8 Ways To Make $1000 This Month (passive income ideas)

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– What's going on y'all? Welcome back to the channel. This is Wealth Hacker Labs, the channel dedicated
to teaching you new ways to grow wealth that is not
taught to you in schools or by your parents. I am your gracious host, Jeff Rose and welcome to another
Glass Board Edition. So what we're talking about today, is I want to share with
you eight different ways, eight different strategies that you can make $1,000
a month extra on the side. And the cool thing about a lot of the ways
that I'm going to show you is that once you figure them out and once you are able to
master the systems and process of what it takes to
actually pull these off, that these can become passive, where you're not doing a lot of work and you're still getting paid.

And if you're new to the channel, like this is something that
I am very passionate about because I'm all about
working hard right now, putting the work in, outsourcing, delegating, building the team so that you don't have to
work actively to get paid. You can actually create something today and get paid for it next
week, next month, next year, three years from now, five years from now if you do it right.

Another thing I wanna do in this video is that with each strategy
that I share with you, I want to give you a real-life example of somebody that is doing it. And these examples, these aren't people that are just making extra
$1,000 a month on the side. These are people that are
making an extra 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, in some cases a $100,000 a month because of the ideas that
they have implemented and have mastered. So without further ado,
let's go and get started. So the first one is Facebook Ads. So what does that mean exactly? So if you don't realize this, when you're on Facebook, Facebook
likes to serve ads to you.

That's how they make money. They're a publicly traded company, they got to make money somehow. And one of the ways they do
that is through advertising. But there are several thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of businesses that want to be on Facebook. They want to do Facebook Ads
but they just don't know how. And I'm a perfect example here. I've had digital courses, I've had things I wanted to promote and I knew that Facebook was a platform that I should be utilizing but I didn't really have
the time or energy or desire to really want to learn or master it because I had too many
other things going on. But if you are trying to
figure out what your thing is, you're trying to figure
out what you can tap into, Facebook Ads is a huge one that many business owners, small business owners
or large business owners are willing to pay if you
know what you're doing.

And I've already featured a
few of these on the channel but we've got Mike and Bobby from Laptop Empires and this is what they initially started. So Mike, like his story was he wanted to learn Facebook
Ads and he learned 'em and then all sudden,
people were hiring him to do it for them. And Mike and Bobby came together. They created a course called
the Facebook Side Hustle which shows you how to do Facebook Ads but also shows you how to
reach out to business owners that are interested in
paying somebody to do this. And because of this, I mean, Bobby had his digital agency that was making over
six figures doing that and then they have the courses also is selling like gangbusters because people want to
know this information because it is a very,
very hot topic right now.

Another example on the
Facebook Ads is Monica. And I'm going to probably
misspell her last name but I think it's Louie. And her story was similar. She recognized that there
was a market for bloggers that didn't want to, like me didn't want to learn Facebook Ads. So she just dove in and
made herself learn it. You know, she tested it
herself, she experimented. She basically just did
what wealth hackers do. You go in, you experiment
and you just learn as you go. And from there, she has
created a monster business because she has learned Facebook Ads. Now she's hired out a team, she's got people underneath her so she's not doing all
the ground work right now. But this is an easy thing that you can make an
extra $1,000 a month on.

So the second thing that
you can do is writing otherwise known as freelance writing. So believe it or not, there are sites all over
in different niches. There are dozens, if not hundreds of sites in the personal finance niche. There are sites in the automotive niche, in the health niche, in the fitness niche, in the beauty niche and they're looking for those that can produce content if you can write content. And we're not talking like rocket science. You don't have to be an
award-winning author. You don't have to be on the
New York Times bestseller. As long as you can write and do so in a fast pace and do so without too
many grammar mistakes and run-on sentences, there are people that are
willing to pay top dollar because they just want to
be able to go to somebody that they know that they can
trust and they can get it done.

And I've not featured to
her on the channel yet but one of the writers
that works for my site, her name's Holly Johnson. You can check her out a clubthrifty.com. She also has her course Earn More Writing and Holly openly shares
how she makes six figures, well above six figures
writing, just writing. And she has built a name for that and she is an amazing writer. Once again, her name is Holly Johnson. You can check her out. You can check out her
course if you're interested, if you think that that's
something that you could pursue. In addition to writing, probably
the hardest things to do is to actually find the clients, you know, finding people that are willing to pay. But there are services. You could start off on Fiverr, you know just marketing your services and you could look on upwork.com, market yourself as a freelance writer and you can publish some of your stuff so that people can see your writing style and see what you're all about. But you can make anywhere from $500 for like a 750-word post. I know people that will pay $3,000, up to like 1,500 words sometimes depending if you have
like a specific trade or your experience in
like a certain niche.

