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What's up everyone. In this video, we're going to talk about 10
passive income ideas, ideas that could potentially earn up to a $1,000+ per month, or way more. Now, one thing, people just automatically
think that passive income just magically falls from the sky. Well, the first thing I want to tell you in
this video is passive income either takes an upfront investment of money or an upfront
investment of time. "Wait, what? That's so stupid. It's not even true. Like I'm leaving my nine to five cause I hate
it, but because I know I'm going to be making passive income, like, automatic money while
I sleep." Well, no, seriously, like depending on how
much money you want to make is going to depend on how much effort you're going to need to
put in.

That's not how this works. "Duh." Seriously. "Probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I'm just going to be making it rain like,
passively like, no big deal." Can't. Can't! Alright, so the first way to make passive
income and make a thousand dollars per month or way, way, way beyond, is with a YouTube
channel. Now, a YouTube channel is a gold mine for
passive income and when I say a gold mine, there's so many ways to monetize YouTube.

To start, with YouTube you could make money
for posting content with Google AdSense. I mean, at the making of this video, I'm averaging
around $5,600 a month just from Google AdSense alone, and in some of my highest months, I've
made $9,900 just about $10,000 from Google AdSense alone. So the way that you qualify for Google AdSense
is that you have to achieve 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the past 12 months
of when you apply for the YouTube partnership program. Now, it's not that difficult as long as you're
consistent on YouTube, and as long as you niche down and focus on what you're talking
about, you'll be sure to hit that in no time. And so one of the things that makes Google
AdSense so profitable on a YouTube channel is the CPM, or the amount of money you get
paid per thousand views on your channel.

So people often have the misconception that
YouTubers get paid for subscribers. No, they actually get paid for the amount
of views. The beautiful thing about YouTube, besides
the fact that you can get paid a lot just to produce content on this platform, is that
it is a giant traffic source to promote whatever you want: your online business, your personal
brand, your products, your services. So there's so many ways to monetize YouTube
on the backend. And, speaking of that, as a matter of fact,
my course subscribers to sales just dropped this week, which goes over all about that,
how to build, grow, and scale a profitable YouTube channel. So if you're interested in enrolling, definitely
check out the masterclass. It'll be the first link in the description
below. And if you watch the masterclass, you could
enroll in subscribers to sales today and be a part of the founding members. Yay! And so, as I mentioned, there's so many ways
to monetize big time with YouTube. A lot of these passive income ideas will go
hand in hand and really well with a YouTube channel.

So if you have a YouTube channel, plus one
of the other ideas I'm going to talk about in this video, you are golden to be making
money while you sleep for sure. The next idea to make passive income and to
make well over a thousand dollars a month is an online course. What a time to be alive, where you could actually
get paid a lot, like a lot, a lot to sell the knowledge that you have right here inside
your brain.

I mean, all of us have a life experience,
knowledge that we've acquired throughout our lives that we can share and that
people will be willing to pay for. So think about things we have overcome, problems
we've solved, things that we've gotten good at naturally over time. So if you have an idea or a service that you
can do that's highly in demand for other people, you can package it up into an online course
by using video modules and you can create PDFs for them, different tools, it's really,
really easy. So just check out my earnings from one of
my online courses within the past 24 hours. Now that's incredible to me because that's
double of what I used to make as a civil engineer. I mean, I made that in one day from one of
my online courses because I have knowledge that people want to know and I can't do one-on-one
coaching for everyone. or else I would literally have no time. So if you can package up your knowledge on
anything: graphic design, cooking, gardening, music, like there's a girl I know, she's an
amazing actress and she helps other actors and actresses come out of their shell and
have a very successful career with acting.

It's really incredible. If you have the knowledge up here, you can
convert it into an online course and an online course, as a matter of fact, it goes hand
in hand with a YouTube channel because a YouTube channel is a big traffic source to get traffic
and eyeballs to your online course to make sales. And so that's one of the things that you'll
have to consider when making your online course.

