$10K Profit From ONE Redbubble Design (REVEALED!)

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[Music] hey guys Ryan here today I want to talk about the red bubble online marketplace it's a great place for artists to sell their designs and their photography on print on demand products specifically I want to highlight the success of one artist who's also on YouTube I'm gonna put a link to their channel below definitely go show them some support and some love because they're sharing tips about what's been working for them on red bubble specifically but also on places like t public and society cigs what I want to highlight in this video is a single design that they shared on their channel that netted them ten thousand dollars profit along with two other very similar designs that each made over a thousand dollars profit as well and what's even crazier about that is that I keep calling them designs I got to remind myself they're not designs they're photographs so let me go jump on my computer and we'll get started thanks guys this is gonna be a really good video we're gonna do some in-depth investigating of how they achieved so much success on red bubble with a single product real quick before we jump into that let me introduce myself for the new viewers I'm Ryan Hoch I've sold over 1.6 million dollars on Amazon to date I also saw on red bubble if you want to check the links in the description I've got a free 8 day print-on-demand mini course that walks you through the printful Etsy integration I also host a really popular print on demand Facebook community I'd love to see you there link in the description and just to let you know I published transparent monthly passive income reports you can follow my journey as an Amazon FBA seller merch KDP print on demand red bubble you name it I put it all out there and if you subscribe to my youtube channel by the way you'll also be able to follow along so I do a video in the website post last but not least I've got a full print-on-demand course if you're interested it's basically multiple courses rolled up into one it covers everything from design to research to how to get set up on all the biggest marketplaces and run ads if you choose to the bonus section shows you how to automate your uploads it's incredible and it's well worth the entry cost students are absolutely crushing it now back to the reason you're here I want to make sure I give credit where credit's due and highlight Alexandra's YouTube channel now I pulled some tips and tricks from one of her most popular red belt videos where she talks about how she made almost $20,000 profit selling on red bubble over I think three and a half years now what she didn't really highlight too much in the video was that one product made up like half of that I mean she did say that and she shows the product but doesn't go to in depth about it and you know what's funny is like I've had very similar experiences in my print-on-demand journey where for instance when I joined KDP Amazon KDP where you sell print-on-demand books in my first 10 weeks I made $3500 a profit my first 10 weeks but what you didn't know and I may have shared this with some of you guys I definitely shared it with my KDP course members link in the description by the way is that it was very top-heavy in sales 3 products made up the vast majority of that profit it's not that I didn't make a bunch of sales but a lot of books sold one time two times a lot of them never sold right but the same few converted really well Amazon boosted them in the organic ranks and they continued to sell as a result so just know that what I'm gonna show you in Alexandra's case is not uncommon you know everybody has the number one bestseller but sometimes the number one bestseller can really be like massively above all the other products and the nice thing is with print-on-demand all of your products should have a chance of reaching these like really high highs but also different keywords that you target have different maximum potentials like funny Father's Day shirt is gonna have crazy high level sales than if you were to niche down and say funny cat dad shirt you know they're both Father's Day shirts but one is niche down where the audience that you're selling to is much less so just keep that in mind all right now I'm not gonna bury the lead I'm sure you guys want to see what the design was and this is it it's called blue ocean waves and I believe she took this photo herself so this isn't even like a graphic design software generated image this is someone takes a camera goes on vacation takes a picture puts it on red bubble has the presence of mind to put it on red bubble cuz plenty people take photos and that's it you know it's just a photo of somewhere on a camera but no she said hey why don't I put this red bubbles see what happens next thing you know she made almost $10,000 profit now I don't think ice cream shot at her sales figures but there will be a link to her channel in the description if you want to go check out her content I'd highly advise it if you're interested on learning more about red bubble and it's definitely in the video I'll put a link to the video as well alright now I just want to show you something very interesting about this strategy for selling print-on-demand products because it runs contrary to what I'm usually talking about on this channel look at the photo she took when she uploaded that as a graphic to red bubble I mean look at the the thumbnails that are just squares in the middle of a hoodie and squares in the middle of a t-shirt do you think those are what netted her ten thousand dollars profit of course not with this being a photograph it's probably selling and I mean again I mean having to speculate here but it's probably selling on more fringe products that look way better with all-over prints all right so I'm gonna scan through and just keep I'm just gonna keep looking so none of these look that great the the chip in – I don't know how to pronounce that word but the one like right behind my head here that one looks okay the leggings that looks great the a-line dress looks good the miniskirt so again products that look better with all-over prints are probably converting at a much higher rate for her the iPad case looks great phone cases they all look great laptop cover so all of a sudden these look really good the art print the canvas print there's one product specifically though I'm not just doing this to waste time I there's one product specifically I want to get to all right and is it on here so you see where it says throw blanket above me now I don't know if that is the exact product I was thinking of but I'll highlight it in a couple slides don't worry but the throw