So say for example, you're really into day trading or forex trading or you have some sort of designation, like you're a CPA or you've just got some
very specific knowledge that most people don't have, if you get partnered with the right site, the right content producer, they're willing to pay top
dollar for that expertise. So you can easily make a $1,000
a month or more on the side. All right, the third thing that you can do to make a thousand dollars
a month on the side extra is to start or create an online store.

So we're not talking like Amazon, we're not talking about Walmart. We're thinking more like Etsy or we're thinking about Shopify
or creating your own store. And one example to give to this to just kind of give
you like some context, his name is Steve Chou and he has a blog, also podcast called mywifequitherjob.com which is a amazing story. You also can check out
his video on my channel where he tells more about his story and how he was able to
make a $100,000 a year in the first year that he
started his first online store. And the store that he started
is called Bumblebee Linens. And what he sells is wedding
handkerchiefs or something. To be honest, I don't quite get it.

People actually pay for like these embroidered
handkerchiefs or something. I don't know, but all I know is that he makes a lot of money
selling handkerchiefs online through his online store. And that has been predominantly
all through organic search or through his local outreach, his own social media outreach. Some paid ads but there's nothing there that he's like gained the system. And he's had the store
for as long as I can know, as long as I've known him. So I'm gonna say like
eight, nine, maybe 10 years. So Bumblebee Linens is very successful. He also has a course where he shows you if you have interest in
starting an online store and what it takes.

But the thing that is
really powerful with him is that he really hasn't
leveraged Amazon at all. It all goes through him
which is pretty amazing because Amazon is shutting down all of the mom-and-pop retail stores and even online stores. But he has still remained very competitive through his online store. So in your own case, maybe you don't want to do
handkerchiefs, I get it. (laughs) I get it. So what else could you sell? I mean that could be T-shirts, it could be survival knives, it could be camping gear.

If you go on Etsy, recently I just ordered
some custom golf club covers for my new golf clubs. I mean, you can go with
so many different ways on things that you can create. Do you have a knack for it? Now the cool thing is like maybe you're not even good at creating it, like you might be able to find somebody, like a vendor that actually
can create the stuff for you so that all you have to
do is setup the store and find people to come to the store and make that purchase. And that's when you start building that up and that's where it can become passive because you've got people taking care of all that stuff for you. All right. Another one that I am
very, very excited about, one that I can personally attest to, another way to make a thousand
dollars a month or more is through affiliate marketing. Now affiliate marketing has
so many different connotations depending on who you talk
to and how they do it. One way of affiliate marketing is you are recommending other
people's courses or products.

Another way of affiliate marketing is recommending a very specific vendor or a company or a service. Now, one person who has crushed it feature girl on the channels This is about almost two years ago now. But her name is Michelle and you can check her out
at Making Sense of Cents. That is her site or her blog and she has an amazing story because she's making well
over six figures per month. That is correct. Go ahead and write that down
in case you didn't hear that. She's making well over 100k plus per month through her site, through
affiliate marketing. So with her, yes, she does have
a course that she promotes. But for her, it was recommending services like hosting companies or recommending a different
type of investment products. On my blog, on Good Financial Cents, we recommend a lot of
different insurance products. Life insurance, car insurance,
homeowners insurance like that's another way that
you can make affiliates. or you can recommend
other people's products.

So you can become an affiliate of Michelle if she has her course, which is "Making Sense
of Affiliate Marketing" or something like that. Making sense of affiliates. So if you recommend her course, which I think it sells for about $200, you get 30% of any sale that you generate. So just by recommending
other products or services that you already hopefully already use, that you have received value out of and you feel very safe and feel comfortable recommending
that to somebody else, then you could make an affiliate. I say that because you don't wanna sign up to be an affiliate of a product or service that you don't like, that you don't use.

And maybe you don't use it but you still have a lot
of trust for that company or for the person who created that product that's being offered. So if you don't use it but it would definitely be transparent in the fact that you
don't have it used it yet, that you would use it if you needed it. But this is another way that you can make an extra thousand dollars a month. As I mentioned, Michelle's making well
over $100,000 a month. She is on the extreme side of things. We're doing north of that on our site but it is a very lucrative things. If you are interested
in putting in the work, the time to build up the platform that allows you to sit back
and collect those affiliates. So one thing I didn't
mention about Michelle is that over the last few years, she has been on the road traveling. So for over a year, she was in an RV traveling the country with her husband, making a hundred thousand dollars a month.


