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I think we can all agree that making
money feels great which is probably why pay day is the best day of the week
unfortunately though making this money comes with a cost in order to receive
this paycheck on a routine basis we have to exchange our time for money but what
if there was a way where you could have both money and your time
well passive income allows you to get as close as possible to that dream
therefore in this video I will share with you five legit ways to make
positive income so you can make money while you sleep and if you're new to the
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before we get started let me make something very clear earning passive
income doesn't come without some work and those who make this claim are lying
to you in essence passive income is generated when you perform work upfront
and then let the assets you build pay you overtime if you ask me this method
of making money is much better than earning money through active income
which the majority of people do by working 9 to 5 jobs so whether you want
to earn money while you sleep or build up enough passive income to allow you to
quit your job here are 5 legit ways you can do just that
method number 1 investing in dividend stocks the first and probably one of the
easiest ways to develop a stream of passive income is to start investing in
dividend yielding stocks if you're unfamiliar with what a dividend is let
me explain a dividend is a distribution of a company's profits and when you own
a stock in a company directly or through a fund you may receive dividends now
dividends are not always distributed to shareholders whether or not a dividend
is declared is up to the company's board of directors and these dividends can be
issued in the form of cash payments shares of stock or other property
essentially it's a reward paid to shareholders for having invested their
money into the business now whereas many positive income methods require time in
order to set up an asset that will generate income over time investing in
dividend yielding stocks requires capital instead however once you have
the money you need to start investing the rewards of your efforts will be
worthwhile but illustrate just how lucrative dividend investing can be when
done proper meet Jeff Jeff Lee most people works a
nine-to-five job however over time he has come to realize that his salary
isn't quite enough to allow him to live the lifestyle he knows he deserves as
such he wants to develop a new stream of income but between his long work hours
and family commitments Jeff doesn't have much time to spare
Jeff is advised by his friends to look into dividend investing to supplement
his income so Jeff takes ten thousand dollars of his savings and invested into
a five percent dividend yielding index fund which grants him a hundred shares
after his first year Jeff receives a five hundred dollar dividend check which
well not life changing is pretty good for not having to do any work
fast-forward 20 years Jeff's holdings are now worth $40,000
and are still providing a 5 percent dividend which means that without living
a finger Jeff is earning $2,000 a year Jeff figures this is some of the easiest
money he has ever made as all it took was opening up a brokerage account and
depositing his initial ten thousand dollars and as you have already realized
your cash flow from this passive income method only increases as your dollar
value of holdings rise either through appreciation or recurring investment
therefore if you have money sitting around why not start to invest it in
dividend yielding funds and before long you will be cashing in some of the
easiest money of your life method number two real estate investing real estate
investing is another popular source of passive income again this method of
making passive income does take some up from capital but it is certainly one of
the most reliable methods of making money while you sleep in fact this is
probably one of my favorite pasta Bank of methods for a few reasons
first relying upon a tangible asset to make you money is more reliable than
many of the other new forms of passive income like running an e-commerce store
the reality is that unless there is a natural disaster your asset will be safe
and can offer you a consistent stream of income unfortunately relying upon
websites or apps to make you passive income means you're susceptible to
hackers and intellectual property theft which can suspend or devalue your income
generating asset second people always need a place to live food clothing and
shelter being the three core human needs means that you are offering an essential
component of life which ultimately ensures that the asset
you have invested into will make you money in the long term
adding to the last point given that hosting is such an important part of our
day-to-day lives if you start to grow tired of being a landlord there is
always someone who will be looking to buy your property finally with the new
ways to leverage your property to make money the options are nearly endless and
its possibilities for instance maybe you want to maximize the revenue you earn
from your property if this is the case then you can put your unit on Airbnb and
rent it by the night as of 2019 the average Airbnb host makes nine hundred
and twenty-four dollars a month and by hiring an accommodation assistant you
can make this money making method totally hands-off alternatively if
consistency is what you value in your passive income investment strategy then
finding a long-term tenant may suit you better long-term tenants won't just
provide you with the steady rental income you desire but they are often
much better at keeping your property in good condition which lowers you repair
costs and will preserve the home's value in case you decide to sell now what if
you don't have the tens of thousands of dollars it takes to buy a rental
property do you have to give up the dream of making passive income through
real estate completely not a chance lucky for you there are investment
vehicles called REITs or real estate investment vehicles that allow you to
earn income as a part owner in a commercial or residential property if