blanket / duvet I noticed sold a ton for her and you can tell by looking at the reviews so even if you don't see the exact sales figures like on Amazon you can project this number of sales through the best-seller rank but RedBubble doesn't have that so you can use reviews at least on RedBubble to project how many sales a certain product has made now stickers obviously look really good backpacks look the masks I'm sure sold a ton it's just a really great picture great colors of blue you know it's making me miss the beach already not gonna lie swam a little bit earlier but sorry to rub that in alright duvets so I went to the duvet or this is actually the leading product that red bubble was suggesting when I found her product it was duvets of all things and it had 30 reviews so and by the way the reviews aren't general they're all duvet reviews which means if you're thinking like how did this rack up ten thousand dollars in sales when it's not even a great design for like a coffee mug or a t-shirt you know the two bestsellers well here you go I mean who says you have to sell coffee mugs and t-shirts the great thing about red bubble by the way you guys watching this video that don't sell therefore number one it's free number two uploading to it is super easy like I might do a couple more red bubble videos depending on how well this one does and if you want to request something just drop a comment but red bubble they make it so easy to take your design and have it posted on something like I think 50 different product types I mean you just saw me scroll through all the different product types when you upload an image like a photo a design anything they make it very easy to get set up on all of these different products and remember what we always say more designs on more products and more marketplaces will make you more money nobody can argue that granted Alexandra here did she doesn't take the mass quantity approach which is working just fine for I mean she's still crushing it the only thing is that needs to be pointed out again I'm trying to demystify things you can upload 500 photos that look just like the one she's selling right here and there's no guarantee that you will get her level of sales it's almost guaranteed that you won't actually even if you clone her exact tags now I'm not challenging anybody to do that I'm just saying that it's just the nature of the game like when you perform a keyword search on Google when you perform a keyword search on RedBubble on Amazon there's only so much real estate at the top of page 1 and guess where most of the sales go right there because if it's not seen if it's on the middle of page 1 you have to scroll to get there you're like I'm on still on page one but if someone has to scroll to get there and they don't troll then you never get seen you have no chance of getting a sales so it's really top-heavy as you'd expect and there's nobody that's gonna guarantee you that you'll ever get to the top on really high value keywords like Alexandra did here with her blue ocean waves photograph design alright now let's do a little bit more of an in-depth look we're not just gonna show the design and move on I'm gonna show you the tags we're gonna break this down even further so red bubble shows us her tags on the listing one thing I wanted to point out here is that we don't provide product specific tags we provide the general tags and look at that if you provide high-level descriptive tags like she said ocean and then what did red bubble do because I'm looking at the duvet I'm looking at the duvet listing by the way when I pulled these they take the word ocean and they say ocean duvet covers then she put the tag water and it said water duvet covers si duvet covers so when we provide these seed keywords we're we're giving ourselves a chance to be indexed in search results when customers are looking for you know that niche design on a specific product type so that's what's cool about red bubble too is they're you know it's similar to the Amazon merge approach those of you guys that were on Amazon merge before they went to the you know what is the current uploader I still think of it as the new uploader that process you know prior to that you had to select your product type and upload one to one you know upload this put it on a t-shirt uploaded the same design again put it on a pop socket upload it again put it on a hoodie then they moved over to the red bubble model where you upload once position it on all the different products provide general keywords general title and they figure out how to match it up against relevant tags so if someone searches for a duvet on red bubble and they provide some keyword before that or after that relate it to the niche design they know to match it up alright so red bubble also puts similar designs on the same product listing in case whatever design you ended up looking at on the product page is not the one you want to buy so this is some similar designs that RedBubble is associating with her blue ocean waves design and one thing that's worth noting is she's charging a premium for hers hers was listed at I think over $100 although I will say I was looking at the king size and this is a twin bed but no even the cheapest one she marked up her margins above $100 which is also by the way how because you guys are here watching this video because I said she made $10,000 profit not revenue well another good way of increasing your profit is to increase your profit margins and it looks like these people are probably all using the default which is why they're all 94 11 whereas hers came out to over a hundred and hey if you're a premium product if you've got the sales and you're already being indexed at the top of search results why not you know same thing you do on Amazon I just wanted to let you guys know though that RedBubble will also give suggestions of what they consider to be similar products probably products that people clicked when they searched similar keywords and maybe even purchased all right featured artists don't overlook the importance of visibility you hear me on this channel always talk about it's a visibility battle if you don't get visibility to your products you will not get sales well she has an achievement on her profile that says featured artist I don't have this badge I'm assuming that because she has a product that does as well as her blue ocean waves product that accounted for half of her overall profit over her three years that probably has something to do with her earning a featured artist now check this out I had already looked at her profile on my red bubble account so when I went to the home page and I tested this on different red bubble accounts so only on the