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What up boss? Okay, so some passive income ideas revolve
around spending money to make money. I understand that not everybody is in a financial
situation to do things like invest in real estate or put money into stocks, et cetera,
in order to generate that passive income. So I wanted to create a video, especially
right now on high cash flow passive income ideas, that don't require your money to invest
into them. They're pretty creative, and yes, they're
going to take what I like to call sweat equity. So it's going to take work, of course, because
money doesn't grow on trees, but you can create financial return just from putting in your
time, especially in the beginning. Then it creates a snowball effect to truly
create that passive income. So very excited about this. Hit that like button. Be sure to subscribe and hit the [inaudible
00:00:51] to be notified every single time I post a new video, and let's dive into these
high cash flow passive income ideas. Okay, so the first one, selling your creative
work online. What a time to be alive.

Honestly. One of the biggest things that you can do,
especially if you're a photographer or videographer, and again, remember if you aren't, you can
always learn these skills. On YouTube, there's amazing tutorials and
creators out there who are constantly teaching you and updating you on how to become really
good photographers, really good videographers. Big thing is if you're creating content for
yourself or you're a content creator at all, you can film what's called stock video, and
you can also take stock photos.

Stock photos and stock videos are basically
B roll, which is content that is used by entrepreneurs, businesses, creators to add visual stimulus
to their videos. I'm talking to you right now on camera. Stock video would basically run across the
screen right now as I'm talking about this beautiful landscape in Vancouver or the amazing
trip that I went on to Hawaii or the Bahamas, et cetera. So we'll pull up some B roll to show you what
I mean. But you can film those things wherever you
are in the world. Then you can upload them to sites for photos
like iStock, photo Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Flickr. There's so many Getty images. We're going to put a bunch of links below
this video of where you can actually upload those photos and get them distributed and
how people pay for your work and pay to use your work. The more you can get your content kind of
ranked within the algorithms on those sites, the more people see it, the more people buy
it, the more income that you're going to be able to create from it. Now the other thing is stock video, which
I personally do use for some of our videos, and we have paid for stock video before.

So what you can do as a video creator is taking
things like landscape shots or office type B roll, et cetera, and you can go onto these
stock video sites and see what's currently up there and what's most popular and create
your own content like that. It's a great way to just start generating
and earning some passive income from the content that you're creating, maybe not for yourself
but for other people. Again, it is all kind of reliant on this ranking
system, very similar to YouTube. No matter what I'm talking about today, all
these high cashflow ideas are basically based around how good you are at what you do and
how high you can get your content ranked within the algorithms of these specific sites, et
cetera. So for videos you can use something called
Blackbox stock.

I haven't personally used this, but I noticed
as I was doing my research that there were a lot of people talking about it. If you have other ideas for where to put your
stock photos and your stock videos, definitely put them into the comments below, and we'll
continue to add to them as the resources in the description as well. But everything that I just mentioned in addition
to a few other resources will be in the description below this video as well.

So that's the first way, is selling your creative
work online. You're doing the work anyways. You are a content creator, might as well monetize
that if you aren't actually monetized for yourself right now. The second high cash flow idea, and again
all of these take time and sweat equity, but when they do take off they can make you a
lot of money. I had a friend build something called a niche
website. So what this means is that you pick a very
specific niche. These can be things like skincare. It can be weight loss. It can be nutritional supplements. It can be a whole range of things. That website or blog or YouTube channel is
only specifically focused on that niche, and everything you talk about on these niche websites
or they can also be referred to as micro websites, is directly related to that particular product
or service. Now what do you do? Basically, you become a master of SEO. Get it ranked in the algorithm so you get
more eyeballs and more views on your content, whether it's through suggested or search,
or if you have a blog, you figure out how to rank your niche website and beat your competitors
on Google so that whenever somebody searches for natural skincare products, your website
comes up.

What do you sell on your website? What do you talk about on your website? You talk about the natural skincare products
that work for you or that you are trying to sell. Then you don't even have to own those products
that you're selling. It can be all based off of a product or a
service, et cetera, that you are selling on someone else's behalf. So you're just taking a commission of any
sale that you get. Does that make sense? So niche websites are really powerful because
you're not going general. You know exactly where you need to rank your
content. You know exactly what keywords you should
be hitting. Then your only job is to master the process
of ranking, whether it's a YouTube channel or a blog or a website on Google and on YouTube,
which is totally doable. Take it from me. I've been able to do it for years. So you absolutely can learn that skill and
it will bring in passive income and passive cash because people will be finding your products,
your videos, your content, et cetera, through your content on Google and on YouTube.