you're unfamiliar with wreathes you can think of them as a mutual fund for real
estate investing and like a fund the way you own it is through buying stocks you
see when you own stock in a read you are in a share of the profit produced by the
real estate investment it's a way to invest in real estate without the hassle
of being an owner and every time profits are shared you will receive your portion
of the cash distributed and the best part was that there is no property
maintenance no dealing with tenants and know chasing rent payments required the
best part is that if you want to start making passive income but don't have a
large amount of capital set aside you can start your investing journey with
just five hundred dollars through companies like fund rise method number
three niche websites building a niche website from scratch has become a proven
waiter and passive income and what this method has over others is this low
financial barrier to entry in other words you don't need to have tons of
money start making pasta become in this way in
fact well being cost effective especially in the beginning this form of
passive income can be one of the more lucrative ways of making money while you
sleep now I know this may sound too good to be true especially with the millions
of websites that exist on the Internet but that's where a niche website shines
however before I get into the many ways this type of site can make you money
what is a niche site to begin with a niche site is described as a blog that
may appeal to geographic areas a specialty industry ethnic or age groups
or any other particular group of people so what does that mean basically it
means that a niche site is a blog that you create with a specific topic and
purpose that is meant to appeal to a certain group of people these people are
usually connected by something they have in common whether it be their location
their age their interests or any combination of those other factors
examples include a website about cars map books or even how to preserve your
briefcase for seniors now besides taking a little upfront capital to start this
Pacifica method shines because it will literally generate its own traffic
through organic leads so instead of pushing products or services on readers
these kinds of blogs have the goal of brand awareness they develop a common
question or topic and highlight products and services that appeal to their
readership and the job of a niche blog writer aka you or someone you hire is to
produce content that is helpful to their target audience
this means providing information resources and recommendations for their
niche topic then using advertisements or affiliate links niche blogs are in
revenue from vendors in their areas of focus the best part is that once you
start receiving consistent traffic to your site you can then scale up your
monetization abilities by selling courses coaching or by promoting
products through affiliate links that your readers will benefit from it's for
this reason that if you have some computer savvy and time starting a niche
website is one of the most recommended ways to make money while you sleep
method number four renting out your car when you think of your car you probably
think of how much it's costing you in repairs and gas every year rather than
how much money it can make you of which some can be possible with the rise in
ride-sharing economy has come multiple ways to make money with your vehicle
driving for uber or delivering for post mates are certainly ways to make some ex
your cash but this isn't a video about trading your time for money so with that
being said what are some ways you can make passive income with your car the
first is by lending out your car with Toro Toro is basically Airbnb for cars
where individuals can rent their cars out short-term to other individuals so
if you don't need your car for a weekend why not rent it out and make up a little
bit of extra money alternatively you can leverage other people's desire to earn
more money by brokering deals with aspiring uber drivers if you provide the
car and someone you know is willing to drive you can split the fair revenue as
you see fit which will allow you to make money while your partner sits in traffic
and listens to the passengers complain about their workday method number five
lending money whether it's money to start a business or to cover monthly
bills the reality is that there are numerous people who need cash and
lending money to set people is an easy way to make passive income commonly
referred to as peer-to-peer lending this passive income method involves lending
money to individuals and businesses through an online platform that matches
borrowers with lenders now you probably have three questions in mind how does
this work how much can I make and is it safe and that's exactly what I was
thinking when I first looked into peer-to-peer lending this type of
lending is typically facilitated by a lending platform and this platform
evaluates a risk investors face when they provide financing to individuals
and businesses through their marketplace in essence you can see how the platform
assesses the likelihood that you will be repaid and the higher risks that a
borrower may default them paying back their loan the higher the interest rate
they pay now returns can vary but if you decide to lend money on popular
platforms like lending loop or Lending Club you can expect that the minimum
returns of 5.9% and the good news is that you don't need thousands of dollars
to start lending contributions as little as $25 can be invested which then get
rolled up into the full amount of the loan being granted finally is lending
safe peer-to-peer lending is actually safer than you might expect all the
major platforms obtain key personal information from borrowers and monitor
their payment history but of course there's always the risk that someone
defaults on their loan select all of their money making methods there is risk
involved and there you have it five legit ways to make passive income
thanks for watching if you want to go from the life you have to the life you
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