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so if you saw it here three months ago it 762 had 000 views, so if we 762 take 000 and we reverse it with point zero zero five which is less than half a per cent and you turn it through twenty dollars this video has the potential to make over seventy thousand dollars for its creator and I want to show you how you can do the same and make passive income over and over again without having to have your channel make money, but if it earns you can make even more money online and I want show you how to do it in this video step by step without show your face without being on camera or ever create a single video if you want to make money online keep watching hey everyone it is alan again here from the smart money tactics channel where i post brand new content every day until help you make money online if it is the first time you come to my channel go under press the subscribe button and turn everyone on the notices and I will make sure that you get notified every time I post a trademark new video just like this one so you have more options to make money online and today I want to show you a fantastic concept it's super easy you can do it worldwide must have technological skills that you do not have you need to have a website you never need be in front of a camera and you can literally start with this right after watching this video and you can make money online and it literally means to start a simple little YouTube channel I want to show you how someone recently started and he is absolutely smash it today and make a lot money online and the reason they do it is because their viral content i use wants to show you how to do it so what you want to do if you're on YouTube, you want to tap in car accident assemblies now many people like to look at this stuff but believe it or not, you can make money these types of videos, even without with your 1000 subscribers you 4000 wagure there are other ways to make money online with this strategy and earn money with youtube I made a similar video recently about a similar concept involved sale of cams it is not that it is different do not involve you sell anything like that if you look look at these guys this compilation video for a car accident is over posted here three months ago 762,000 views they have 90,000 subscribers to this this person has 97,000 subscribers and 13 million views, but look at this you do not have to have so much subscribers to get hundreds of thousands of views this video was posted three weeks ago this is called dash cam car accident composition and it has 128 000 views and it has only 1.66 000 subscribers among 1700 subscribers 128 000 views guys who are many look little on this this person has 38,000 subscribers 570 I can go on this person forever here guys have less than 7,000 subscribers and 10 months ago they posted this video and it's over two and a half million views, so I want to show you how you absolutely can crush it with this strategy guys so if we come here when we open this channel here I just want to show you that you can Let your channel earn literally as well with this content as you can see it channel here is money made there and they show ads on their channel so they double off and level more money with your camera than you come to their channel here you can see that they each posted a few days two days ago six days ago here a week ago so they are farm two videos a week and I want to show you how much money they make now and this thumbnails guys is very easy to get it literally from the video itself they cut them out and they are put it in front if they thumbnail but i want to show you where you can come this content also keep on watching okay if we come to a website here called socialblade, I want to show you something look at this if we scroll down here, this channel make anything from two thousand to thirty-three thousand dollars each single month I would say that it is closer to about fifteen thousand dollar point I would go halfway if you scroll down here and watch they get six million views every time single month that many guys are and when you see here let them know about 500 thousand dollars every day only back their YouTube advertising revenue is a astronomical amount of money guys and when we have a take a look at this channel okay when we come here let me show you something on this channel if we roll completely to the under started nine months ago, but they just started posting regular content on four months ago and they could change it a profitable online business, how can you make the same money online with YouTube plus my bonus strategy so what you can make even more money online you want to do if you're on YouTube here and when you type a car accident constitution you simply want to use creatively commons videos, so what you want to do is you want to come here, click on filter you guys come here and you click on creative commons what it's about to do is it going to give you all this stuff different videos you can use but what i suggest you do is get snippets of this video I want to show you how to do it and then you can download these videos on your own YouTube channel so you have a need to create YouTube channel and then you can start upload it and i'll show you how you can also get views so to download these videos what you would do let's say this video here you would do click here on this video what it interrupts a lot fast from there what you would do do you want to take this url here, okay so we are going to take the url once you take the url you will overcome it to google and you just type in YouTube mp4 converter from there you just want to take any simple youtube converter, okay, you want to click on it and it takes you to a take page that looks like that from there you want to paste the YouTube URL and here you want to click to link what it's going to do now is that it is go download this video on your computer and you want to do it several times so that you want to come here you want to download all this different videos what you can do from there is you can come to a very simple video editing software like this here called openshot.org you want to download it's absolutely free and you want to upload all the videos on this software and what you can do then can you very simple edit this stuff and use different you know scenes from these different car crashes etc so you can upload your own video on youtube okay, so it's your own content you do not use another video it is very similar although what you can do with it creative commons videos can you download it directly video and upload it to your YouTube channel from there you will need guys are you going to have to create one of these very very simple thumbnails I can to do it all you have to do is come over to canva.com once you're in canva.com, you come here to create a design you click on the custom size and you want to do is to enter 1920 at 1080.