Where are you going to promote it? Are you going to do it on Instagram? Pinterest? Facebook? All of those are absolutely great, but you'll
have to think about what traffic source you'll use to get eyeballs on your course. There are platforms where if you have no audience,
no following, you can put it on there and they could make sales and drive traffic to
your course for you, like Udemy. But the reason why I don't suggest Udemy is
because they can sell your course and at a promotional rate for whatever they want. So if you have a course that's worth $500
they can sell it on a special holiday sale for like $29.99 and that's not the best option.

So that's why I advise to build up your own
traffic sources and to sell it at the price point that you prefer. And so as I mentioned in the beginning, yes,
this is going to be a big upfront time investment. I mean, not that much time. If you work two to three hours a day on building
an online course. You could have a great online course within
weeks, for sure, less than a month. So you make the course once and then you sell
it and it becomes passive income. Alright, so the third passive income idea
is infinite banking. Now, this is definitely a longterm strategy
to build wealth and passive income at the same time. But infinite banking is basically the concept
of getting a dividend, paying whole life insurance policy and having that be where you store
your money and grow your money instead of a savings account, for example.

And so if you want to know more about infinite
making this book right here, Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash, you can get it
on Amazon or really any bookstore. This is kind of like the Bible of infinite
banking. You could learn way more about it, but the
idea of between whole life insurance and term life insurance is with whole life insurance
you can leverage the insurance policy and use that cash value to either help pay off
your debt and to build wealth so you can borrow money from your life insurance policy. Whereas if you use term insurance, which is
where you pay a monthly fee of, I don't know, 20-30 bucks, it's like kind of a normal benefit
you get with your job. You can't use that money at all, like, ever
unless you die and then they pay out your beneficiary to help with the money. But that's no use to you while you're living. So the fact that you can leverage a dividend
paying life insurance policy is amazing.

So the idea is there's a certain percentage
of cash value that you can borrow from your life insurance policy and you can pay yourself
back. So the idea is you're trying to avoid taking
loans and credit cards out from the banks as much as possible, because guess what? When you're paying them back, you're paying
them interest like crazy credit cards, 19% and these other student loans is 4-7% it's
insane. If we get into the habit of paying ourselves
back and we're earning compound interest of 4% with infinite banking, that is some serious
cash flow that stacks up over the years. So I currently have one policy, I definitely
plan to get some more within the next couple of years, and there's no like restriction. You can start a policy when you're young,
when you're a teenager, so that's what's super cool about infinite banking, a concept that's
not very much talked about because banks know that if everyone knows about infinite banking,
you know, basically, the banks would go out of business.

So check out infinite banking if that interests
you. Alright, so the next way, coming in at number
four, to earn passive income, potentially over a thousand dollars a month is with using
cash back. So there's a couple of ways you could do this. And just, as a note, you're not going to be
a millionaire with earning cash back with these two tools. It's not really like that, it's just kind
of like you're going to spend money, so you might as well earn cash back for the money
that you're spending. So the first application where you could earn
cash back, a good amount of cashback, is a website called Rakuten. I don't know really know how to say it, but
it was really cool about Rakuten, is that you could earn, not only a commission when
you were first someone to Rakuten, but also when you shop online frequently.

And of course in this pandemic we are shopping
online every day, all the time, right? So you might as well be earning some serious
cash back from what you were spending online. So when you go on the Rakuten website you
can see that there's a lot of stores, like big department stores and other electronic
stores, like you name it, any type of store, Nike, it's on there. The big name brand stores are on there. So every single store has different cashback
levels. So that's really cool, that you could earn
anywhere from 2% up to 20% cash back. The commission checks are paid out through
PayPal, so that's really cool and easy way to get paid out for sure. The next way to earn cash back is with credit

Now you do obviously have to be careful with
credit cards for obvious reasons. You don't want to go into and be earning money
and giving interest back to the bank. That's not necessary, but there are some really
great cash back credit cards where they don't have a annual fee, they have a really amazing
intro offer. So if you spend like, let's say for example,
$500 you get $200 cash back, you know, that's $500 you were going to spend on something
anyway. I would also advise to check out the rewards
rate. So maybe the credit card offers 1.5% cash
back on all purchases. All purchases are great so you're not limited
to just cash back on gas or on food or on entertainment or something. It doesn't matter what you spend, no matter
what you charge on your credit card, you're going to get 1.5% cash back.