And for the last, I think a year now, she's been on the ocean on a sailboat. Correct. I don't think you get very
good reception or Wi-Fi when you're out on the ocean but she has been on the
ocean with her husband making over $100,000 a month
from affiliate marketing. That's how you do it like do it, like do it how Michelle is doing it. Do it on a sailboat. All right. The fifth way that you
can make money on the side make that extra $1,000 a month is through self-publishing. So here, what we're talking
about is through Amazon, Amazon Kindle or just publishing
directly through Amazon. As a published author, self-publishing used to be thought of as like, you only do that because no publisher is willing to pay for your book idea. So generally speaking, you don't really have a good book idea that any book publisher thinks that you can actually make money on. But obviously, Amazon has
changed the game on that. So you have people that
are publishing books, like their own books and are creating a massive following all strictly on Amazon.

And they're sitting back and making more than they would ever make if they went through a publisher. Now somebody always asks me, I get people asking all the time, like how much do you make from your book? And this is a book that I
published several years ago and I got a decent advance. It was like a five figure advance. But after that, my royalty checks are
pretty low, next to nothing. We're talking like a couple
of hundred bucks or quarter. Now, I don't actually
actually promote that book all that much, so that's part of the reason. But people that are publishing on Amazon, like once you have a hit and
it might be the first one but people keep publishing
other books that are similar in their, I guess, whatever
space that they're in.

And one example that comes to mind, his name is Mike Piper
and I met him through the personal blogging space. He may still have a personal finance blog but he has a series of books
on like simple investing and simple guides on taxes and very, very simplistic books. I mean they're nohing fancy but they've got good quality information. He puts a lot of time
and research into 'em. But he now lives a very nice lifestyle where he's making north of six figures and just works when needs to work. And it really all isn't all that much and really just depends on how much work that you wanna put into it. But in his case, he's
built up a nice system to where he just sits back
and publishes a new book. I don't know how often, I'm gonna guess like
once every six months. And another guy you can check out too, his name is Chandler Bolt and he has really mastered
the self-publishing game and I know he also has a course and a lot of training like good free material as well if you have interest in
the self-publishing niche.

And it's something that
I'm definitely considering, having some books on
Amazon self-publish it, self-published just to
build up thought leadership about my network and
obviously to keep more money because I don't have to get everything to the big-time publishers. All right, the next one
on the list, number six. This is one, I mean, this is what I do. This is what I love. Number six is blogging. Now, if you haven't
heard me say this before then I guess you haven't been
on the channel that much. But blogging is something
that I just stumbled into. I started my blog goodfinancialcents.com that was initially as a marketing tool for my financial planning practice. Didn't know that you could
make money on the side. Didn't know you could make
money on a website or a blog and it took me nine months to where I finally made my
first Google Adsense payout that was not a thousand dollars.

That was a hundred and fifty-two
dollars and some change. But after a while, I started making a couple of hundred
dollars a month, then 500, then I reached that a
thousand dollars a month. Now the blog brings in anywhere between two to 300,000 a month which is mind-blowing to me. But it's what I do, it's what I enjoy. Now with blogging, it can have
a lot of different components of how you make money through that. Affiliate marketing is one of those. That is really how we make the
most our money on the site. There's also display ads which could be like Google Ads basically. We also work with other networks. There's also like text
ads where people are CPC as you know, cost-per-click basically.

So with that, people
actually have to come to site and click on something. If they click on it, then you get paid. That we do a lot of on
the affiliates as well on the blogging side. But it is something, I love it because yes, I've put a lot of time
and energy growing this, growing the blog but now
because of what I've built, there isn't a lot of
maintenance or upkeep. We still have to take care of the SEO and we had to have a web
developer that takes care of all that stuff. But that's not me.

That's somebody on my team
that's able to do all that stuff. But blogging is something
that you can be in any niche, you could be in the personal finance base, you can be in the, I'm trying to think of some fun examples, in the food space, entrepreneurship. You could be in the dog walking
space, dog training space. There's so many different
spaces that you can be in and there is a community around that and there's a way to
make money off that blog. If you want to check out a free challenge, you can go to the make1kchallenge.com I'll have a link in the
description as well.

But that is a free challenge. You can sign up, free email series that will show you some steps to get to you to that making
that first $1000 a month. So be sure to check that out. All right, the other one now. You gotta have some nerves for this one. This is one that I have participated in. This is one that you
really can't outsource and that is speaking. So if you enjoy getting on stages, if you enjoy speaking in front of people and offering motivational,
inspirational type stuff or if you can actually just deliver just some subject matter expertise in whatever space that you might be in, it could be in business leadership, it could be in teaching, it could be in the healthcare space.

But you can get paid
good money for speaking. Now initially, you might
not make anything at all. You have to start to kind
of get your name out there. You also want some experience so that you're comfortable doing it but you can get paid anywhere from $500 on up to 5k depending on how
much experience that you have. I have a friend of mine who's
been speaking for a long time. He has built his name around his brand and his ability to deliver and he is now making anywhere from 15 to 25,000, thousand, 25,000 per talk.

