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alright one more option speaking engagements again it's not pure passive it can be incentive type of income it's not it's a bonus it's not directly directly you know I have to spend time and I'm speaking then I'll only get money right it's not like I'm in my bedroom and I'm still you know you can probably do that as well nowadays you know in an exemption case you can be in your bedroom switch on the Skype and you're still charged people are doing that right you don't have to be physically present okay but that will happen only when you build your brand you've given enough you touched many lives I'll happen okay but as I said it's not quick but it's easy just remember that formula it's not quick but it's easy and I'm gonna do more speaking engagements thanks to my efforts it has a 1-1 interesting incident I'll share okay the one person reached out to me well wisher she said that Dave I saw your LinkedIn profile and I really like what you're doing really passionate and myself you know though she is working but she also does these kind of training how we get over the hesitation and all those things these kind of in you know good training so we collected okay like-minded attract right so that's how I have been fortunate ever since I started last year that I've been attracting a lot of like-minded people and with like-minded people comes like you know opportunities right so she tell me that you know is it okay if I give your name if there's any opportunity to do speaking engagement I was like yes more than happy so she said yeah I agree great but I'll make sure you get paid awesome [Laughter] bonus yeah bonus right so these things will happen to you provided you not after money and I even told I look it's even if it I don't get paid I don't care my goal is not money right now my goal is how many lives can I touch how many lives can I change how many lives can I transform even that's my tagline transforming lives with care right so I want to transform many lives so but hey money will come right speaking engagement you start doing money will come automatically you know there will be time well you wanna you cannot even stop money flow even if you want to you generated you know enough for passive income streams your your YouTube channel your books you know your lawyer royalties or whatever is happening it'll keep coming to you even if you say I'm enough I'm done puck nila here okay the time will come time will come okay but again coming back to the same formula it's easy but it's not quick all right personal coaching this is I'm going to start very soon okay I'm not charging right now and I don't intend to you know for some time I'm giving free so whoever so people reach out to me on whatsapp or social media they ask me questions I answer the queries you know again managing my time you know spending time family going to work also so I'm working doing a lot of things but I still genuinely I want to help those people in doing personal coaching's whatever I can either it could be as small as replying to the message and replying to the query or just sending the audio note to his query it solving the problem see see this is what we come you know and this is what will help you to build your brand wrong way if you can change and touch somebody's life today you think that person will forget you never how many people still remember your favorite favorite teacher from the school why do you remember why do you remember keyword is health right there were so many other teachers while you don't like them but she was the one or he was the one who cared for you who gave you more you failed that oh that person really really made a lot of difference in my life and that's why you remember that person guess what you have an opportunity to become that teacher for somebody else so why did you tune your mind and you know move away from money to giving back bring more loyal followers or people who say the hey I'm thankful to that person because of you I'm so buddy imagine Gary Vaynerchuk till today okay he will go randomly check his instant messages who is commented in all he'll say hey thank you so much thank you no thank you Shawn for your message can you imagine what would that mean to that person you are I got a message from guaranty my experience ain't they may even reply to my message on Twitter right so you know when you do those thing out of your care in care so you know that is what will take your you know your your vision of becoming somebody someday to next level okay you all agree okay now here's the important question okay this is where you need to do little deep soul-searching okay why do you want to make more money why do you want to make more money okay why don't we do do a quick exercise I want you to think of reasons why you want to make money okay and just write it down right now okay do me a favor pause the video and write down all your reasons why and let's look at and review it later okay let's be a sport okay don't be lazy man anybody would like to share why they want to make money proactively great I like participation by the way for the person who is the most participative I'm gonna give away one token of appreciation as my t-shirt now seriously I'm gonna give away my catenation t-shirt okay it's a token of appreciation okay great and also what we spent some time [Music] excellent so maybe what you want to do is you want to just give a percentage and figure out what you want to do more is it families more priority giving back to the more limited it should not be like 90 to 95% 99% is my personal lifestyle family and only 1% contribution you lose your juice you lose your dry yeah excellent right okay so I'm gonna give you my understanding and my learning from what I've learned from the millionaires and billionaires okay Oprah Winfrey do you think she needs to make more money he doesn't need to make more money okay why she is still making money is she can help a lot of people will get foundation as when the real example of that Warren Buffett is giving away his money for why is he making so much money he is so old he doesn't need to make more money right there's an interesting story there's a government that reached out to a particular set of community that were underprivileged and they were not educated okay they were in their own world who like you know backward community staying in some deserted places okay one representative went them when they reached out to the head of that community and he said we're gonna do great job for you we're gonna help you he said okay how we going to give you education we will teach you how to read and how to write and all those things okay but why because once you're educated you we'll be able to make more money we will be able to work who unlikelihood you can buy a house okay why would I need that because you can get married you can have kids you can go on vacation okay why would I do all that thing because you can keep