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I want you to introduce yourself to ten to make thousands of dollars watching sports in passive income thats exactly what i am will show you on this video and take a look at this there are people who earn almost a million dollars every month online with this strategy, but I give you a massive bonus on this video and I will show you how you can make even more money online the use of this strategy and it involves as i said watch and take action with your favorite sport, so if you love your football You can make money online by strategy or even if you like your basketball you can make money with this method you can even do it in qriket or do baseball and hockey and so much else niches out there guys and if you like your fighting and your ufc and with your box you can make money online with this strategy in passive income so if you want to start today, make make sure you watch the whole video because I'll show you exactly how to can do it step by step let's go in it hello everyone it's back from here the smart money tactics channel where i post trusted content every day to teach you how to make money online as this is the first time you're coming to me channel go in the bottom hit that subscribes turn on all notifications and I will make sure you are notified every time I post a brand new video and make sure you watch this video to the end so you can see who is the 100 PayPal Gift Winner and what you need to do to to enter next give away so today guys like i said i want to show you how to make passive income in sports for example in soccer or in baseball, cricket or basketball or ufc now i want you to look at this channel here on YouTube it is called the home of a footballer account now this channel here has 592,000 subscribers and this channel probably sits around in one to two hours work a month to get an outstanding amount of money online by people watching their channel but all they need to do guys is not do them must create any of the content I must be on camera and they do not even have to show them face and they absolutely crush it so if you have time to to watch these sports channels then you have time to make money online with youtube in this passive initiative I want guys to show you exactly how they can do it because as you can see they probably only post one video once every month you have three weeks ago here one month ago two months three months ago and they absolutely crush it and I do you want to show exactly how they do it and I want to show you how to get this footage how to create the thumbnails as well it's very simple so if you come here and look at this channel guys first thing you want to do is you want to click on one of these videos and I want you the about you show first way they make money online guys and it's through advertising income and I want to show you how to can repeat it without doing much of work and also absolutely crush it so the first thing you are going to see here is that they do have ads on them channel the second thing guys if you come here I want to play a quick snippet of it video okay because all they do is they go out and find it contents and they use and because it is just very quick snippets of goals top 10 goals top 10 headers and I want to show you how you can niche down, if I play it fast here this is a video called top 50 goals in October so you can reach the top 50 goals in november december then you can do other type teams you can do Barcelona you c'n do juventus you can do real madrid etc and you can do it in any sport niche guys, that's why this niche is massive and I want to show you how to double make down and earn even more money, so make sure you keep watching when we come here guys and i will play it for you [Applause] just wanted to interrupt very quickly this video guys to announce the two Fifty dollar PayPal giveaway winners you can see your names here congratulations thank you very much for like to share and comment on this video and if you want to go in the draw for the next 100 PayPal gift you must do exactly same, so go down now smash the like button on this video share it and leave me a comment let me know what you thought of the video and you're going to the draw for me next 100 PayPal gifts, let's continue with the video basically what you can see here guys sorry there just started an ad but what you can see here is what they do they just went out and found some wonderful goals that they say in is top 50 for October and they put it together and I want show you how to do it right then you can see that they are a has music cover so it is not even use their own voice or anything so and it is absolute crushing and when I say crushing of the ways in which they make money online guys as you can see here make them anything up to eight thousand dollars every month with this strategy but if we come back to their video here let me just come here you can see that they have a link called here the home of football save and if you click in this store here it's going to take you over to a website where they have different types sell merchandise, but I want to show you how to do it without having your own store, there is a way to do it and it absolutely crushes guys and people do it just by looking at these different sports videos now a different way you can these guys do is to simply sign in to Amazon associated guys and when you sign to Amazon employees what you can do is put a link in your have description of different jerseys and different soccer balls where people can possibly buy a whole lot of this stuff and it is why it is great to niche and do top 10 goals by Barcelona you do the top 10 goals by juventus and then what you do do you branch into different types of sports niches for example like this guy here do too football here and different kinds of goals okay, but if you come here guys you can do it in basketball you can do it in qriket or baseball and you can do it a ufc or box etc because it sports niches at the moment are guys absolutely inflate, so how do you do that when we come back over Let's say for this video let's let's just play this and get rid of this ad here what i want to do is show you exactly the different types videos he uses, as you can see he uses top 50 goals well, so if we go to come his channel here what you're going to find, he has the best 50 goals top 15 top 20 top 100 guys and look at these 124 thousand [ __ ] 109 000 [ __ ] 575 000 [ __ ] now these videos are guys these are videos what is already there on the internet that you can find a cane simply what many people are do let's say you wanted to get footage of one of these videos what you would do is that you after would come it video here you would simply copy this is a link here so you can come here copy it and then what you do, you're after google and you enter YouTube on mp4 comom switch and once you have typed in, you can come below and you can click on it first call here as soon as you click it will give you a find converter like this, or you can overcome it here you can find another converter any guys from youtube converters you find where you can download it video and what you are going to do is you are going to take snippets of it video and I want to show you how you can create your own top 50 top 100 you want top head goal so you come here guys you simply copy it here and you click to switch and as soon as you click to switch you download it and it goes download the video to your computer once you have the entire video then you can use different content from this video to create your own video what you are going to upload to your own YouTube channel and you'll get tons views and when I say that you have a going to get tons of views if we look at this channel here guys who just had this guy 70 videos he only uploaded 70 videos and he has 592 000 subscribers guys plus on top of that he drives traffic to his own shop where he is absolutely crush it because if you look at this if you see he gets 1.5 million views every month so you can introduce yourself how much money he would make his shop like that as soon as you download it it here and it downloads to your computer you need then guys you need to download a site like this one mentioned here openshot.org or you can even get one named obs studio and it is a software that then you can upload this video and you can cut and edit these different objectives to create your own video which you then can upload to YouTube so you can start earning passive income using YouTube okay it's super powerful many people do it and absolutely crushes it to make money online in sports niche or any niche what you want when it comes to sports now if you look at this different videos here, guys, you are will notice that many of them have different labels here that they are use okay, so if you come here this person has club football he has sports etc and then what you want to do is what you want to download a website here is now called vidiq.com.