Number three is an online course. Now I know I talk about this a lot because
I have firsthand experience with this, and I've generated multiple millions in revenue
every year for the last couple of years from online courses, otherwise known as digital
products. They are high cashflow because you're putting
your work into it. You are creating the content, but you're not
actually having to spend money in creating it. It is coming from your brain. So I wanted to share with you some of the
examples of how well this can work. You know for me that I've been able to generate
a lot of revenue from our online products and services. Here's the thing about this. You can't just create an online course and
whip it up on a website or on your own website or wherever and think it's going to sell and
do it unethically because that just doesn't work. It gives you a really bad name and a really
bad credibility.

So everything I'm talking about here, you
want to be the best at it and you want to do it well so that you can have longevity
and continuously make passive income. If I made a crappy course, I wouldn't be here
talking to you right now. So you have to make good content based on
your own unique expertise and experience and skills that you've mastered. But it is doable. So I wanted to show you a couple examples
of my clients who've been able to do this. One of my clients here is talking about how
he generated $97,000 in revenue from his online course. This was just a few months ago, and it's consistently
generating six figures plus now from his online course as well.

pexels photo 4386476

You can see this person that generated $35,000
in sales for his online course using our strategies inside the authority accelerator program. You can see that this person generated $9,000
from just one sale for his online course. So this is why these are so high cashflow,
because your knowledge is valuable, and if you're solving a very specific pain point
as an entrepreneur, you are in need. So I made a video right here on how to build
your online course and make it highly scalable and profitable.

If you want to check that out next, I'll put
a link to it in the description as well, and if you want to just go right into this and
get started on it, go to [inaudible 00:00:07:44].com/evergreensalesmachine, and I'll walk you through my free training
on exactly how to do this. Okay, the next one is eBooks. Again, it's a ranking system. So I have a lot of friends who've created
eBooks. I haven't done this for myself, but they've
created eBooks, and Amazon is very similar to YouTube as well as Google in the sense
that it is a ranking system.

The more positive reviews you have, the more
ratings you have on your content in your book, the higher you're going to rank for that particular
category. Nonfiction books, self help books, et cetera,
do way better than trying to write a fiction book and having that rank. So a lot of great resources out there and
how to leverage Amazon and use it to your benefit and get your book ranked, but when
you do, like I said, maybe you write a book on how to write a book, which a lot of people
are looking for, and your book is ranked number one.

You're going to be bringing in sales every
single day for that book. Of course it's the lower price point, so it
won't be as high cashflows, let's say something like an online course, but it still can bring
in passive income, and it will accumulate over time. So great thing to do is to go on to Amazon
and see which categories are the most popular with people and which categories get the most
reviews and the most ratings. That's a good way to figure out kind of where
you want to be and also use your own unique intel and figure out what you could write
a book on that would be really helpful and of service to people.

That's a great place to start. Now the fifth is again something I talk about
a lot, YouTube. YouTube is a great way to generate cashflow
and passive income. Of course, it doesn't happen right off the
bat, but I've been doing this for a couple years, and I now make a very good full time
salary just from the AdSense on my channel. I'm not a huge proponent of just relying on
AdSense, which is why I have other things in other revenue streams. Again, you can check out this video to see
all my different revenue streams from YouTube, but having this platform, building this audience
is such an amazing way to diversify your revenue and consistently bring in passive income for
you and your business. Now the six high cashflow passive income business
idea is partnerships. Partnerships are an amazing way, and I talked
about it in this video, another video about passive income. I talked about partnerships in terms of doing
joint ventures with people. If they have a program or course that you
have an audience that would want to buy that program or course, you can partner with them
and get 50% of the commission or however much they decide, but it's an amazing way to bring
in cashflow if you have an audience already.

Even if you don't have an audience, you can
build something and partner with somebody else who has an audience to sell it for you
to bring in more sales. So that's one way of doing it. Another way to do it is if you are a service
provider, and you build things like let's say sales funnels.

I have friends who do copywriting and sales
funnels and paid ads, and they partner with their clients and they take a percentage of
the earnings of their clients because they're putting in the work to create this machine
and system of bringing in leads and sales and clients for their customers, whether it's
through copy or sales funnels or paid ads. So they are getting a percentage of whatever
they bring in. That is very common practice. It happens all the time, and it's a great
way to generate that passive income, I.e., for a sales funnel, you do one sales funnel
and you'll be bringing in a percentage of that, the sales from that sales funnel every
single month. Same with the copy. You do a website, converts really high, do
a landing page converts really high. It's an amazing way to bring in passive income
for yourself as well. So those are the top six high cashflow passive
income ideas that I wanted to share with you because I know they're in need right now,
and I know they can be very, very helpful for you.

So if you enjoyed this video, make sure you
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