posted two years ago When I didn't have subscribers like it is the third video on my channel As I had less than 10 subscribers so I post Two years ago until today I still earn Passive income from these videos, imagine you have And 10 videos or 20 videos on your channel of money that you can earn without actually working on the Internet, following the strategy I explained.

But before we start please don't forget if you want to watch this video More videos like this are about digital marketing Internet business, make money online please don't forget Subscribe now to my channel and turn on notifications to get every new update almost every day If you have any special requests you can instagram and by the way I am now on If you follow me and send me a private message, I will be more than happy to follow up with you Let's start together What we will do to start making money online youtube even with no subscribers on ok this strategy is a phrase About four major steps number one Search for content that the request for on the YouTube site does not cease A topic is always required.

Number two is video creation and publishing About this topic number three is linking with your affiliate product Or related product On this topic, the fourth step is to sit back, relax and watch Your revenue is that simple so let's see What we mean The first step is to find always wanted content that we mean by it Every content is always needed if we go here and search for every content that is constantly in demand google for youtube topics, let's look at You will find this list Let's read them educational content Study certifications determine the best practices covered Global issues and so on. So what are these topics Simply in 10 seconds, these youtube themes are the topics you can watch today on One year later, two years later and possibly 10 years later Now if you post once on YouTube and that The video will still get viewed years later from now on.

If you go back to my example this is a tutorial if you can see it here Instructional or explanatory videos so there is a tutorial on web servers Windows iis and especially for So this is a free tutorial that people saw a couple of years ago and are still watching it Today and they will still watch it after two years Three and four years because it will help them learn about Web servers.

It's that simple, if you simply need to search for a topic It can get views in the long term that's what we mean by renewed demand for content You can search for this on google I don't know what your interests are But what I do helps me It is all about educational case studies and explanatory videos if you go to now My channel Let's open my channel You will see that the topics are related to the instructional videos About digital marketing and internet business and sometimes I mention some Case studies like this one here Let's go to this case study Case studies usually continue By getting long-term views as people They like to watch case studies and learn from your mistakes or who Your successful experience is now the first step Finding content that is in demand To post a video about it the second step is creating the video and Publish it if in my case study I am publishing Instructional videos and screen recording I might record myself as well and by the way, you don't say me I don't like being on camera so I'm going to stop working, no you won't You don't need to be directly on the camera, you can simply use apps like camtasia studio just like I do to record screen without your face Just create a tutorial and on YouTube you'll see a lot of people do that So create a video on this topic create a tutorial or anything about Post it on YouTube now when You post it there is very important You need to rate your video.


You need to improve your video It appears at the top of the page on YouTube.com, and I'll show you this if you open iis and search for that keyword like Well, now you will see that my youtube videos are on top and the reason is that I I get views almost every day because I keep ranking mailwizz if I searched for the second video mail for For example, youtube will see my video at the top of the page If you search like this Keyword You will now see that my videos are at the top of the site youtube you can see that this is almost the reason why i get views Every day long term and so I can Promote my products or affiliate products From youtube and the nice thing about it is that without actual work, think about it I only post once and improve what I post and when the video is arranged youtube I'll always get organic views from And he came in without actual work, so even if I went now and took a vacation in the Arctic And I sat there for six months and then came back youtube I will open a website and I will see the views and I will see the earnings and this is the power of passive income over the Internet so you do the hard work one time then You sit on the fourth step and watch your winnings That's really cool, think about it Now the main question you can ask him now or anyone can ask is how to optimize the video to rank higher on YouTube.

Now to be honest with you there are no secrets or tricks Your video enables you to do something specific It would be on top of YouTube like a magic trick. You simply do not You need to optimize your video metadata and video content for your youtube site Knowing how to rank it based on keywords and by the way I explain this in detail here on my channel.

How to order Your videos step by step but in just two minutes i want to show you this and if you want more details youtube you can go to my playlist on youtube And watch the videos in detail For example if you go here to my free tool at supertools.com Then here go to youtube keyword tool Now suppose I want to post a video of maybe Email Marketing or whatever I'm saying here Email Marketing And then I click Search this tool and Now For each keyword it will give you monthly search volume youtube and difficulty on So, what you need to do here is find some keywords containing A few thousand searches and at the same time on youtube The difficulty is low as an example of this keyword email Marketing for beginners is a good keyword for targeting An email marketing strategy is a good keyword for targeting As an example you could create a video on email marketing strategy The case study as an example might suit you Like this, what email marketing is we have 3000 views as monthly search volume And the competition is rather low, that way and you move on to H-Supertools search and start for keywords and topics for her.

Somehow it is searched monthly and At the same time it's low in difficulty and start making videos on these topics And linking to your products or affiliated products If I come back here to my channel if I got off Youtube you will see that I am on top of the highest site you can see green and blue Ranking number one number two and number one number one on all of these keywords for this video if you jump to the second one youtube go down here you will see i am leading the top site for many Keywords, this is how things work that you need to define A keyword with a low percentage of competition with a few searches per month and afterward Improve your tags and description Your title for this keyword is one of the best tools for doing this morningfame or morningfa.me is a tool called morningfame Here you go to search for keywords as an example And go for a keyword, let's say email marketing and it'll give you List You Can See Like To Move This Email Marketing For Beginners 2020 Let's look at this and show you this keyword Go to step 3 now it will give you a detailed analysis About how to rank this keyword and if you proceed to step number four You will see that he will give you recommendations So you can copy and paste it into your channel I use this tool almost every day on youtube when I want to post a video on It really helps me a lot to understand my channel youtube and arranging my videos on, this is how things work to find a topic Find the best video posting keywords ranking your video Link to your products or affiliate links then Watching your earnings This is how things work This is how you can build a passive income strategy on YouTube even if you don't have it.

Any subscribers because just getting views is not directly related to The number of subscribers to your channel if you follow my videos you probably know Two weeks ago 50,000 or three weeks ago I had a watch every 48 hours And I had nearly 50,000 subscribers Today I have 80,000 subscribers but I have 30,000 Watch every 48 hours so there is no direct relationship Between the number of subscribers and the number of views Maybe a single video goes viral and gets millions of views And you only have five subscribers, there is no direct relationship I am talking from my experiences trying to help you Just forget about subscribers and try to build something that really works On YouTube on your channel and forget about it Any excuses that keep you from starting Your business is online, thank you for watching and see you later [Music]

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