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what's up guys it's wiz welcome back to the 
channel if you are new here i am a big canadian   dividend growth investor and i cover basically a 
whole lot of information about investing in canada   so if you're into that follow the channel so we 
get to know the canadian stock market together   today i'll be going over a great canadian stock 
that you should hold if you look forward to   dividends each year and also look forward to 
a great capital gain over the next few years   plus if you are looking for undervalued stocks 
and a currently discounted stock in the market   or more specifically the the canadian market 
then i will be presenting one amazing stock   that is undervalued and offers dividends i will 
be breaking down this stock and i'll tell you   why you should add it to your portfolio right 
now or in the near future in my opinion in the   future after the pandemic is finally over this 
stock will have high revenue high profits and   high potential for future value of the company 
stock many stocks have been trading at a big   discount so this great stock is extremely worth 
looking at with these low prices so i suggest   checking the stock out buying it if you are 
interested and ride the wave with this economic   recovery which is bound to come at some point 
as always before i get started if you don't   already know i'm a canadian investor and use a 
broker called wealthsimple i'm a dividend growth   investor so all the current stocks in my portfolio 
are all dividend stocks and uh two i have two big   tech companies um if you want all the details and 
the holdings of my dividend portfolio check out my   portfolio overview video um i invest mostly 
in dividend stocks since i am quite young this   passive income will grow bigger and bigger over 
time and will probably overtake my annual salary   when i'm older and so if you're a canadian like 
me and are looking to start invested you should   consider using wealth simple trade app since if 
you sign up with the link in the description and   you deposit a hundred dollars you will get a free 
ten dollars from wilson the stock i'll be going   over today is kushta ticker symbol atd.a which 
is on the tsx start toronto stock exchange market   cushdown is a multinational convenience store and 
gas station chain and they are actually the leader   in the convenience store industry in canada 
with around 9 500 stores in north america it   operates a network of convenience stores or 
as in canada we like to call them dependers   so they operate in north america ireland 
poland and russia and many more countries   in 2019 kushta had a record-breaking year of 
earnings for the company so and actually the   company primarily generates income for the sales 
of tobacco products groceries beverages fresh   food quick service restaurant meals car wash 
services other retail products and much more   stuff in addition the company operates more stores 
under the name circle k in other countries such as   china egypt and malaysia its operations are 
divided into in the us the europe and canada   kushta also mentions that their goal by 2023 is 
to double their earnings from their previous year   of 2019 which is one of which was one of their 
biggest years in earnings houston is considered   an essential service slash company during tough 
economic times it is similar to grocery store   chains which have as we have seen have remained 
open during the pandemic and have earnings that   continue to grow without a big pullback it is also 
good to mention that kushtal is also a big company   that wants to establish itself in canada and push 
to grow and buy existing convenience store chains   which is um which is great since uh their net cash 
has actually improved since uh 2019-2020 so it's   actually also not improved but this has increased 
also so so this is just another this reassures us   that they are able to withstand the pandemic 
and any losses that the pandemic caused them   as you can see on my screen the stock is currently 
at a price of 45.05 dollars the great thing is   crucial also has a dividend yield of around 0.62 
percent not only is this stock going to grow in   value over the next few years but they offer a 
dividend at the same time so that's just another   plus as mentioned the big benefit is the capital 
appreciation with a minor benefit from dividends   so this is a perfect stock which describes my 
way of investing which is dividend growth stocks   stocks that have a high chance to gain value in 
the future and offer dividends at the same time   finally kushta is a great addition to any 
portfolio especially if you're a canadian investor   looking for a big and great canadian stocks so if 
you want to add one of the best companies on the   toronto stock exchange market you have to add 
kushtal to your list please watch my previous   videos on canadian stock recommendations and let 
me know of any canadian stocks you want me to   look into and give an opinion on hopefully this 
dive into a kushtag stock made your investment   decision easier i guess and let me know how 
you feel about the stock in the comments   do you like this growth play do you have any 
better recommendations let me know in the   comments since i really want to know and expand 
my view in the canadian market so i can expand   my knowledge about canadian stocks also 
if you did enjoy this video leaving a like   really helps to grow the channel thanks for 
watching i'll see you guys in the next video


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