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What it does is it gives you the size from a youtube thumbnail as soon as you do it's going to take you to a page what it looks like now, I took it photo here directly from Google, so what can you do can you go to google, can you type car accident strolls car accident accidents etc. and you can find all this different images now what you want to do do you want to come here where it is say tools click on tools go to usage rights here and make sure you chose creative grants a license well so that you can use the images what comes to the fore is all you have to do is right click you want to copy it image and then everything you need to do when you are here is right with the mouse click and paste that picture and it goes paste it from there download this image and you can upload it directly to youtube as your thumbnails, it's as simple as that from there what to do if you watch these different videos here and if you come here you can see what this person is using all these different labels here and to see what they use like that you can repeat it all you have to do is switch to Google tik vidiq.com in download it absolutely free there is a free version there is a paid version the free version will take you out trouble for now good so you can come over here and see exactly what labels to use so you can copy these labels so YouTube knows where to push you now make sure you keep watching because now we come to the good little i want to show you how to make money on youtube and what you can do to promote now as you guys can see with this person's channel here you can also see where they are a many of their videos of and if you go through a lot of this different channels you can simply come here and use a lot of the also these different types of videos because they have a lot of the did research for you now from here how are you to make money online well what you want to do guys are you want to go to a website named come maxbounty.com maximum bounty is an affiliate marketing network for CPA what is a cost per procurement network you mean can be paid every time someone completes an action give your knowledge of them email address or record something buy something the best thing about cpa marketing guys a maximum of bioni is that you can do it literally and make money without sell anything, let me show you how you are going to use maximum abundance trusted by many else partners okay and why they can afford to you pay without making a sale is because they know that every time they report someone and they get a head start what the guidance is worth to them, because they are going to target again leading and it is up to them to to make a purchase you will be paid just to sign someone up what you want to do when you are maximum abundance I will come to them campaigns here and you can see here on their campaigns if you go to everyone categories here when you roll down you have all these things different campaigns here guys who you can look at you have car you have business opportunities so you can do it it in many different niches if you want to do it another way niche you go out with download etc and if you look here, guys as we roll down to business opportunities for example you know people here will pay you businesses will pay you up to $ 50 per lead just to get somebody to sign up for something now there is a action they must take sometimes they just have to provide their email sometimes needs a be qualified lead and you can make money online and on which the lead qualifies will depend that company and what you want to do from here, guys do you just want to unroll and you want to click on insurance okay as soon as you click on the insurance, it goes on to take you over to their section for car insurance here look at this now if you look at this, you can see a get link for this allstate car insurance quotation if someone goes through and a get quote done you pay $ 20 per lead not if they buy the insurance not only if they get a quote and provide their details if you browse here guys there are some here that go to pay you up to $ 60 per lead and all you have to do is click on all these things different insurance companies get guys the link for this insurance company then this is what you want to do you want to add the link on this YouTube video here love this person added various Amazon links you can add that insurance link and every time someone click on it and record an insurance quote that you are go make money online and you can a earn astronomical amount of money from watch these videos here this 769 000 views guys and if you promote the insurance where is it $ 60 per lead can you imagine how a lot of money you are going to earn now with CPA marketing and with maximum abundance you do have to apply, so I suggest you do is that you come to you youtube create a YouTube channel you run and you create some of these videos that get you traffic then apply to maximum bounty they give you Youtube url id and tell them you're going to promote these different insurance companies on your YouTube channel and you stand a very good chance to be approved now if you want to know how to make money on YouTube and you need help what you can do in the top link of my description here guys as you scroll down and click on it it's going to take you to my jet video academy YouTube Coaching & Mentoring Course guys if you fill in your details you can come here and watch for free training of how I make money on YouTube is it created by myself and another youtuber Greg Kononenko we channels with more than hundreds of thousands of subscribers and we are ready to help you get started Learn Your Own YouTube Online Business you how to create money with a subsidiary YouTube Marketing YouTube Advertising Revenue and all the tips and tricks discussed this so that you can be successful and also make money on YouTube more than 50 videos what is going to happen to you everything step by step plus you can enter automatically our facebook group where you can ask other members for help include us and we will help you with anything you need to make sure you are so successful that you can make money on YouTube or the link is in the top description guys click on it watch this video here for yourself and if you are interested come join us, we will be more than would love to help you so this was my video for today guys in another fantastic way that you can make money on YouTube in passive income literally do nothing if it's all set up as you smash the video like enjoy button in appreciation and do not forget to watch this video here of another fantastic way you can earn money until tomorrow online I already come from smart money tactics you take care of yourself and goodbye

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