BDO Worker Node Empire Guide of 2021 – Best Nodes to Invest for Easy AFK Money!

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Hey guys it's SAM, and welcome back for another 
black desert online video. Today we will talk   about one of the more unique feature of this 
game which is the BDO slave empire… or more   discretely known as the worker node empire. So 
for the benefit of those who are new to the game   let me discuss first what is a worker empire 
and if you are already a veteran in the game   then i recommend to skip this part and look 
on the timestamps under the description below Alright so first question, what is a worker node 
empire? So there are a lot of ways to earn silver   in BDO, and those ways are not necessarily 
needed to be actively playing the game.

Of   course you can just kill mobs or gather 
manually to get some items for you to sell   but what if i tell you that you can just 
let your workers do the manual labor for you?   This is the idea of the worker node 
empire letting you hire some npc to   gather items for you all around the world! 
And it's up to you to sell those directly   or use the gathered items in crafting or other 
life skills. As long as you are online and your   workers are drunked, then expect to earn some money 
while doing nothing! A lazy man's ultimate dream!!   but of course even if it is indeed free, there 
are some requirements and setup needed to be done   First on the list is the contribution points or 
CP found in the upper left corner of your screen   so your CP will basically decides how 
grand your worker empire is going to be   The more CP you got the wider your empire 
can become.

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You can gain more CP through   questing which is why it is very recommended to 
do the main quest for first time players. While   additional CP can later be earned through 
life skills by product and most popularly   through cooking, exchanging Witch's delicacies for 
contribution points until at least you reach 400   Once you got some contribution points you can now 
hire your first worker in a town. Just click the   find npc button in the upper right corner of your 
screen and click worker. This will auto-path you   towards the nearest worker supervisor. You will be 
shown two options, the first one is contract worker   which is the basic way to hire workers. Using 
your energy you can roll workers and hire them   if you like them. And generally the rule of thumb 
is to only hire at least a skilled level worker The second option is to buy workers sold by 
other players, this is usually done to buy artisan  workers and sometimes professional workers as 
long as they still have promotion chance available   Now there are several race to choose from 
between workers. In majority of the regions of   the game you can choose between goblins, humans 
and giants.

