7 Passive Income Ideas that Make $1,000 a Month (Make Money Online 2021)

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– Seven passive income ideas that make at least $1,000 a month. We are going to head back
into the war room today to walk you through what some
of these different angles are, how you can utilize them, even if you're an absolute beginner, even if you are broke. These different income
streams that you're about to discover, I'm going
to be showing you exactly how we did it. In fact, some of these income streams, like you are about to
discover our income streams that literally has done
us millions of dollars. I'm going to be showing you
exactly how it's all possible. And I'm going to utilize
this whiteboard over here. So let's begin with what number one is.

I'm gonna call it, affiliate marketing. But the key word here is
to focus on recurring. Ultimately, what you're about to discover, is how I became one of the top affiliates promoting other people's stuff. Now I'm in a dashboard and
you realize the key here is the word recurring. Now you notice that on the
top left hand side here, it says MRR, monthly recurring revenue. First of all, what if there
are softwares and subscriptions and membership sites that
will actually pay you every single month, as long as this person that you referred
continues being a member. And guess what? In your online world,
it's extremely common that these companies will actually pay you every single month, as long as they continue being a member.

So your first option to
build up a passive income is to first build up and promote products that is recurring in nature. So literally this is how I
became one of the top affiliates. I'll talk about how that works as well. The key here to understand
is because you are promoting something that's recurring. The reason why it's passive
is because you don't have to make these new sales
every single month.

So if the goal here is to make $1,000 which I believe is extremely realistic. And that means if you promote
a product that say pays you $50 a month, in total, you need to
have 20 active members. That means if you promote a product, as long as this person
continues being a member, that's how you build $1,000 income stream. So if you take a look at
this example over here, the reason why I can build
up a passive income stream, where this company pays
me, $67,000 a month is because I'm promoting something that is recurring as an affiliate, which means I didn't call this software. I didn't think about
the idea, I'm not doing customer support, I'm really
not doing the marketing of it. I'm just referring people
that utilize this software, and as a result of that, this company pays me every single month. And we promote only products
that we actually use. And what if you can do
the same for your market and for your industry. Now, before I move to number two, whenever I talk about passive income, 1% of people would say
is, they'll say, well, Peng Joon that isn't really passive, that requires work.

And all the kind of work
that's involved makes it not passive income. Lemme just say this about
passive income and clear things up once and for all. In order to create a
passive income stream, you need to have two things. It's either you invest money upfront, so it's like putting up
a huge capital for stocks and then make a percentage
or return or dividend or interest on that asset
because of the capital that you've invested. The second way to create passive income is through your time. By building up this asset
that will work for you so that you can get recurring passive income. Not by using capital, which is money from your pocket, but rather, utilizing and
building up an asset so that it makes money and has returns
for you from your time.

And that brings us to number two. Right now, what am I doing? This is for a YouTube video. Now, ultimately, what is
the longterm game for me? It is to build up value so
that you guys are watching my videos, so I'm establishing
a relationship with you guys. Eventually you might
decide to work with me. And even if you don't guess what? Number two is where a
person could monetize utilizing YouTube ads. Now, if you know my business model, this is actually not a
focus of mine at all. I think just about three weeks ago, we released a video talking
about exactly how much I make from 50,000 YouTube subscribers. If you wanna have a full break breakdown, be sure to watch that video, I put that in the YouTube description, but ultimately this would
be the second income stream that can help you make $1,000 a month.

Now, to make $1,000 a
month through YouTube ads is not about the amount of
subscribers that you have, but it is based upon your views. It's all about retention. It is about time watched. 'Cause YouTube is goal
ultimately is to keep someone on their platform for all eternity. If you can help them do that,
that is when they can run ads. That's when they can take
money from advertiser and do a profit share with you. It just comes down to what is your CPM? Your CPM will depend largely
based on the niche you're in.

Let's say toys. And you talk about toy
reviews and you are catering to a younger crowd and to the kids crowd. So usually if you are in
a marketplace like that, the CPM is usually less. And the reason for that is
because you are targeting a crowd that might not necessarily have much. And therefore your CPM would be lower. So your CPM for like a
kiddie market or to a market that may not necessarily have money, might be on the lower $1 CPM. However, anything to do
with money or real estate or investing then that,
can be like up to $10. If your CPM is about approximately $3, a video that has got 1 million views, you would make about 3,000. So that means if you wanted to make $1,000 a month, it would be
approximately 333,000 views.