So he's on the stage for 45 minutes or so and making anywhere from
15 to $25,000 per talk. Now, that has taken a
while to get to that point. Somebody you should check out, if this is something that
you're interested in, he's actually a really
good friend of mine. Name is Grant Baldwin. He has a podcast and a site
called The Speaker Lab. Grant was a professional speaker. Now, he has courses and training for those that are interested
on how to get booked and paid to speak. But I don't know how much grant was making but I know he was
commanding a pretty good fee by the time he ended up getting out of it. You know for him, he's
got three young girls so he wanted to stay more at home, didn't want to travel. That does require some travel, not a lot of travel depending
on you know where you live and where the speaking engagements are.

But you go where you get paid but you know if you're getting paid, I have another friend who has just started
speaking here more recently and I think the largest fee
that he has received so far was $2,500 and that also included travel. And I think he had to
travel to the West Coast either he lives here in the southeast. Either way, he got paid $2,500
with plus travel to go speak. I think it was a two-day event so he had to give two talks. But two days, got paid $2,500 and was on the stage for
60 minutes tops each time. So two hours on top of travel. Like that's not a bad gig. So speaking is another way that you could make an extra
thousand dollars a month or more on the site. And the last one, and this is the one I
really enjoy this one. It's one that is, it still blows my mind that
you can make money doing this. You can also lose a
lot of money doing this and you'll see what I mean.

Shoes, in more particular
like flipping shoes. And so this past year, I've
became a sneaker head in my 40s and I have more Jordan ones. I have Jordan ones and Adidas ultra boost
are like my go-to's. But what I've realized and I've
learned through this process is that you can make money flipping shoes whether you're buying new releases and you can do this from the
convenience of your phone, using sites like StockX or I guess you have to buy them first on the Nike sneaker app or the Adidas app. If you do this app, you can also buy them through
other online retailer apps like Finishline, Footlocker,
Footaction, Champs and there is new releases
coming out all the time. Now, all of them always will make money or there'll be shoes that
are going to sell out. But you can use sites like StockX which sounds like a stock market site but really it's one of
the coolest sites ever. That's basically showing like
the supply and demand of shoes whether there would be
new releases coming out or shoes that were released
five years ago, three years ago but that's where I bought
my first pair of Jordan 4s that I used to have when I was a kid.

I didn't know you could actually
go out and buy old shoes and I found them on
StockX and paid about $400 but boom, I've got 'em. Since then, StockX has
got a lot of my money. but I've also been able
to go on Nike SNKR app and just when a new release is coming out, I just put a entry in and
sometimes I get selected and sometimes I don't. I feel like more times than not. But the ones that I have, God, I've made anywhere, the lowest is gonna be 25, $50. I think the highest so far is about 200. But there are some shoes
that had I got them, that I could have made anywhere from 500 to a thousand
dollars for one pair of shoes.

Now those don't happen every single month but I'm telling you they
happen all the time. And whether you wanna
do that on your phone or you could actually go to
like a Foot Locker or a Champs if you have a mall or store close to you. Go there and put your
name in or wait in line. And sometimes you wait
in line for an hour. It might be worth an extra
500 to a thousand dollars and not sure what you
do for work right now or how you get paid, but that could be a very easy way to make an extra $1,000 a month on the side. So what I wanted, the
whole point of doing this was just to show you that one, there are so many different ways that you can make money on the side and also just to give you
some real-life examples of people that are doing it, that have done it, that are currently doing it. And the best part is that they're not making a
thousand dollars a month. None of these people I've mentioned are making a thousand dollars
a month from the ideas here.

What they're making is
so much more than that. But for many of you,
just the idea or concept of making an extra $1,000 a month is almost impossible to even ascertain and I just wanna show you
that not only can you do it but people are doing it and
they're making so much more than a thousand dollars a month. But you have to have
the willingness to try. You have to have the wilingness to put yourself out there
and learn and experiment and see which one's going to work for you. Do you wanna do all of these? No. You just want to pick one or two and pick the ones that you think that you're going to flourish on, that you're going to enjoy. Enjoy the process because
you gotta cut your teeth, you gotta get dirty, you
gotta roll up your sleeves and put in the work and figure it out. But once you do, you can
sit back and enjoy it.

Enjoy it. I know Michelle is enjoying
making six figures a month while she's on a sailboat. I'm enjoying making six figures
a month doing YouTube videos and hanging out with my kids. That's what I enjoy doing but it all starts with that
first goal of a make it, that first goal of making a thousand dollars a month on the side. The question is, are you willing to do it? Let me know in the comments below. This is Jeff Rossen reminding
you that it's your money, it's your life and all of
you can make it awesome. Peace! (blows) (upbeat music).

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