So that's a really good thing to check out. And the other thing, I think most credit cards
have this down already, but make sure there's nothing like additional international fees
because I travel all the time internationally, and trust me, those transaction fees add up,
you know, 50 cents, a dollar, 75 cents here and there. It's really annoying, like versus a regular
debit card. So just make sure you follow those rules when
looking into a credit card. Coming in at number five for passive income
is an app. So if you create an app, you can earn passive
income forever. And again, this takes up front work, but it
is well worth it once you develop the app. Let me show you a great example of what I'm
talking about. Okay, so I have this example pulled up on
my phone of a creator. Her name is Kelsey, I forgot her last name,
sorry. But she has an application and her brand is
called Hitburn, right? So if you go in the app and it says, welcome
to Hitburn, start here, app intro. So it's really cool because it has all the
tools of walking her clients who want to lose weight, or whatever their fitness goals are,
of what to do.


So ignite eight items, so there's like an
intro training guide, nutrition guide, workouts, all kinds of really cool stuff in here and
so I'm sure this took her quite a while to develop. I don't know, maybe a year, I don't know. This application is in the Apple store. Well, what she does is she has a subscription
base for her memberships. When they subscribe to her app, I think it's
like $20 a month and she's got quite a big following. But regardless of the following, that's quite
a bit of money. Let's say she has a thousand members in this
app. That's a very nice five figure check that
she's pulling in every single month, and she literally has to do nothing. She doesn't have to teach anyone, the app
does the heavy lifting and the training and shows them the nutrition guides.

So if you can develop an app in the industry
or the niche that you love, it would be well, well, well worth it because after you sell
it and get it launched, it's very, very hands off. Alright, so coming in at number six on a way
to make a thousand plus dollars per month is affiliate marketing. Now, I love affiliate marketing because it
is a business model that is completely free to start. There's no risk with having to create your
own application or your own product or your own course. You literally just promote somebody else's
product, and if you make a sale, then you get the commission. So I'm no stranger to affiliate marketing. There's been months where I've made well over
$10,000 just with promoting other people's products, other people's digital courses,
specifically, is what I did. But there's so many creators and influencers
out there that make a lot of money selling products on Amazon with amazon.com like let's
say you have a tech channel.

Once again, affiliate marketing goes hand
in hand with a YouTube channel. There's plenty of creators out there that
have tech channels where they do tech reviews of all kinds of electronics, products with
a very high price point, and when they make a sale through their affiliate link for that
product, they get a very nice commission because it's a higher product that costs, I dunno,
$800, $900 so that's passive income that they're making every single month just from doing
what they love and reviewing products that they use and that they love every day. You can also monetize affiliate marketing
really well if you had, let's say, a blog, let's say you're describing an article about
hiking and you put in your favorite hiking gear within the affiliate links people are
wanting to buy because when people are on YouTube channels or when people are on blogs,
they're in the mindset of, "Yeah, I want to learn and I also want to buy," so somebody
in a learning mindset is 63% more likely to buy than somebody who's just scrolling on
Instagram or Tik Tok or Facebook, let's say.

So that's a great way to cash in with affiliate
marketing and make passive income every single month. Alright, so the next way, coming in at number
seven to make passive income and more than a thousand dollars a month, is with eBooks. So what you could do is create or write a
book, which I know it sounds like it takes a long time, but in reality, I know that there's
editors and publishers out there that will help you write the book as long as you outline
the book and the body and the main points.

They will help you write the book so it's
not like you have to write every single word for word. So writing a book nowadays is much easier
than it was before. And if you were to publish the book on Kindle,
that works hand in hand with Amazon. So once you publish your book on Kindle, you
can sell your book on Amazon, which is really cool because there's a ton, there's, you know,
billions of users on Amazon. So that's traffic that you don't have to pay
for. And once you sell your book though, you'll
get the Royalty commissions from selling it, and it just stays on Amazon until the end
of Amazon.