As I am talking about
these different avenues, I'm going to not just give
up the different ideas and concepts and ask you to
choose one and implement one. But I wanna walk you through
how we've been doing it and you can do it as well. Understand that you wanna
create videos on YouTube, that is keyword-rich, meaning to say these are
based upon that the things that people are doing
searches on on Google, so that if it's optimized
based on keywords that people are doing such as on, Google will recommend your
video as the YouTube video when people do that Google search. So the way you get more view
cult, is to start free videos that is discoverable.

Now because it's going
to be based upon search and something that's
keyword-rich, guess what? This video is going to
be online, evergreen for a really long time. And that is how I start
building this asset, that snowballs over time when
I've got many of these videos working simultaneously for me. Number three is on membership sites. So what I'm going to do is, I'm
going to hit back over here. If you watched my videos in the past, you will see that a big part
of our business model is in selling recurring subscription. Over here, we have about
100,342 members that's in our $97 per month
subscription, there's paid for it. And the way we did that was through a free plus shipping sales process. Now, I don't wanna go
deep into this because there are other related videos. I'll put that video here as well. While I talked about how I
made over a million dollars, giving away free stuff,
that's the reference, you can watch that video. If membership sites is something
you've always wanted to do, but how we got over 1,000
people paying money, $7 a month, was through this thing called free plus shipping.

The only reason why I'm showing
you this is to hopefully inspire you, that $1,000
dollars is extremely realistic. And the reason why I say that
is because for me personally, 15 years ago, I would have
found this hard to believe, that it's possible to make
$1,000 in passive income from membership sites. But understand that it's
still a drop in the bucket of what's really possible. And very similar to the
example, promoting somebody else's product, now the difference here is this is your product. So you keep 100% of it all. The way you start thinking about this is, can you create some sort of time for you where every single month you
send them some sort of asset or tool or template on what's working now, is it going to, can it be coaching? Could it be a software that
they pay every single month and if they stop paying,
they lose access to it? To start giving you the
idea and most importantly, committing to one.

$1,000 a month, might not be a lot, but $1,000 extra a month
can be the difference between a struggling life
and a comfortable life. So start thinking about which
one resonates most with you, but most importantly,
start committing to one. And that brings us to number four. You can do shout outs. Now in one of previous
videos that I talked about, I talked about how much
I made after hitting 1 million Instagram followers. But ultimately, one of the
easiest ways to monetize, it's the worst way, but the easiest way, is to ship sell shout outs. Whatever it is on Instagram,
you're gonna have to build up a niche specific Instagram page. And what you're gonna do is, once you have a decent following, that is when you can start selling shout outs. And of course it depends on
your following as well as your engagements. But let's say you build up
a theme page for niche name, and now you sell these shout outs. They're very realistic, $50. You're gonna tag someone
and say, follow so and so for more details, for more
of these type of products, for inspiration, for motivation.

pexels photo 6802052

You're just going to tag
that person or that product or that business, and if
you can charge $50 for it, it means that you'll need to
have 20 shout outs a month to make $1,000. You're probably thinking, but
how do I find these people in niche name that would be
interested in these shoutouts? There are many third
parties sites out there, like Shoutcart, where you can register as a in-page owner where
marketers and business owners and entrepreneurs would go
to these third party sites, and by the shout outs direct
from these third party sites. Know that as you build
up a bigger following, you'll be able to start charging more. But that is your fourth
way to build up $1,000 per month income stream. Next one would be number five, well number five is one of
the things we've been doing all the time. Take a look at all these things here, what are all these things? These are all the different courses.

If you take a look at
this evolution of stuff, that's on display and
ultimately number five is all about taking what it is that
you know, your knowledge, your life experience,
and then turning that into a digital asset
that works for you for a really long time. Number five, is a course. For me personally, if you know my story, it all started off in the
World of Warcraft niche, where ultimately what I
did was I took what I did in terms of understanding
how to make more gold in World of Warcraft, and
I started teaching people how to do that in the form of ebooks. First of all, you got to ask
yourself the question of, do you actually believe
that what you know, your knowledge, life experience, if packaged and positioned correctly, can it be used for good? Can you actually utilize
it to help someone else to either make more money,
have more time, to be happier, better at relationships,
to be more effective, more productive, better
at certain skill set.

Can you help them save 10
years on the learning curve so that they don't have to make
the mistakes that you made in your journey? If the answer is yes, wouldn't
you agree that it would be in your, your moral
obligation to be good at selling this course, that will help them save 10 years on the learning curve? So let's say for me, my first product in World of Warcraft was $37.