Goblins is the fastest to work   but with very low stamina, but its speed makes it 
very desirable for min-maxing players. Giants on   the other hand has the highest stamina and 
can work for several days but is very slow   While humans is somewhat in between and has 
high luck to proc those rare items in the nodes   In Kamasilvia you have separate 
choice which is the fadus and the papu   Papu workers is most likely similar to goblins 
while Fadus has work speed similar to humans   and a stamina equivalent to a giant. However 
fadus does not have the luck popular on humans   And lastly is O'dyllita, you have the 
additional choice to get dwarves   which is a goblin equivalent while 
the slave human is well still a human   Workers are also split into different tiers. From 
lowest to highest you have the naive workers   colored grey the normal workers colored green the 
skilled workers color blue professional in yellow   and artisan in orange the higher the tier the 
higher the base stats of each worker so the   final goal is to reach artisan which you can get 
through worker manager rules if you are very lucky   but in most cases you can get one either through 
buying one or promoting your worker and speaking   of worker promotions this is the reason why you 
should at least get a skilled worker or hire   when rolling in worker supervisor this is 
in order to have lesser promotions needed   as each promotion only increases workers tier by 
one so a naive worker still needs to be promoted   four times to reach artisan compared to a skilled 
worker which only needed to be promoted twice   another thing to note is that 
promotion is not 100 guarantee   and levels thus improve the chances of promotion 
under your worker list go to the promotion tab   and you will see how many times you can still 
promote a worker the worker must not be doing   any type of work to start the promotion and only 
one worker at a time can have the promotion test   which lasts for 24 hours and generally it is 
recommended to have your worker reach level 21st   before trying to promote it twice if 
it failed all chances of promotion   fire or sold the worker and just get another one 
reaching to max level 30 is also nice but takes a   lot of time and thus not so much recommended once 
you reach artists and worker it will be the time   that you will start looking in the skills this is 
not required whatsoever but if you have time to   organize then it is somewhat useful as well once 
arts and worker reaches level 30 you can no longer   promote it instead you can try rolling its skills 
to be more useful for general afk note gathering   what you will be looking into is to get skills 
that increases the work speed and movement speed   lock is also nice to get if the worker is assigned 
in a node with rare proc stack excavation nodes   alright now finally the last thing to note is 
that workers still need some things in order   for them to work and that is either giving them 
beer or feeding them with grilled chickens this   is very easily be achieved by cooking them 
yourself as they are basic recipes otherwise   you can just buy them off in the marketplace 
if you are either very busy or just very lazy   now that we are finally done with our 
introduction and basic guides for workers   it's finally a time we dig into which nodes we 
should invest in 2021 this is where majority of   your contribution points will be spent as you 
will need each node to be activated before your   workers can gather in that area now again for 
the benefit of those who are new to the game let   me discuss first on how to invest on the nodes 
so the first thing to do in order to invest is   to discover the node first at the start of the 
game when you press m to open the world map most   of the area is initially clouded but will later 
be cleared once you discover each node by going   near the area and talking to the node manager of 
that particular area once you discover the node   you will have this icon pop up in your world map 
as the node icon you can click on that node icon   to see the sub node and know what kind of resource 
can be gathered by your workers note however   that not all nodes have sub nodes and is only 
there as a conduction node towards other nodes   now let's talk about investing your cp to the 
node note first that in order to invest and use   your worker that particular node must be directly 
connected to a town where your worker is located   to know if the node is connected open 
again your world map and you will see some   thin lines extending from the major towns like 
value towards different nodes if the node is   connected to the thin line then you can invest in 
it otherwise if it is not connected to that line   you will need to connect the previous node first 
in order to know the previous node just click that   node for example this goblin cave then on the left 
side of the screen click previous node this will   auto-pass you towards the previous node needed to 
be invested before you can connect to the current   node that you want now that you know what node to 
invest first go towards the manager of that node   and click invest node you will see on the left 
side of your screen again how much contribution   points is needed in order to invest in that node 
also if you have value pack active you can invest   from anywhere in the world even if you don't go 
to the node manager you just need to use 10 energy   instead in order to invest now after you have 
invested the previous node you can now see a line   extending towards the node that you want to invest 
in this case the goblin cave we now go to the node   manager of that area and invest some contribution 
points like what we did in the forest of blunder   once that's invested you can also click on the 
sub node and invest on that sub node once you   have invested in that subnode you can now choose 
which worker to gather in that node but again   you can only choose a worker from a town 
directly connected to the node itself   choosing a worker from a town not directly 
connected to the node will just pop up a warning   error you can also change how many times you want 
your worker to perform the task but in most cases   we just hit the max quantity and gather away now 
as long as your online and workers are fed it will   bring the gathered items in your storage which 
will accumulate with time and easy free money   now before we end our discussion with the node 
investment let me talk about excavation node first   excavation nodes are basically hidden nodes which 
you can only see once you get the knowledge from   the node manager now the important part 
is that the node must be connected first   if the node is not connected the node 
manager won't grant you the knowledge   of that excavation node so connect the node 
first like here in the ancient stone chamber   talk to the node manager and viola discover the 
excavation node this is a bit important as items   in most excavation node cells a lot and so try 
to discover the hidden excavation nodes which   you can see in something lovely video world map 
link below now with the basics finally introduced   it's time to check which nodes we should invest 
now this has been made a lot way easier to do   all thanks to andu website you can easily 
sort the highest gross earner daily   and which region it is located i have linked 
down the description below for you to see it   it is only based in na and eu prices but 
most of the regions anyway have more or   less the same demands there are some slight 
variations but popular item still holds true   but just don't blend you follow the top 
notes as you will need to consider a cv cost   if it is worth getting but anyways that's why 
we're here and so let's go over it one by one   let's start to the first one which is balanos the 
