Daily Passive Income 2021 | ✔11.04$ for a WEEK-REPORT 2 | Make money Online | Work from Home

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Hi Welcome to the next report Today I show you my weekly earnings I have one tip for you and after we look to
shopping trought WowApp So my weekly earnings looks great now I earn 1104 wowcoin which is around 11 dollars My network grow by 236 users Now I add my earnings to total earnings I noticed one thing here Using wowapp on computer have now 20 times bigger reward So I recommend install WowApp to computer and using it here Now I would like to show you shopping trought this app everyone can shop trought wowapp and get casback from this there is over 1000 partner shops I think anyone find here great discount for
things that we everyday use Now I show you how save your shop to the favourite
for easier searching Click on the shop, for example Aliexpress where is discount around 5 percent Go down and easy click to add to favourite I have this shop in favourite already Here you can see your shopping history Under it in main categories you find my favourite where you can find your shop which you add here I have list of my shops where I shopping If you have any questions or some issue, tell
me in commnent or contact me in app thank you


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