So same thing here. If you wanted to give or
take, make $1,000 a month, it would be 30 sales a month. Start really thinking about which one resonates most with you. That brings us to number
six, utilizing Amazon. One of the easiest gateways
to the online marketing world is literally to promote an Amazon product. Now, most of the time
people's concern and worries are things like, oh, but
I don't have a product. I don't understand,
shipping and fulfillment and warehousing and product
region, customer support, I don't need all that. What if you could promote
Amazon stuff and you make 1% to about 10% of all the
sales that you refer to when people buy on Amazon. You could be reviewing things like this. You could be reviewing
laptops, iPhones, tech, it could be supplements,
it could be camera gear. So can you imagine if over
here you started out a channel talking about camera gear
and the right lens to use, and the lighting, and I dunno,
the different equipment, I'm not a tech guy.

Can you imagine that as
you're talking about this, you're creating keyword-rich content. So now it's searchable, it's
optimized, it's based upon what people are searching for
and monetize to YouTube ads. But now at the same time, in that video, what could I be doing? At the end of the YouTube
video it could be, hey guys.

And that's literally my take
on the Sony camera Alpha 7. And if you are interested
in ordering one as well, I actually left a link where
you can order this directly from Amazon, so go ahead
and click on this link. I'm now creating an asset doubles down on two different income streams. On not just YouTube ads,
but also Amazon as well. So start asking yourself,
can you actually do this? In fact, don't ask yourself
if you can't do it, you definitely can't do it, it's just how.

And finally, the last one
is one of my favorites, but it is by being a
self published author. And for me personally, being
a self published author, this itself is like a
whole four hour training, but to give you this first insight, and I've got many other
videos that talk about how to publish a book, I'll leave that in the
YouTube description as well. But ultimately to become
a self published author, the best way is to write your
book without writing a word. Now what do I mean by that? The thing that stopped me for
a really long time is I tried to write the book myself. The best way to become a
self published author is to get somebody, who's
actually good at writing.

And what you wanna do is,
you wanna be able to hire these ghost writers, these
editors and chances are you wanna just speak your book. So that you can utilize
that book either as an income stream on
Amazon, as a branding tool, or it's a free plus shipping offer. This is how we get paid, not
utilizing the traditional way of royalties on Amazon,
but rather than utilizing it as a tool to fuel our sales process. I want you to start noticing
that actually a lot of them they're all interlinked with each other. So to kind of put it
down into one framework. If you were to take all seven of them, here's how you really maximize
and have everything working with synergy with one another. Now before I walk you through
what these boxes mean, if you like this video so far,
let me know in the comments, what your biggest takeaway
is, as you probably know, we're giving away $100 for
random people who just comment, let me know which one
resonates most with you.

And most importantly, be
sure to smash the like button and subscribe to the channel
for more videos like this. So let's talk about what
that would look like. So can you imagine right
now, if you started applying, and implementing what I showed you here. So what do you do? Nobody knows who you are,
you are not an expert and you create your first
YouTube video of which it looks absolutely horrible. You look weird, you
feel awkward, regardless of how you feel you keep
putting these videos out that nobody's watching anyway.

And you realize that out
of your first 100 videos, maybe five of them take off
and you realize there different angles, different hooks
and different things that resonates with your
audience, and you start posting them on Facebook, on Instagram. And you start multiplying that content. So that way now you are building
up the Instagram following eventually Instagram remember, you could be selling shout outs. That's how you monetize. YouTube is where eventually
you're building up a following, you're authorizing ads, but
ultimately what's happening as well, you're building up a following, and you're sending people somewhere. This could be you selling your book. It could be you selling nothing at all, but literally selling
other people's products as an affiliate. And if you want to get
recurring, you promote some sort of software or subscription
or membership site, as an affiliate. Look, I get it, it sounds like
it's a get rich quick thing, but that's why it takes work. And sometimes when I say it takes work, oh then it's not passive income.

I mean, what do you expect
passive income to be? To be just sitting down with
your arms legs crossed holding hands with each other in
a circle, singing kumbaya or something, and then money falls down? That's not what passive income is. Passive income requires
you to work at the start, and then after that, that's
when you get a pay off. That's pretty much it. Let me know in the comments
below what your biggest takeaway is, which one resonated most with you. Hope you enjoy this seven ways
on generating passive income that will make you $1,000 a month. And I will see you in the next video..

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