first region you're in at the start of the game   near valya a must-have includes bertalli farm 
logia farm and finto farm with the latter two   being top priority with both potato and eggs 
very cheap notes directly adjacent to the town   which gives you potato chicken meat and eggs all 
of which being in demand and you must have for   cooking you can never have enough of this if you 
have some extra cp and workers extending further   towards ancient zone chamber is recommended which 
is an excavation site to gather trace of ascension   you'll never know when will you need it yourself 
but when you do it's very hard to pre-order with   tens of thousands of vo most likely open at once 
it is very useful crafting material and can easily   sell if you won't need it lastly along the way 
towards ancient stone chamber you will need   to pass through to scanning farm if you still have 
spare cp and workers then you can always invest   to gather some corn which is again very useful in 
cooking or selling in the marketplace then moving   on to the second tone of bellanos we have olvia 
and as per usual just use your free worker in the   town to gather grips in casta farm another high in 
demand item boasts in cooking and in marketplace the next region we go into is 
serendia the land of the great lions   again here there are some good nodes for cooking 
materials the first one on the list is alejandro   farm for the cooking honey which sells like hot 
cakes while pumpkin is pretty useful item too and   sells pretty well though the supply for it is 
always jumping up and down next one we have is   costa farm which is again has sweet another grain 
type material that is again a must-have to get   especially with very low cp cost pumpkin is 
also another no-brainer like in alejandro farm   and flux is pretty okay and can be used to level 
your processing murata plantation is also nice   to have if you still have extra cp and workers 
for additional wheat but getting another node   for flux is not so much of a great idea one flux 
node is most of the time more than enough for you   another notable node later on that can be used 
is lynch farm movements for trays of savagery and   northern plains of saranja for a three lumps 
red three lamps i see was a must-have before   but stocks are now coming back in the market and 
so it's not much as required as it was before   there are some better nodes now out there you can 
invest for better gains but these nodes are always   there if you need them down to the town of glich 
we have the gather site for rough mud crystal   and even if iron ore does not sell well but you 
can always use those to craft cooking utensils   directly here english glitch ruins is also a 
pretty nice to have with different kinds of traces   although the ones here are not as 
popular compared to the other areas   and lastly we have the lead ores available english 
swamp for very low cp onwards to the republic of   kulfion we have the northern wheat plantation 
which has barley wheat and paprika all of which   are in constant pre-orders you can also extend 
towards old and elegant for some sweet 3 lumps   another must-have notice the mancha forest 
excavation node giving trace of violence fierce   up is also pretty okay item to sell and use in 
alchemy down in trent you can use your free worker   to get spirit leaf in lumberjack resting area 
well up in portugal area circa and randris island   are amazing for dried fishes and seafoods you 
could obtained here and lastly in kaplan you   can again use your free worker to gather some 
coal and powder of crevice in kaplan quarry next we go east towards media there are still some 
demands for zinc wars at least at the moment and   so you can always get those zinc ores in omar 
lava cave platinum also sells well and you can   both have it in the same node just don't mind 
the coal node since you'll have plenty in keplan   just out of it in abundant iron mines you can 
also get more zinc and platinum while rough black   crystal is also nice to have near tariff you 
can also get at least one cotton node for very   cheap price which you can sell or use in barter 
another great node though starts getting super   extensive are the akasha and whitesider timber 
nodes in elrec shrine stoneways wasteland and   media northern highlands the subs are still very 
much in demand at the moment and you yourself   might be needing it when crafting caravel and 
lastly if you have a spare cp trace of chaos   in ancient ruins excavation site is also a great 
one to have use it or sell it it's all up to you   now before we go to valencia let's take a 
look on additional node first near altenewa   elder trees up located in gorgo rock belt 
and veteran canyons are amazing nodes which   are nearest to altanova even it is located 
in valencia region kuni's vacation spot is   also nice for muddy water which is a barter 
item but starts getting expensive up there   going finally to the great city of valencia we 
have valencia plantations date palm and freaky   nodes you can also switch to pistachio from time 
to time for bartering use but always switch back   to the other two sub nodes then just a bit north 
you can get additional date palm in ender form   moving out of town in valencia just 
in the east in areja palm forest   you can get both coconuts for cheap cp it's most 
of the time sold out in mp and thus sells fast   the north of arihaza it starts getting 
super extensive here but are worth it   first we have gavinia volcano zone giving 
out vanadium ore which is one hell of an   expensive ore the other drops are also very 
valuable and good to have as extra income   moving further to kavenya crater we have some 
titanium ore which is as expensive though not   as popular as venetium then towards galvenia 
coastal cliff with additional vanadium oars   moving out of the desert and going to the 
shackato village fig nodes located in shacato   farmlands are must have freaky nodes in bamboo 
valley an additional elder tree sap and nutmeg   in iris canyon is also a good choice but 
up to you to get but these nodes thus pass   through yelt canyon and gaha's lair which 
can be usable if you grind in these areas   and finally in sun green bazaar we have 
bazaar farmlands for nutmeg and teff   leaving the desert city in the east we enter the 
land of the elves in the west what we can only   recommend here is the stars and node which cost 
quite a lot of cp to get but is something you will   be needing to stockpile for late game enhancing 
block store equipment as one you cannot purchase   it directly in the marketplace and two gathering 
it manually is almost non-existing you don't need   to invest in this node right away but once you 
have around 250 and most specially 300 plus cp   try to get this one as priority you can also get 
the excavation mode in tooth fairy forest along   the way but race of forest is not really in demand 
item so nah then going to the land of dragons in   dubain [ __ ] the barley and corn located in 
both marac farm and the winter and farmland is   not really much recommended as it is expensive as 
fudge what we can recommend is the trace of memory   found in sherakan necropolis as it is one of the 
five in demand races and lastly the newest region   of the game udilita using your free worker you can 
take delmera plantation for potatoes and grapes   mass of pure magic is also available in crypt of 
resting thoughts and will only cost you 13 cp to   start gathering less than the 16 cpu needed in 
star's end but the trade-off is that the extra   drop is only trace of battle which is incomparable 
to the trace of violence you can get in star's end   so it is of lesser priority unless you 
really need that mass of beer magic and i guess that's it i hope i was being able 
to help see you soon our next video peace

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