working and you will retire you can go fishing mountain hiking to whatever you want okay but I'm doing that same thing right now so you see for some people money is not a driver money is just means to get what they want but if they are already getting what they want why would they need but don't get confused don't take this as a big takeaway they've said that money is nothing don't worry about money just be happy no money is important more money I have more I can do with that money to help others right I can really help others if I have enough financial help myself right if your vision your focus is your foundation is this that you want money because you want to help community help people give back then your foundation would be very strong your the building or structure that you're going to build will be really really strong but trust me when you have a skyscraper the most amount of effort goes where foundation right then it falls in place YouTube a lot of people want to start or people already started but they give up I was one of them I was about to give up in just a few months but then I saw some videos follow some you know brainy people realize is the foundation period for me as the Gary Vaynerchuk says that don't worry initially till you have thousand or five thousand subscriber don't worry how many views you're getting the quantity the persistence what will get you there okay so this is biggest take up if you want to write it for people who want to start their YouTube channel who want to start writing blogging whatever you want to do whatever voice whatever your thoughts you want to put across to the community don't worry how many people are appreciating it don't worry how many people are liking it okay we live in a very artificial world at times have you noticed everybody's happy on Facebook have you seen sad photos very rare it's only some you know somebody meeting somebody and those things is viable but have you seen anybody saying I am so depressed I mean you see that comment I am depressed but they always want to portray the best side of their life best relationship going on vacation you know I'm gonna put I'm doing seminar which is making me happy but you know a lot of people who are artificial so don't worry about those things okay you be genuine you be authentic you keep putting the content out and slowly and steadily you will start getting people who will appreciate you okay I'm gonna share one incident I don't know if my wife will not like it but I'm gonna go on record so when I started this when I was enlightened that I have huge potential I have things that I can do for others I can give back to the community what I have learned sales social media learning success motivation whatever I have learned I have all things to give to the world that I know it others are on you will not know it the pros family members are the one will pull you down unknowingly they're your well-wishers but they say you know so forcement first I mean I started adding quotes that's how I started right the way you started [Laughter] Lord give her some knowledge mister he might be brain so the same thing happened with me when I started you know quoting in blogging you know then she was already irritated why are you writing so many codes here every time you write a code okay any time you write a code every time I see they've got to be some code and they're also not yet convinced that's my thoughts maybe it's matching with somebody so she was not that you know pro initially and then I took to a next level and I started video and oh my god you're embarrassing me now my friends what would you think I said this is not for your friends this is not for them it's not for you either my dear you can unfollow me because you always follow me anyways alright so this is not for you okay they don't understand your vision right now one year gone by we started doing videos thanks to any case understand all we started doing more videos we started interviewing people on the street we get hold of somebody say hey what do you think about success what do you think about motivation so we need to do something right so we started doing that and if we did like you know few videos we also did helping humanity helping street warriors videos as well where you know care nation we have care nation t-shirt to give our way to day one so we started I started doing that as well you know helping vendors going and buying things from them and then using that whatever goods that we bought we give it to the orphanage or something right so we did that and we again got a lot of you know feedback my mentor is Warren proofy again self-proclaimed mentor I made him so he doesn't you know think that I'm following him but yeah so ever since I started doing that one year pass by and my wife comes and you know tells me that they've you know I saw all your videos back-to-back good job this is this is the validation of your effort this is the validation which is bigger than money whatever you guys said right now it's worth gold to me whatever words you've shared with me it's gold to me which money cannot buy and I shared the same incident which Gary Vaynerchuk was you know he was so he does that right he he talks to people his fan on random on the show he answers his queries directly I no middleman nothing so you know he told him that look I can be using this time and making more money instead of talking to you so by tour just talking to you I'm leaving a lot of money on the table but I don't care about the money I care for what people think about me and what people consider me and what does it that difference I'm making to their life that is my real wealth do you think that person will not grow in life immense immense history tells us all all the great leaders all the great philanthropists they become great why because they're only one purpose is to give back to the community Mother Teresa even if somebody is giving ten million to that person Mother Teresa you would not have objection would you but if that ten million is giving to some somebody random you would have some feeling that what's cookie idea he doesn't deserve why because that person is working for himself he's not contributing the community right film stars they make Caruso rupee but very few of them donate and help others right and who do we respect people who are donating and helping others if you don't respect people are selfish and if they're getting paid we feel bad though it's nothing to do with us but as it is a human psychic right so you got to decide which side are you are you on the side when you are taken well I on the side where you're given and you know you're the best judge you know who wins right so all right so I'm glad that we're taking this this should be yeah sure sure yeah Wow awesome awesome beautiful beautiful you need to find your why okay and I think this is your own self assessment you go back home look at your why and look at it every day every week whenever you can why you're