one where I had looked at her profile did she show up on artists to follow now I don't know if this is exactly what it means to be featured or if maybe she was featured in like the newsletters any of you guys that have ever bought something from red bubble you know what I'm talking about you get these weekly newsletters where they do highlight artists highlight designs etc and maybe she was featured in that I mean that definitely would not hurt her chances of you know making a lot of money through the sale of a single design any a little bit of visibility helps right but yes she only has 88 current artworks which if you do the math let's just say that's for sale on 50 different products and all of a sudden she's got quite a few different what would that be like 400 fit No 4500 different products on RedBubble alone something in that ballpark if my math is wrong apologies but yes so she was showing up on the homepage for me after I had already seen her profile but I'm pretty sure if you're featured that means that even people who hadn't seen your profile you may show up as featured on their homepage because I only clicked hers I didn't click any of these other people and they're still being suggested all right now I'm still gonna link to her video and you should go show her some love definitely check out her channel check out her other videos but I wrote down 6 actually 7 tips that she shared in her video the first one was post a lot of pictures to increase exposure so she's definitely speaking more to the photography aspect of print-on-demand whereas on my channel I'm talking more about the graphic design aspects of it but clearly the two go hand-in-hand together if you remember you know this is probably a year ago but I dropped a video showing where you could go get stock photos where you have the rights to sell commercially and I was showing you how you can take stock photos from certain websites and put them on like Amazon merge pop sockets you know this is very similar where you could probably take those same stock photos as long as you have the rights to do it and sell them on places like red bubble as long as your keyword targeting is good you don't know how much you don't know till you try how much money you can make so I like this as a tip be consistent in posting new content so she mentioned that these she sells on more than just red bubble but she said that all of the platforms she sells on they say two things they say post a lot and be consistent so I agree with those tips as well then she said join a Facebook group for red bubble sellers now if you're looking for one I can suggest at least one that I know dry off top my head where we talk about red bubble there's already a thread that someone started today this morning talking about red bubble and that's my print-on-demand Facebook group that I mentioned earlier there's a link in the description number four make sure all images are optimized for the product sometimes that's easier said than done because again especially if you're taking photographs actually it goes both ways it's probably equal for if you're doing photographs versus designs themselves you know when you upload to RedBubble guys and if you've already uploaded through RedBubble you know this one design is almost never optimal for every single product because different products they're just different you know what I mean like it's I don't know how else to put it you saw her her photograph looks great on anything that's an all-over print but on a t-shirt it's just a square you know so it's just you may not be able to win everything when you're uploading a new design to RedBubble not all products may look good as a rule of thumb by the way cuz I don't think any harm is done you should still probably enable each product type I mean because truly no harm is done but some are gonna sell better than others number five she said competitive pricing look at your competitors now in this example I highlighted in this video that was her best seller and she was a premium product by price but she said that most of her products she's looking to range somewhere in the middle so she doesn't to be in the low-end doesn't wanna be the priciest somewhere in the middle give the customers an incentive to purchase from her while not being the premium number six be active on the site engage with other artists and their content now that's easier said than done it really depends on like how broad the scope of your print-on-demand Empire is what I mean like I'm a busy guy so I'm not spending too much time on the site engaging with people but I'm also not gonna knock the tip because clearly it's working for her so again it's great that she's sharing a different perspective and that's why you should consider subscribing to other people that talk print-on-demand because a lot of people have different opinions number 7 promote on social media again something that like I personally do not get behind if I can't do some sort of automation you know but also I mean you guys that have been following my channel thank you you know that I scaled my business up while working two jobs like I was working 9 to 5 is a senior web developer and teaching three classes per semester at a local university so for me it's it's hard for me to like I'm always extremely focused on what's maximizing my ROI for the little bit amount of time I have to spend scaling my businesses so for me doing any like manual social media promotion that's tough for me to justify but if you know something I share in my course is how you can automate your social media presence through various apps and I'll even give you the name of the apps I mean it's not you need to be in my course go look up zapier Z API er and look up ifttt.com if this then that those are two apps that can help you automate your social media presence and if you want tutorials and all that walkthroughs of course I've got them in the course alright and that's it for this video I hope you guys appreciated it again if you like RedBubble let me know in the comments below if you have a specific request for a video on RedBubble definitely give me suggestions I'm open to whatever and if you made it to the end and you haven't hit that like button yet do me a favor hit that real quick let the YouTube algorithm know this video was worthwhile and the last thing hit the subscribe button if you're not subscribed and I will keep dropping the fire videos that will help you scale up your print-on-demand business guys and if you want to be alerted the next time I drop a video hit the little bell icon that pops up next to it but thank you have a good night I'll see you the next one [Music]


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