I will have some of links in my description okay guys for all these things it's free so you get over it download it and it will allow you to see what marks many of these different species of channels used and you can easily copy these tags now om now make some of these thumbnails you will find that many of these thumbnails is simply screenshots of else footage you have of this video and this is very easy guys all you have to do is come here and sign up for a website called canva.com okay and with canva it's absolutely free and you can quite you simply come here for a to create design and all you have to do is get on click custom design and just select 1920 by 1080 okay en anything you can see in any photo that you find you can come here, you can upload it and you can add a text cover which will then enable you to upload it on youtube guys and then you can use it on your thumbnails to absolutely crush it use canva and get a wonderful door number so if you want to start making money on youtube guys and absolutely crush it like these channels here earning 30,000 each month and some of it as many as 900,000 guys and many they absolutely crush it with their own everything you need to do is to sign in to YouTube, create your own channel guys come here, look at all this stuff different types of videos create your own compilation videos one of these different sports nisse downloading these videos cannot be modified and upload them on youtube guys because all these channels what I found here earns money and they make a lot of money by advertising revenue and hence guys as i said just log in to Amazon to surprise and start promoting it else products so you can make even more make money on YouTube as you guys can see all these people do it and they absolutely crush it by these different kinds to promote sports goods on their YouTube channel everything you need do guys like I showed you here is simply another add description here as you can see as this person is here and as soon as someone clicks on it and go over to Amazon and purchases one of these different types clothing or sports equipment you will make money online but the key to this is if you want to niche to certain sports and then you can niche to equal team up and then do top 10 you know basketball shots by the the lakers or Chicago bulls etc.

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Can you start earn a lot of money online because these different channels get millions see guys like this channel of this video here only on this video that on uploaded November 2 has already had 43,000 views and dis for many of these videos not unlikely to get ten million views now if you guys want to know how to create a youtube channel and make money on youtube guys if you click on the link in my click description here guys you can see I have a YouTube coaching and mentoring course simple if you click on this link here you can watch a video of how I make money on YouTube and how I make passive income on youtube guys and if you decide and want my help myself and another youtuber it has a wonderful channel caffeinated blogger has a course called jet video academy guys where we to has 50 videos where we will teach you exactly how you can do it so you can make make money on YouTube and get passive income i will show you exactly how to do it guys and double with affiliate marketing so you can make a lot of money online, so if you want guys look at the link in my description and we are happy to help you join our private facebook group and you are about to make a lot money online use YouTube like this, it was my video for today guys and a great way to do it you can make money online sports watch who uses these sports create your own channel and double off with affiliate marketing if you enjoy the video smash-like button in appreciation leave me a comment so you can can enter next hundred dollar paper issue but do not go anywhere, I have another amazing video here you can watch at the moment of an even better way to make more money online guys thank you very much to watch this video until tomorrow I'm already smart money tactics you take care of yourself and goodbye

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