Whenever that is, I don't know if they'll
ever be an end to Amazon. Alright, so coming in at passive income idea
number eight is rentals and crowdfunding. So let me explain the two and the difference
between the two. So, obviously, investment wise, this is going
to be a big upfront costs, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what
type of property you're going to buy and invest in. Definitely do your homework with this one,
especially with rental properties. So, obviously, if you buy a property, a commercial
property, a house, an apartment, whatever it is, you do get the passive income if you
have renters in there and they're paying the rent and the mortgage on the property. The problem with this is that it's a lot of
work especially if you're managing the tenants from day to day. So the way it becomes passive is when you
get either a property manager or an entire property management company to manage your
property so that they deal with the day to day things of the tenants and that they take
care of all of that.

For example, I'm in this apartment and the
company that manage it is called Live Realty Medellín. I'm in Medellín Columbia, the idea is the
same, of course, but I deal with them whenever something breaks in the apartment and they
helped me fix it and they send people to address whatever I have going on with the apartment. So that is how it works but with crowdfunding,
it's a little bit different. It is very passive because it is way more
hands off. So with crowdfunding, you have a property,
it could be a building, it could be a group of apartments, whatever. And there's a bunch of investors that put
down, kind of like a down payment, to invest in the property so that it could be remodeled
and restored and then furnished. And then once it starts getting tenants, or
like if it's an Airbnb type of property, once it starts getting travelers and visitors,
then that money that's made from the rent or you know, the price to stay at the property
goes to all the investors split up equally.

So like let's say there's 10 investors who
invest $25,000 each. Then that residual income is split up in between
those 10 investors. So I actually have an expert coming on the
channel, I think the next video or video after that, to talk about crowdfunding. It's going to be really exciting so be sure
you're subscribed to the channel, hit the notification bell, but crowdfunding can work
in other types of ways to like in the US I know that you can do this with storage units. And that's really cool because with storage
units, there are no tenants. There's just stuff in the room so if you invest,
the same way, into a storage unit, you can have that passive income as people are paying
that monthly fee to store their stuff.

And the cool thing about storage is it's a
really great investment because there's always going to be people that have extra crap and
they'll need storage facilities to put and hold their stuff. Alright, coming in at number nine for passive
income ideas, is E-commerce, specifically print on demand. Now, the reason why print on demand is really
cool is because unlike, let's say, starting an Etsy store or starting something on Amazon
handmade, you are responsible for manufacturing the product and creating the product and shipping
it, but we print on demand.

It's a much more passive income model because
you're not in charge of the fulfillment or sending out the product. All you gotta do is come up with a design
or something to put on different products like shower curtains, cups, t-shirts, whatever
it is. There's a print on demand company called Printful,
there's a bunch of print on demand companies where all you do is come up with the design
and when someone comes to your online store and they buy, everything from that point is
dependent upon that print on demand company for the fulfillment.

So that is really cool and the other way print
on demand relates to YouTube, I told you that YouTube is a passive income goldmine, is that
once you get to a certain level of subscribers, you were able to have merch on your YouTube
channel similar to this, where you can have your YouTube video and have your merch below
the YouTube channel. So your tee shirts and other merchandise that
you want to sell with your logo, with your brand name on the channel. So that is also passive income every single

So the 10th way to earn passive income is
peer to peer lending. And so this works one of two ways. Either you are the borrower or you are the
investor. So if you're the investor that's the way that
you are going to earn passive income because basically a startup company or some individual
is going to ask you to borrow money and then you're going to have them pay you back with
interest. It could be the same interest rate as a bank
or something like that, anywhere from 4% to 10% interest.

And so you can have different rules and guidelines
for the loans that you're lending out to people such as a credit score, such as like a writeup
of what they're going to invest in, just kind of like a brief history of where you're putting
your money so that you know that you can trust that you'll get your money back. Definitely check out different peer to peer
lending sites online to get an idea of how it could work for you and how you could be
the person investing into a company and capitalizing on that interest which will become passive
income. And so the more money you lend out, the idea
is the more money you will receive in interest payments, which will become more passive income
month to month. So again, just wanted to say if you're still
here, go ahead and check out the live masterclass so you can check out the new subscribers to
sales course that we have officially launched. And if you're enjoying this video, I'm sure
you're going to love the video that is up next, which is about passive income ideas
that you can start all for under $100 and that video is up next so see you on that video.

Making money while you sleep? Sounds a little bit scammy, right? Well, definitely don't think of it that way. Routinely they make $60,000 per month from
selling dolls..

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