doing what you're doing why are you going to work why are you making a youtube video till the time you don't have that clarity of why your life will be messed up it will be grayed out and be all fuzzy all of a sudden you run out of juice does it happen you run outta juice all of a sudden yeah why should i why am i doing it but then that is the time when you go back and look at your why why are you doing it and then you get up I need to do it let me do it okay one statement which helps me is do it anyways right who cares do it anyways nobody's watching it okay no do it in youit's alright so follow that okay I think we covered this at length example affiliate marketing me just remember it losing money because I rent in for money and I lost time and I'm many lost money also we already covered this the biggest you know givers and biggest difference difference makers in life I think everybody knows nobody needs any introduction right Oprah Winfrey you know virgin Richard Branson Steve Jobs everybody right but they all started at the bottom they're still making money loads and loads of money but they never started at first place to make money that's a differentiator you think Mark Zuckerberg started to make because he wanted to make money in Facebook no he started for fun he started liking it he started enjoying it and then he just expanded I think everybody knows Facebook story anybody who doesn't know I highly recommend that you go check out Facebook story is phenomenal you know that guy's done amazing and again follow these guys these are the leaders who will show you the real formula whatever success they've seen they put down everything in videos blogs books it's honest in on us that we are ignorant we don't even read that is the gold out there they put the blueprint in the books I was the one who was hating books running away from books but from a time my mind shifted I'm reading or even listening I forget I'm not a good reader I listen to audios a lot I prefer that way books puts me off to sleep the good therapist needs a river here but I now today I'm so committed do you know how many books an average millionaire reads any guesses sixty books in a year yes you remember him carnation or your new it from before sixty books in a year a millionaire or a you know a CEO reads in a year question to you guys to answer will be embarrassed I know how many books do you read in a in a year for being honest it takes guts to be honest and confront yourself yeah formula or three-step process which can take you to financial confidence you know first you will probably reach financial freedom then you will financial confidence first thing is create passive income to find more time so time is the essence right a millionaire or billionaire has same time like us for what do they do they spend their time wisely they spend their time on the activities which will make them more money which will be more lucrative in terms of giving personal satisfaction helping others and growing business that's what they do what do we do with our time we do time pass my close friend said man I get bored man I have nothing to do let me watch youtube videos for time-pass time for fun and you watch BB he wins waste waste utter waste of time and mediocre people of mediocre not I'm saying not in terms of money okay not mediocre video games from thought process the average mediocre people will spend time on household chores gardening cooking cleaning washing clothes buying groceries you think millionaire Benina does that see it doesn't take a lot to out of those work I think everybody here sitting in the room is capable of all choosing those kind of work why don't we do it why don't we create more time for us you're putting a heart and soul in office listening to people who you don't want to listen to but then you do household work also you carry what I'm saying you got to outsource the work which is not productive okay there's a wise man who said that there was some conversation between you know a mentor and mentee he asked him John do you still do gardening he said yes I do why because I have to that's why how much money do you make if you have two more somebody's lawn why would I move somebody's else's lawn then while you're mowing your lawn probably make $10 right per hour how much money do you make when you're working to one thousand three thousand whatever so compare if you want to make $10 work you want to work for $10 hour but you want to use that time to make two thousand three thousand dollars enlightened right see if you have a mindset of money saving save for the rainy day trust me you'll never become a millionaire that's not how million is think villainous don't say for a rainy day millionaire save to invest million has know how to make their money work for them they know how to utilize time right and there's one more important ingredient which will we will cover next so find more more time for yourself outsource whatever you can use your time wisely spend time with like-minded people read books develop your skills because it's only skills that will pay bills right not your mowing the lawn okay second is again how many people have read Rich Dad Poor Dad 100% Rich Dad Poor Dad okay 100% great so what is the concept of Russian Poor Dad I think everybody knows it average of four people poor not in terms of money I am saying the mindset again poor mindset people they focus on what liabilities these people focus on what is assets whatever makes money whatever gives you money in their pocket is in your set what is liability takes our money your car is asset or liability it depends if you're using that for to get more business you can get from one place another can be an asset but more often it is liability for all of us we can know or let me ask this question okay having a normal second-hand car or having a great car which one is a liability I mean branded Mercedes or whatever a class car Mercedes is a liability unless you're renting out that Mercedes for ubirr or something and making money out of it if it is just for yourself for luxury and if you not reach that position to spend that filthy money that is a liability it's taking more money out of your pocket okay you're paying more money for installments because I know even if not we all 15 are not wealthy rich they're being in no installment it's giving poor no mileage and that's about it right so focus on assets nothing we are running short of time we'll wrap it up in like you know last five ten minutes okay create business you are passionate about remember this is the most important aspect here's an exercise you know you do it at home list down all the things that you're passionate about when I say passionate let me define what's your passion if I tell you that you can do this thing for next 15 20 years and you will do that thing for 15 20 hours non-stop without getting paid that's passion huge statement ok to do a soul-searching

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