7 Passive Income Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now

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– Seven side hustles
you can start right now. In today's video, I'm gonna be
showing you seven strategies, starting from something, but
it's gonna be a great way to start out if you literally
have time but no money, and you have to make money now to things that's gonna
be extremely scalable. So let's begin. (upbeat music) Number one is Amazon Flex. Now, one of the things that
Amazon says on Amazon Flex is how you can be your own
boss and work on your own terms where they will pay
you $18 to $25 per hour by literally just flexing. Well, not flexing, but
utilizing your muscles and to help them move things around. So one of the things that you can be doing during your spare time is to literally sign up with Amazon Flex, and you can actually
work on your own terms, on your own hours, so that
you can have that side hustle.

Number two is to declutter. That's right, what if you
could actually get paid by decluttering stuff? Not just your own stuff but
also other people's stuff. Chances are you have stuff at your place that you have never used
in a really long time that you could list on
eBay, on Craigslist. Or what if you could also
take stuff that your family, your friends, things that they don't want, and you're helping them declutter, so that you can actually sell that online by either decluttering yourself or decluttering somebody else's home. Number three is using Amazing Home. Amazon Home Services right now, Amazon wants to conquer the world. They wanna go into all
these different sub niches, and one of the things
they wanna conquer as well are all the little things that
people need to do from home.

So whether it's carpet cleaning, whether it's fixing an iPhone, whether it's setting up
an electrical appliances, whether it's a DIY thing, one thing Amazon wants to do is they want to conquer
that market as well. So you can actually sign up
with Amazon Home Services to which area of specialty that you think you're pretty good at or helping somebody with their iPhone or helping somebody with
their electrical appliances. You can do that with Amazon's help. And number four is actually tutoring.

Now, tutoring, what if you
could actually take what it is that you know, your life experience, your passion, your hobby, and help somebody else by being a tutor? Whether it's teaching a new language, whether it's playing a guitar, what if you could tutor this other person? And there are a lot of sites out there where they are looking for tutors where you can actually help, and coach, and teach
somebody else and get paid. So when you are tutoring, one of the doors of
opportunities that it opens up to is that it allows you to
eventually build up the level of confidence and the skillset
to actually document it and to eventually create a course on it to be able to help and impact more people.

People get paid for results, and as long as you're tutoring one-to-one, that's not scalable. But when you do that and you
start getting the techniques and start being really good at it, that is when you can turn
it into a digital asset, into an E-book, into an online course, and that is when that
becomes highly scalable. And that brings us to number
five, which is copywriting.


What if right now there are
a lot of business owners, marketers, who are looking for people to help them with their copy? And what if you could actually
use words to actually sell? Now, this is a highly paid
skill that many entrepreneurs are willing to pay big money for. In fact, I have had many sales
letters written in the past when I didn't know how to do it myself. I literally had to pay
people, the good ones, five figures to have
a good sales copy done for my websites and my funnels. Now, what if that could be you? What if you could use the
power of words and languaging to help entrepreneurs sell their services? So if you're willing to invest
your time to be good at that, that is a side hustle that pays really, really well, copywriting.

And that brings us to number six, which is social media management. Another highly-paid skill
that can be highly leveraged is the ability to help
another business owner with their Facebook, Instagram,
or social media platform. Now, there are a lot of
small business owners out there right now. They're so focused in their
line of work, their profession, and they're usually self-employed, and they're not marketers. They're not savvy with
social media platforms, and one of the things
that you could be doing if you are somewhat
familiar with Facebook Ads, putting up Instagram posts,
scheduling it for them, so that you can help them
with their marketing. So that you help them get more visibility, get more visitors, and get more reach, and eventually more revenue, because now they're
able to get more leads. That is when they will be willing to pay you a couple of hundred dollars, and when you're good, four
to five figures per month. But you could start off with $300, $500 by helping a small business
owner manage their social media.

Number seven would be
influencer marketing. They think that influencer
marketing is for those who already have millions of followers and is promoting some
sort of product or service and get paid per post. But the truth is, that's not
what influencer marketing is. Understand this one thing, nobody, nobody starts off by logging into their Facebook account, and they have 200,000 followers there. There's nobody who goes on
Instagram, creates their account, and all of a sudden, they
have 100,000 followers.

Everybody starts from zero. So what if your side hustle could be building up that followings, but understanding that
all you're really doing is just either teaching, giving value or right now just
documenting your journey. What stops most people from even beginning with that journey of being an influencer is they think that you need to
be famous in order to start. But it's not a chicken and egg thing. You gotta start in
order to be good, right? So influencer marketing right now is if you do not have the confidence where people say, "But Peng Joon, "I don't have the results yet." So what if right now you
could document what you are already doing right now? Wouldn't you agree that
that becomes really powerful when people can see that journey, that struggles along the way,
the obstacles that you've had. And that side hustle can
be a very lucrative one, because eventually, when
you build up that following and when you're creating content, that is when you can start to promote other people's products and get an affiliate revenue or promote your own product when you eventually come up with it.

So those are seven different side hustles that you can start right now, starting from something
that it's going to be very, very not scalable, that's
gonna require time, to something that is extremely scalable. So let me know in the comments below which one you love most. What were the biggest takeaway? And most importantly,
what are the action steps that you are committed to take right after watching this video? And as always, subscribe to the video if you have not done so..

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